Dallas, TX, December

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Lord Anonymous, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Dallas, TX, December

    Well, only three of us showed up, but from what I hear, that's two more than last month. Many minds were enturbulated. In particular, around noon, I started to harass the cars pulling in and out of the CoS drive, including a Mr. Jim's Pizza van driven by none other than Mr. Jim Johnson himself.
    Rematch: he ran away. Lord Anonymous: 2, Jim Johnson: 0.

    By 12:45, cars pulling out of the CoS driveway were turning to exit through the residential area rather than going onto Buckner (I assume it was in order to avoid me, given the sudden, unanimous change).

    We left about 1:20 or so. Sammy says she will be posting video on a new YT account soon.
  2. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Yeah, I will try to post the video Sunday, if my computer behaves. I also have some video of us talking to people who pulled over.
  3. SRQanon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    hey dallas! some houston anons and myself are talking about doing a megaraid on austin the 27th. pm me for details if you are interested.
  4. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Here ya go. Sorry it's so shaky, it was soooo windy and there was bad glare on the screen, I could hardly see anything.

    I'm totally up for going to Austin. Anyone else? I'll be glad to drive.
  5. SRQanon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX


    I lol'd.... that's some mighty fine enturbulation...
  6. Black Jack Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    I lol'd too. Great vid. Keep enturbulatin'!
  7. Re: Dallas, TX

    I loves me my sign tech. And the pirate hat. And next time, I'll have a flag.

    And as for Austin, if you're talking about December 27th, I can't make it. If, however, you're talking about January 27th, I might be able to make it.
  8. SRQanon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    december 27th
  9. Vir Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

  10. Re: Dallas, TX

    @SRQanon: =( I guess I can't make it then. Have fun in Austin, though.

    @Vir: You make a good point, but the pedestrian still has the right of way, even if he's making an ass of himself. Oh yeah, and I had Sammy looking out for me. :D
  11. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    As far as I know, I can be there on the 27th, even if I can't get any other Dallasites to come with. Is it for sure happening?
  12. SRQanon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    fuck yes. i'll post moar info tomorrow. i need to confirm speshial things tonight.
  13. truth buster Member

  14. Re: Dallas, TX

    hell ya guys i told some anons about the black p.r there handing out and they said there coming on the 27th
  15. Re: Dallas, TX

    No, we didn't see Robin Rhyne there, but then again, I don't know what Robin looks like, and Google was less than helpful just now...

    As for the black PR, there must be a way to destroy all or some of it. Hehe...
    "Oh, cool, can I read one of those?"
    {Scilon handler hands over a flier, Anon promptly drops it into trash can}
    "Oh, sorry, I seem to have lost mine, can I have another?"

    In addition to extremely annoying for them, it's entertaining for us! Woohoo!
  16. truth buster Member

  17. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    I don't remember ever seeing that guy. It's mostly creepy old men and young (college-aged) girls.
  18. Re: Dallas, TX

    He looks kinda like my favorite mark, Jim Johnson! Hahaha.....
  19. SRQanon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    If you are going to the raid, bringing people, can bring people, etc... please post info here:
    Operation Austin MegarAIDS pt2 (bring in the chemo - AnonHouston!)

    As far as the anontx website goes, it is looking like it is going to be set up wikistyle like the houston website currently is. I've been talking to an anon who is setting both websites up and we are currently working on making the houston site a little moar user-friendly.
  20. Re: Dallas, TX

    For the anontx site, don't forget forums if you do it wikistyle.
  21. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!
  22. Re: Dallas, TX

    Hate to break it to ya kid, but we're Anonymous. This is about as centralized as we get. If we need anything more, we can PM each other, but we're not gonna make one great big database with all of our names or something like that.

    And if your aim is to get information passed among members of the same cell, well, this is it! This is the Dallas cell's most recent info thread. Chill, man.
  23. WMAnon Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    No one was looking for names or anything, just an overall view of how your year has gone (which is a little more difficult to access as an outsider from threads on WWP) and maybe a link to your current local forums/wiki/whatever.

    oh, and your social security number and mother's maiden name.
  24. Re: Dallas, TX

    Don't forget your birthday and place of birth.

    Sorry, I may have overreacted with my initial reply, but consider that I saw that exact post in other threads, copy/paste.

    The Dallas cell is currently undergoing massive recruitment, because we're sick of never having enough people at the raids. Fortunately, it seems to be working.
  25. mrfyde Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    I thought the Dallas Org closed. I remember it being up for sale from posts like 4 months ago or something.
  26. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX

    They put the building on the market, but they are operating at that location as usual until it sells (which will never happen, they already tried once a few years ago). Last news I've heard is that they haven't found a place to move to yet. Even if the building sells, I think there's a good chance that they won't end up relocating and CoS is no more in Dallas.
  27. Re: Dallas, TX

    great video! I cannot wait until the next protest! Who exactly is this Jim Johnson man you speak of?
  28. Re: Dallas, TX

    Yeah, whatever the case, the CoS Dallas seemed to be fully operational in December. I'd bet they're not gonna shut down here until that building closes, at which point we'll be taking road trips to Austin to protest! Woohoo!

    And Marv, Jim Johnson is the founder of Mr. Jim's Pizza, and my favorite mark. If you check out my videos, there's a good one of him trying to share Scientology at SMU. He failed for obvious reasons (why do you think I had a camera? hehehe...)
  29. Re: Dallas, TX

    hey wanted to thank you again for showing up on the 27th that was epic.....
    are you guys going to have a big turn out on the 17th.....of not your more then welcome to come down here
  30. Re: Dallas, TX, December

    Based on what I've seen so far, we'll have more than we did for the December global, but not likely enough to spare any. Sorry, bro. We'll be making some group road trips soon, I think.

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