David Love - Ombudsman Investigation Request

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, May 12, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    But you haz copies, right?
  3. Intelligence Member

    I have some statements and an interview with the said Patient following his Hospital Stay,
    but the actual Hospital Medical Files and Records of him being there are missing and unable
    to be found.

    But the Hospital Staff and Ex-Narconon Staff (my friends), have memories that have NOT gone missing:)

    We WILL get to the bottom of this.

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  4. Intelligence Member

    The above is a Provincial matter.

    Tomorrow, I will be filing an Investigation Request with the Canada Fereral Government.

    They have no choice, but to investigate a matter of this magnitude.

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Will release more details this Sunday on Radio Show at 8:00pm:)

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  6. Intelligence Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    David - <3 you dude! :)
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  8. Intelligence Member

    <3 You Guys/Gals too:):):)

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  9. Intelligence Member

    If the Ombudsman and Competition Bureau does not act forthwith, we will climb another rung in the Political ladder, and keep climbing to Ottawa if needed. Perhaps a major mainstream Media, such as Investigative Reporting from W-5 TV is required? Whatever it takes; will be done.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    we do not forget.
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  11. Intelligence Member

    Now we have their attention and a confirmation that they have reviewed what I sent them - - huge files twice.
    This now gives me two options. Appeal to the Ombudsman Re: First Complaint OR wait until 45 days post Second Complaint.

    Some of the Canada government agencies are nervous about tredding on Religious Freedoms.

    Time to exert as much political pressure as possible in the right places. So I will chose &quot;Option One&quot; AND &quot;Option Two&quot;
    AND up another &quot;rung in the Political ladder.&quot;

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  12. Intelligence Member

    Being careful what to say here, but it is alleged that a Patient at NN TR is being held against
    their will by means of coercion, manipulation, misrepresentation, and with-holding personal
    property such as Identification etc. Also, some forms of outside communication is now
    being restricted. I now have victims name. Time for ACTION to appropriate agencies and police.

    Will now forward all communications and details of this individuals case, plus supporting evidence dox of this
    case not being an isolated incident at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, with identical circumstances that are presently
    under investigation.

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Two page cover letter, with attached allegations, has now been directed and forwarded to two police agencies,
    several goverment agencies, a political official in the capital of Quebec, and a Political Representative at
    Parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

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  14. Intelligence Member

    Enough is enough!!!

    We have some issues of concern regarding the Ministry of Health and Social Services not
    responding to a complaint that was filed quite some time ago.

    This will NOT be tolerated any further!

    Contacts in Ottawa and the Ombudsman will now receive a VERY serious Formal Complaint
    concerning "what may be going on" here???

    This will OT be put on the "Back-Burner" and left unaddressed.

    Damn it!!!

    If what I think "may be happening, is happening, we are going to open this "Can-of-Worms"
    and spread it out on the floor of high up government officials to investigate immediately.

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  15. Dragononymous Member

    Serious David is now VERY serious
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  16. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., yes, more serious than ever. It hasn't come to the point of chaining myself
    to the entrance doors of the Health Ministry - - - ,..., YET!!!

    But if it takes this ^^^^^ to get Investigative Reporters and higher up government
    to look - see - and act, I certainly will travel to Trois-Rivieres in near future.

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  17. Dragononymous Member

    *two weeks later*

    "Man chains himself to entrance door of Health Ministy"
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  18. Lorelei Member

    I'm sure Anons can arrange to bring delicious and moist caek and some tasty sammiches to you while you are chained to the door of the Health Ministry, if it comes to that. :p
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  19. Stealth Member

    There are a ton of dox being fired in our "voter's choice" mail boxed right now. The Ombudsman
    answers only to Parliament. No hanky-panky here, these "F***kers" have power to make things happen
    fast and furious!!!

    "Are ye feeln da heat yet, little human trafficker, DM?
  20. xenubarb Member

    A couple of gallons of anti-freeze wouldn't hurt either...
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Was looking at some stainless steel chain, but too heavy - - LOL :)

    For now, will continue written campaign and be good, law abiding Lad and stay
    out of trouble - - wouldn`t want to be seen as a Radical SP Protestor; now would I,..., LOL :)

    BUT, I can visualize being chained to a door - - LOL

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