Dallas Texas - March 13th 2011 Raid Success! (Scientology)

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anon998, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Anon998 Member

    Happy 100th Birthday L. Ron Hubbard!
    We enjoy poking fun at your little scam!

    Today's raid was pretty successful, approx. 9 anons, we got tons of honks including one from a police car! We got some docs from a Scilon that had nothing to do with what we were doing; We we're kinda confused.

    But, the best thing of all, we got media coverage! Two college newspaper reporters took our pictures and interviewed us! We're pretty excited about this! :D

    On bad news, we lost our megaphone rights within 10 minutes of using it because we were disturbing the peace, and none of us brought cameras or this is a text only report. Sorry. :/ Looks like some of us used spy tech and got video without my knowing, good job anons. :3
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  2. Anonymous Member

    9 anons, NO CAMERAS?

  3. veravendetter Member

    Keep those derricks pumpin'
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  4. Anon998 Member

    Yeah, I know, it's kinda fail on our part...
  5. Anonymous Member

    do tell - where was this at?
  6. Actually I had a camera, that's how candid it was even you didn't know. I'll try posting a video later, I need to hit the sack tonight.

    Here's a quick timeline of the win:

    Meet at the flower clock, and rally the troops.
    March to the ORG.
    At the ORG 2 people are already there with a camera taking pictures.
    AS we start to get settled, we learn the people with cameras are student journalists, come to cover the protest!
    Interviews and interweb addresses given, for information.
    Photographers get yelled at by scilons for taking a picture of their Logo.
    Journalists tell us they had visited the org and were creeped out after watching their film
    Police arrive to revoke bullhorn privileges, citing that it is annoying to the Scilons
    Possible Permit information given calling City Hall to request a permit may be applicable.
    LRH 100th birthday caek cut! Anons rejoice with Delicious Caek!
    Readings of the Wall of Fire, as well as dox on "communication is life" from Scilon websites.
    Anons get bored, and clear the back parking lot with enturbulation tech
    Org enturbulated: Head back to the clock
    One person seeing us pulls over, asking loudly if we were 4chan
    Getting out of the car with his phone, he comes up to us.
    By explaining we are from WhyWeProtest and are against scientology, he calms down, realizing we are not his target.
    He drives off, and we get on to raising awareness
    Head home.

    Feel free to expound on any of these events: defintiely a fun raid!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Thank XENU!!
    I was just about to tear your Texan assholes out through PM.
    Camera is essential protective gear, no less than a mask or multiple bodies.

    Without one, if the Scilons start shenanigans its your word against theirs.
    postraid pix aren't mandatory. this isn't a "proof or stfu". its about self-defense, Anon-style.
    Thank you (DSA) for saving the cell from quadruple facepalm shame.
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  8. There were at least two cameras, maybe more - DarkSpecter and Cmeregirl both had them for certain. And don't cry too hard about pics, anyway, because the student journalists took loads, at least some of which will be included with the upcoming article. I may also email them and see if we can get our hands on the pictures that don't end up making the final print version. If so, I'll definitely post those here.

    To elaborate on the dox dropped, the Org's DSA delivered us each printouts of two web articles - one about Anons getting hassled by the Feds for DDoS, and one about an Anon confessing to hacking a Scilon website. You think that's random? Well, it is. But we definitely had some lulz, so win on all sides.

    Giving up the megaphone tech so soon was a disappointment, but it was fun while it lasted, and the cop who talked to us was definitely amiable and willing to offer what information he had about permits and the noise stipulations in the municode.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I have looked through this and I still have no clue where this occurred. I see a reference to Texan assholes in a comment...
    Can the OP put that in the first post or title or something?

    And the thread should go somewhere here:

    /I guess I could look at where posters here normally post to figure out what part of the world they are from, but meh.
  10. Anonymous Member

    FFS is this some kind of joke? Don't post postgame reports without a location.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Samefag? Calm down.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Not same fag. I am poster #9 only.

    Still waiting for a location. Thread is pointless with no location, details or pics.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Doing a locational works and it helps postgame
  14. OTBT Member

    Near as I can deduce, it appears this raid was in Dallas, Texas.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Meanwhile in Austin, some crowdsurfing was going on...
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  16. are we sure this was Dallas?
  17. Sorry Rufus, it is Dallas, any chance we can get the thread title changed?
  18. yes
  19. Anonymous Member

    I'm not so sure.
    Can we get a Dallas Anon to chime in and confirm?
  20. Anonymous Member

    OP user info says he / she is from Dallas
  21. Anon998 Member

    I'm terribly sorry, it has been a while since I've made a post game. Location slipped my tired mind.

    And there's a dump thread for Dallas protests here and here.
  22. Optimisticate Member

    Optimom said that y'all did good. Were the journalists from the CC on MacArthur?
  23. over9000OT Member

    This happened here in KC the last two months running. I wonder if the Scifags are institutionalizing antibullhorn tech.

    Maybe your Scilons are as dumb as ours? If so, just take the batteries out and yell real loud. It actually works:
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  24. Bahahahaha. Excellent.
    Yeah, next time I'm definitely bringing a camera. I just always forget to take pictures when I have my sign out.
    AnonFem said she's going to obtain copies of the newspaper. They'll most certainly be scanned and posted.
  25. agent156 Member

    Sorry I couldn't make it, congrats on the win.
  26. Next Protests have been updated in the Dallas Activism thread. Subscribe to this for the most up to date Protest Planning and Post Game Dump.!

    Also.. has anyone seen the write up from the paper there?
  27. It isn't out yet. According to the student journalist I spoke with, the article will be published March 29th.
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  28. BLiP Member

    Still no pics?
  29. Bump for article coverage
  30. Anon998 Member

    Anyone seen the article yet? I really want to see! :3
  31. The article doesn't seem to have been published on March 29; I have checked a hardcopy and online version of the Richland Chronicle and couldn't find it. Either the idea was scrapped or publication has been delayed. Without contact information for the two student journalists, our best bet is probably just to wait and see if it shows up in the next issue.
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  32. Anon998 Member

  33. Wonder if we were scrapped in favor of WBC? It's an article about protesting published on March 29.
  34. amaX Member

    Wat? Now it's not safe to be on the streets if you frequent 4chan?
    Well done, DALLAS TEXANONS!

    oops. Almost forgot to bitch about the title even though it's already fixt. bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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