[Dec 17, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, Illinois)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by freedomthroughanonymity, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Can't make the november rally but anyone who is up for a third saturday in Chicago for December feel free to join me
  2. Paladin Member

    Welcome! It is always good to have a new protester join us in Chicago. We normally protest on the second Saturday of each month. I'm not sure any of us would be willing to change our routine for someone who recently joined WWP and hasn't actually protested with us yet. We've had too many new people say that they will protest and not show up.
  3. Yeah, we usually do the 2nd Saturday of the month, so that would make it Dec. the 10th if the others want to keep their usual rhythm. Which they probably will.

    Any chance you can make it for Dec. 10th, freedomthroughanonymity?
  4. i wish you guys would make up your mind which saturday you are going to protest. i showed up the 2nd saturday of september and nobody was there, later found out that you protested downtown on the first saturday, but kept it a secret. please let me know when to show up and help.
  5. Paladin Member

    We did protest at the org on the 2nd Saturday of September. It was the 2nd Saturday of October that we decided to change in secret in order to do a surprise protest at the cultural center. If you had followed the October planning thread, you would have known that we had cancelled the 2nd Saturday protest a few days before. If you want to protest with us then you need to pay better attention to our planning threads.

    If you want to be included in any secret plans then introduce yourself at our regular protests. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing if you are a real protester or someone who is trying to derail our plans.

    The person who posted this thread is also unknown to our regular group.
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  6. The October date swap was a rare, one-time thing. I tried to post big notices about it to help keep people informed.

    Anyway, the majority of us are doing the usual 2nd Saturday thing. I suggest heading there for fun 'n' stuff.
  7. Paladin Member

    One-time? It was great fun.;) I would like to do that again in the future, should the opportunity arise.
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  8. Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but the majority of Chicago people who regularly show up already had their shindig for December and are looking forward to January. Again, most of us are on a rhythm of doing stuff on the 2nd weekend of the month.

    This isn't to say that nobody can do anything else, but we've had a bunch of people pop up out of nowhere with names we don't recognize and make a big fuss about coming out, only to no-show. So most of us are going to be skeptical about a brand-new person until we've actually had a chance to meet them and stuff. I'm not trying to cast a shadow over the OP - we'd love to meet you - but at the moment we have nothing to go on, and there's no way for us to say this planning thread wasn't made by a clueless newbie or a troll.

    I have a feeling nobody will be at this "event", especially since there's been no further sign from the OP. If anyone out there wants to protest and actually be sure that there will be others out there, join us on the 2nd weekend in January!
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