Desiree Silvani-Cardoso Scientology Disconnected from her father. He died 3 years later.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by CommunicatorIC, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Desiree Silvani-Cardoso Scientology Disconnected from her father. He died 3 years later.

    From Tony Ortega.

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    Rod Keller found this extremely depressing post yesterday on Facebook. Does anyone know Desiree? Can anyone tell us the name of her father or his wife? We’d like to look into this a little more.


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    10oriocookies • 10 hours ago

    I know Desiree Cardoso and her husband very well. They are/were Narconon staff. They are definitely die hard Scientologists. It doesnt surprise me one bit that she would disconnect from her own family. Sad that she would think her dad would "choose" a Scn family after being disconnected from.

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  4. Wrong thread.
  5. anon8109 Member

    Hard to have sympathy for a person who says she loves her father but refused to speak with him because she was told not to.

    She had a choice and she chose the cult.

    And by the way he didn't "drop the body" implying that he chose to die so that he could get a new body. At least in death she could show some respect and not impute that her father believed Hubbard's nonsense.
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  7. On ESMB AnonyMary replied to this comment as follows:

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    10oriocookies hit the nail on the head with that. thumbsup2.gif

    She's doing other work outside the Narconon Network but I'm sure she still is an referrer, aka FSM, for Narconons. She and another FSM are listed on the Friends of Narconon site as 'more info' contacts. She used to be a Narconon director in Brazil but that seems some time ago. Not sure if it's still open there.

    In any event, she is another example of Narconon being the bridge to the bridge...

    #Narconon is #Scientology .

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  8. While I have no idea if the following is accurate, Knows -- a two-year member of ESMB -- shared the following about Desiree Silvani-Cardoso:

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    She works for a Mission in California and has been spinning up and down the Bridge for a while - doing GAT I and now regrading it GAT II style - starting again with the Purif...and OBJ.

    They are trying to open up a Narconon Center.

    They have been "briefed" unsure.gif on the "SP's" and all the twisted stuff being said about "Nar-CON is on" and the slew of Psych initiated lawsuits... fwwhistling.gif

    They are VGI's about opening a Narco-Nuts Center.

    According to a Sea Org UTR Staff member - Desiree went to ASHO where she did an Ethic's Cycle. fwwhistling.gif disconnecting from her father.

    She is hoping to get in "comm" no.gif with her father - now that he is DEAD ???

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