Delphian School fees for 2011 / 2012 ($40k)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OTBT, Feb 21, 2011.

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  2. Holy freakin' cow that's expensive. Thanks OTBT!
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    I'm not sure how expensive private schools are in the US, but that's fairly average for Australia.

    Take Year 12 at my school, it was about $25,000 for the tuition fees alone, and that's before a good $600 in books and a couple hundred more in uniforms, excursions and other things. As for the boarding fees being double, again, that's fairly normal.
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    Financial Aid to go to a cult school. lovely
    And don't forget the extra $4,445 for 8 and 9 yr olds for a "personal teacher" fee
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    What is up with the "Exchange Student World Wide Medical Insurance Plan" for non US students?
    $53.00 a month? The entire total must be pre-paid before starting?
  7. OTBT Member

    Going from memory, too lazy to dig up the dox...

    Applied Scholastics in the USA is (or was) involved in a US federal student exchange program, authorized to bring in foreign students for studying.

    My guess is there is some kind of federal requirement for medical insurance for foreign exchange students studying in the US.
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    So COS uses h1b visas to recruit for Criminon, Narconon and Delphi?
  11. Anonymous Member

    the Church of Scientology (building expansion officer)
    The Way to Happiness Foundation
    Hubbard College of Administration
    Sterling Management Systems (WISE)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Delphi suggests for foreign exchange students:
    Exchange Student World Wide Medical Insurance Plan
    Would they plug a non COS insurer for their website?
    This Insurance plan is administered by Meyers-Stevens,Toohey & Co in Mission Viejo CA
    There are some Tooheys in the COS data bank. (and of course Meyes and Stevens) But is Toohey a very common name?
    Proxy up if going to that website just in case.

    And don't know if this is just a waste of time either

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