[Dec 6, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Everywhere)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anonymous, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Hello, I'm running operation Chatroulette. It is Operation devoted to inform people who we are and what we do, because in some countries, including Poland, people don't know what Anonymous is and they think we are just a group of crackers who want to destroy Facebook.

    The plan is to enter in masks (if you're using web camera) on 6th December, to inform random people about us and eventually answer their questions about us.

    Why are we doing?
    Because we want people to know that what we are doing is good for them and society as a whole, not fighting but vulnerable citizens with the government that tries to wrap us around its finger, and trying to not to allow control of the Internet.

    Problem solved with the time zones in this way:
    North America and around
    Time for New York City:
    12:00 at noon
    South America and around
    Time for Rio de Janeiro
    Time for Paris
    Time for Tokyo
    10:00 am

    if you want to take part in the action and you do not know what time you start to check out here:

    thank you

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