Dallas Scilon Raids

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  1. Anon998 Member

    Dallas Scilon Raids

    The Latest and Greatest (post-game): May 14th, 2011

    What's About to go Down (planning): May 14th, 2011

    What's this point of this thread? We have a Dallas Dump Thread however, this thread is more dedicated to Scientology raids.

    Where do Dallas anons meet up? We usually meet up at O'Conner and 114 at the beginning of the raid and then move as a group to the ORG at a set time.

    Will there be caek? Quite possibly. ;)

    For more awesome information, check out our Dallas Scientology Presence page!
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  2. Loving the template. Looks great!!! Recommend link to this as well:

    And we can make that our spiffy FAQs if new fags have other questions, concerns addressed.
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  3. Anon998 Member

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  4. Anon998 Member

    Updated! with new Post-Game
  5. Thanks for the update! And there might be some video later, I need to check what I got. oh and you missed something crazy when your guys left. I'll explain later
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  6. BUmp this thread for discussion! We need to plan out some Scilon Enturbulation. Thoughts for the coming months? Anyone want to try flash raiding Saturday still?
  7. Anon998 Member

    Hmm, maybe. I'll talk to some of my anons and see if they're up to it.
  8. I can't. Mom's birthday party :(
  9. Cool beans. ANy thoughts for a different date? Every day we don't have an event page is a day we lose potential protester sign up....
  10. Anon998 Member

    Saturday, April 16th. How does that sound?

    11-3ish maybe
  11. Make the page, mon capitan!
  12. Unexpectedly out of town all this week. Sorry.
  13. Is this up yet?
  14. Anon998 Member

  15. Bump! Question for the Dallas Anti Scilons. If you haven't heard about NoNo the clown yet, Skim over this thread here:

    In "retaliation"
    Euro Fags are trying to muster in Paris for a MegaRaid:

    Any thoughts on trying to make a double raid in April? We can make the Saturday in between for FOI as well. Otherwise, we raid on the 16th and FOI the 23rd.

    Unless you all want to add a "Remember NoNo the Clown" Raid on the 30th as well.

  16. I think we should definitely raid the Scilons on the same day as the Paris mega-raid, even if the vote puts it on the 23rd. The newly planned FoI rally for that day is not widely disseminated yet, so if the focus were to be changed it would not create any problems as there are no RSVPs.

    In fact, maybe we should hold off on officially planning any events for the 23rd and 30th until we know which days are free for FoI and which need to be reserved for #OpClown.

    As far as the protest itself, this could make for some very lulzy impactful signage. Anyone up for brainstorming here? I plan on getting a flag pole and actually hoisting my Anon flag with the French flag beneath it. Possible posters:

    Scientologists Assault Peaceful Protesters in Paris ...Is this the "better world"?

    You will find no recourse in attack, because for each of us who falls, ten more will rise to take his place.

    Poster-sized photos of NoNo on the hospital stretcher, with "We do not forgive. We do not forget." over them.

  17. Ahh.. well I was under the impression they had nailed down the retallyraid for the 30th. Thus I figure we can either cancel the 16th in favor of a global, and have the FOI on the 23rd.

    or we could try re-purposing the 16th for FOI, and the only scilon raid in Apr would be the retallyraid. Depends on how the other Anons feel me think
  18. I'm still reading through the associated threads, but as of now the poll is still open, which is why I assumed the date was not concrete yet.

    If we nix the 16th of April, we should at least set up a flash raid in the interim - they'll get too cozy with a month and a half in between raids.
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  19. Good idea... check your inbox for my thoughts.
  20. Upon further thought..... that's not so good. We'll stick with the 16th for our own Raid for sure, unless the chosen date for the retallyraid is the 23rd.
    Enturbulation on the 16th is a Go UNLESS the Paris raid is the 23rd, which will be our only scilon raid, and FOI will be earlier.

    If enturb on the 16th, FOI on the 23rd, and the Retally raid is the 30th will have 3 protests during April
  21. This would be awesome if we could pull off our usual numbers 3x in one month. However, if it's mostly a divided effort, it will just look kind of silly.

    In my opinion, at least.
  22. We're still waiting for word from Our Leader Tommy Davis which is a better day for the RetallyRaid, that takes precedence over another raid. heck woul be nice if they agreed to the 16th... but we just don't know yet.
  23. Voting in the poll is set to close at the end of this month, so we should know the concrete date in about a week.
  24. Oh god a response from Female and it isn't 3 in the morning!
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  25. I thought of something lulzy to do at Scilon Raids. How lulzy would it be to bring a loaf of bread, and use it to lure the ducks to our side of the street? It could prove to be a lulzy photo that the ducks don't want to go to the Org, and if anyone has a good throwing arm we could chuck some pieces of bread at the Org, and use Quacking duck Tech on them. Thoughts?
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  26. Meh.

    Even with bread bait the ducks may be too skittish to approach a group of (loud) people, and I imagine they would be equally afraid of waddling up and down a busy driveway. Besides, logistics aside, shy ducks would be the least of our worries given the questionable legality of throwing pieces of bread onto private property we aren't invited on. Vandalism (or even littering) really aren't charges I want to see my clean criminal record decorated with.
  27. Anon998 Member

    It's looking like it might be the 30th. And this really works out for me if that's the official date, because I usually get 2 weekends off of work and both the 16th and 30th are my weekends off. So I say we should have 2 Scilon raids if that's cool. My anons will be happy with it because they love protesting this.
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  28. Make us a protest page, Niner.
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  29. Anonymous delivers
    Retally Raid Event Page made.

    Remember NoNo the Clown (Global): Apr 30th, 2011

    Add it to the top please gov'nor
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  30. Anon998 Member

    Right away!

    EDIT: It is done!
  31. Anon998 Member

  32. Zijaha Member

    Hello everyone. I'm assuming that this is...not the Dallas megathread? :D

    So will there be a rally on the 30th for Nono? I saw what those bastards did to him...

    Me and a friend of mine are considering getting more involved with protests.....
  33. Anon998 Member

    Look at the first post dude. :p

    It's the megathread for Scientology Protests. If you want the main Dallas megathread, you can find it here.
  34. Check the first Post in this thread... Socks does a stellar job keeping it updated... The Latest and greatest is there, and planning info will usually be here as well.
  35. Speaking of the first post, you should probably update it. :D
  36. Zijaha Member

    I just saw your pics of yesterday's raid... So jealous and mad that I wasn't there....
  37. Anon998 Member

    lol, this is my thread silly. xD

    (but neither socks nor I can update our first posts. it kinda blows. I'm gonna have a word with a mod to see if it can be updated.)
  38. That must be a timing issue on these new boards, because I still have an edit button on the recent post-game thread. Unfortunate...

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