Dallas Texas - April 30th 2011 "The Symphony of Honks"

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anon998, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Anon998 Member

    Sadly this was one of the smallest protests in a while, only 4 people, kinda disappointing.

    however we got a huge symphony of honks from cars as well as honks from a bus, some geese, and A TRAIN*!

    *ok, it really wasn't a train, more like a truck with a train-like horn, but fuck it was loud!

    But the action was very limited, as when 4 people come to a protest expecting much more to show as well as expecting RAIN >.< but no, no more people, no rain. We left early because it was way too hot and there were no other anons in sight. :(

    Overall rating: M3h...
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  2. Boo for leaving early (Dallas has had raids of two that still generated strong lulz) but good job for getting out there and delivering.

    Did you guys raid in front of the Org?
  3. Anonymous Member

    You went out there IRL and you got a reaction. WIN! Well done!
  4. Anon998 Member

    yeah we did
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Well played.
    Is there pics/vid.
  6. My sincerest apologies at falling through. I intended to be at the protest today, but unforeseen Domestic incident prevented me from Attending. (Short Story, the water is shut off to my house ATM) Sorry for the lack of lulz on the raid!
  7. Anon998 Member

    We had one video camera going. I'll try to rip a few frames for pics, but don't count on video due to lack of good editors for Linux. :p
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  8. Anon998 Member

    Acceptable, however it would have been better to hear...

  9. Anonymous Member

    Pics are good.
    And i will post it again....
    Well played.
  10. Mantis Member

    we most certainly did, and we even brought ourselves a newfag. surprised actually that all the other newfags from last raid didnt show
  11. Mantis Member

    dude, you forgot about being tailed niner, unless that was a lie so you could enjoy sweet air conditioning, lol
  12. Mantis Member

    its fine man, you werent the only one not to show, just wish someone would have given us a heads up, lol.
  13. Anon998 Member

    It was only a suspension and I was probably wrong. :p I think I was just a little paranoid.
  14. Mantis Member

    sure, whatevers man, oh, and you forgot about the kid the scilons ubducted, the one doing the report for school who arlo verbally accosted for speaking to us, lol. he was a nice kid, i hope they dont steal his thetans.

    btw, its been decided

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  15. NO!!!

    /starwars nerd rage
  16. Mantis Member

    we have a theory that they are really gathering all the thetans and injecting them into their secret supreme leader so he can use his magically powers to do some unnamed evil diabolical thing
  17. Anon998 Member

    Like building an evil galactic empire??
  18. Shouldn't it be the Marcabian Fleet? After all... we're supposedly the bad guys.
  19. Tails? Paranoia? Verbally-accosted school children? WTH! Where was all this in the write-up?? Details, pl0x! :D *POPCORN*
  20. Zak McKracken Member

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  21. Everyone knows what happens when some people go rouge from the Fleet. The fleet is on the darkside of the moon, awaiting, and sending in spys and light invasion forces. Didn't you get the memo? The Staff Sergeant that came and spoke to Dallas Anons at a seminar detailed all of this.

    BTW in reality we named all of our ranks after them, thus a staff sergeant from Marcabia is an older term than any we came up with today.
    After all, if trains and DC-8's were just hidden in our minds until we made them.
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  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    To complete your parting sentence fragment:
    After all, if trains and DC-8's were just hidden in our minds until we made them, why didn't LRH invent anything worth patenting from his billions of other memories?
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  23. Yesterday's high: 87°F
    Average high in June, July, August, and September: 92°F, 96°F, 96°F, and 89°F

    Let this be a lesson to all Dallas-area protesters. I know you guys like to be ever so edgy in your finest black graphic print t-shirts, but I suggest you invest in some nice, breezy cotton tees. Plain, 100% cotton t-shirts in light colors from Wal-Mart are cheap, will keep you cool, and can be easily customized for maximum lulz.

    Here's one example of kinda doin' it right from a previous Dallas Protest.
  24. Mantis Member

    lol, well we probably would have stayed longer and just manned up about the heat if we werent alone
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  25. Brush up on your DallAnon history; four is far from alone.
  26. You talking about the December Protest where you came to the ORG and I was Solo?
  27. Dallas has a long history of extremely small protests. Even the OT link Socks posted above directs to a 2009 post-game report for a raid by just two DallAnons. Check the backlog of post-games in the Dallas planning threads. Small, consistent raids have been much more standard for Dallas than the large raids suggested by our recent upswing in numbers.

    All that to say, the recent growth is awesome (and really I hope it continues!) but we can't afford to become so spoiled by big numbers that we forget how to deliver without a crowd. [ETA]
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  28. Mantis Member

    i apologize for my lack of knowledge on the subject, i more meant that all of the ones who arrived know each other, lol, so it was nearly pointless for us to even refer to ourselves by our usernames, lol. but yeah, 4 definately isnt too small, we were just expecting more based on those who rsvp'd and the random newfags, but we were sadly let down. this should not have dampened our spirits the way it did. or at least my spirits and my fellow newfags that were out, i cant really speak for 998 on the subject
  29. conatus Member

    That's Impossible!
    Hill Street Blues.
  30. Anon998 Member

    Yeah that's kinda what we were disappointed about, sorry for not really being so clear, but we all knew each other and were expecting others which got us disappointed.

    Also, the forecast said cloudy skies and rain, so you can't really get onto us too much about weather, but then again, we kinda forgot that we live in Texas "The state of Bipolar Weather"
  31. Hey, no one's mad if you wanted to leave early. But like AnonFemme said, don't be spoiled by our recent turnouts. Yes, you all knew each other; but what's important is that no one else knows that you knew each other. They see four guys/girls/whatever Mantis is in masks. It might as well have been you, me, Crystal, and Dallanon all over again.

    Also last year my meteorology teacher predicted 1 in of maybe-sticking snow. We ended up getting 12+ inches and almost setting a record. :3
  32. Mantis Member

    mantis is a guy, and that kinda hurts
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  33. I meant... the whole "I'm a pretty little unicorn" thing... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.
  34. Mantis Member

    still going to cry, using my magical unicorn tears to fix a flat tire, but i forgive you sox
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  35. Anon998 Member

  36. Mantis Member

    oh jack. how i love thee

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