Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AnonymousTomorrow, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    Learning from the lesson that Sam faced last protest, we parked several miles away. Me and a fellow anon walked to a hidden location, and changed clothes, and went to the streets dawning our anon-gear. I was wearing my new t-shirt, as you can see in below pictures. (which I consider that shirt alone a win). So we walked to the Co$ and there was actually a lot of traffic of people going in and out. We arrived at the center about noon-ish, and packed up and left at 2:00. Several cars were going in and out for the first hour. A lot of people were watching us from the doors, walking in, driving in, and up on the balcony eating their lunch. We would wave, and talk to them. The music was upbeat and positive stuff, though at about 1:45 we did play 2 shred metal songs just for kicks. We had over a dozen waves and thumbs up. Several people running by or riding their cycles waved and gave us props. One gentlemen in a car said, "I support what you guys are doing! You guys rock!" I wish I would have gotten any of those on camera, haha. :) In fact we didn't really get anything positive on camera. This older man kept on taking landscape pictures of the CoS and I kept on hopping into the frame and he would have to move, it brought much lulz. He stood by us taking a snap of the CoS sign and I asked him if he was a visitor or a member. He said he knew a lot about $cientology actually. To which I replied if he knew why their church symbol had a cross on it, or why their church framed Paulette Cooper, or destroyed Lisa McPherson's life, or why they followed one of us in our cars last time. He didn't reply and just walked off. We tried to promote them to ask questions, and to call 866xseaorg to get help or just to talk to someone who's been there and we promoted whyaretheydead, etc. Some golfers waved at us and looked like they were trying to come talk to us but they couldn't get through the gate so they just went on golfing. That same psychologist runner guy from last protest ran by and waved again. We had a lot of support from the community. Even a thumbs up from the Irving patrol! I forget what the suburbs called, San Colinas? or something. They patrolled by and waved and gave us the thumbs up. Wahoo! I'm uploading a video right now. I'll put it in this post later today. One Scientologist drove in with a cellphone camera and snapped our shot, and was laughing. This lady in a white car was snapping our pics with a nice camera but when I pulled out my camera she hid her face. And this curly haired fuck kept taking our pictures. We offered him to come stand right next to us and take our pictures but he didn't. Some Scilons were waving at us actually when driving in and out. While we were walking out we decided to watch for people following us. There were like 3 cars that were monitoring us, so everytime we saw their cars we would just stand there, wave, and they'd drive off pissed.

    I would say win. There was one guy who stopped for directions, and I pitched the Anonymous movement, the website, crimes of the church, but he didn't seem interested.

  2. coskilla Member

    Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    epic man. who is that sci fag taking picture we need to talk him out of it. i h8 seeing people my age getting in they should know better its the internet man !
  3. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    noice, wish i could have made it. I went down friday and there was alot of cars in the parking lot, but there was no foot traffic and very little car traffic, so I was worried that it would be the same on saturday. But yall pulled out a win and congrats. Nice shirt btw
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    Well done.
  5. Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    Thanks =)
    Yeah the fellow Anon that morning told me that he wants to officially join Anonymous (he's always been kinda iffy) and I was like you just officially did! Congrats to him. I think he's on the forums soon. or will be . . . Anywho I'm uploading the second half of the video right now, and then I gotta upload the first half. Almost there! May 9th is going to be epic as tits

    I was wondering if you were going to show noscope. It's cool though, I think we held it down fine, without you but the moar the merrier!
  6. Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    waytogo Dalanons!

    is that a new sidewalk in front of the property?

    when is the next protest?
  7. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    Yeah, they added the sidewalk sometime before the org opening.

    The next protest is May 9, look up the thread under global protests.
  8. Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

  9. Sammy Member

    Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    AT I got mad respect for ya man but you gotta step up your communication skills with the public. Memorize your facts so you know what you're talking about instead of just directing them to websites. Explain why it's not a religion.
  10. Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    Thank you for calling me out. Keepin' me liable. In my profession, I am expected to deliver information with detail. Thus I fail at this on enturbulating. In my job, I know that I get greater results when I explain things with details, sources, and confidence. People will listen to you if you have confidence, right? I can lie my ass off and as long as I sound certain and convincing, most people will believe it.

    Though, there's nothing to lie about with Co$.
    So main things to introduce someone to why it's not a religion
    -Is not free to the general public
    -Does not have official church doctrine
    -suppresses critics
    -disconnection policy against critical family and SP's
    -Child Labour
    -Forced Abortion for Clergy, "unethical to have children"
    -Fair Game policy
    -OSA and Sea-Org
    -Why are they dead?

    Any other big things I'm missin' out on? This is off topic but I think it will help for further protests.
  11. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX Mini-Raid April 24th, 2009

    You did ok, but you sounded unsure of yourself. It happens to me too, for instance I wasn't used to being handled so didn't respond as well as I could have. Don't worry, youll get better as you memorize the facts and are able to bring them up in a moments notice. I would recommend a note book with some dox for proof and so you can remember the little details.. I am bringing one out on the 9th and can show you. Plus im bringing Dianetics to use their own book against them.

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