Dr. Creepy is a scientologist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oprime, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. oprime Member

    Dr. Creepy is a scientologist

    Imagine the fate of unsuspecting people seeking the services of a licensed medical doctor who happens to have a bust of LRH in the lobby of his office. Scary? Oh, it gets worse.

    Meet Dr. Gregory Hooper from Sunnyvale California. We uncovered him while doing a search of a national WISE listing to get some measure of how many medical doctors are scientologists. (Thanks WWP) Fortunately they are quite rare.

    This doctor shares an office with his father, a general practitioner in his seventies and another 75 year old general practitioner and, of course, a Chiropractor. Hooper was investigated and suspended from practicing medicine in 1995. Numerous patients came forward with allegations of improper conduct, to say the least. In 1997 he was put on 5 years probation, ordered to pay legal costs and was given strict conditions to be completed before he could apply for a new license. In late 2002 his license was finally restored to clear status. (Yippee, I’m OT!)

    It’s obvious that a healthcare professional could have severely compromised abilities if his/her belief system included body thetans as a cause for illness. From online reviews this guy has apparently referred some of his suffering patients to scientology.

    Now the worse: His was focused on OB/GYN before his suspension and the public records show that his female patients are potential victims of sexual abuse on top of malpractice. These days he mostly provides weight loss counseling, cosmetic services and supplement sales but that hasn't stopped him from victimizing women as a general practitioner.

    Read his public records to gain insight into how a medical doctor might exhibit the poor judgment and behavior that could also lead to joining cos. I’m thinking the scilons sucked him in with the promise of fixing his behavior. His auditing sessions must have been bizarre yet he progressed to higher levels of service completions. Sick new accusations in July 2009 show EPIC FAIL and the doctor is hopefully on the path to losing his license for good.

    Creepy doctor is creepy.

    Apparently I can't attach docs as a new user but I have provided a link to the public records below in post #5.
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Dr. Creepy is a scientologist

    Glad I don't have that doc.
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  5. oprime Member

    Re: Dr. Creepy is a scientologist

    I can't attach the files but here's the link to them at the Medical Board of California website.

    Medical Board of California - Physician/Surgeon License Search

    License # G68160 HOOPER, GREGORY

    Perform a search using his name or license and then click to open the result at the bottom of the window. Open the Public Records tab and you get four files. Start with the 2009 file page 4 item 12 for the sordid details of his latest disaster. He is still practicing on unsuspecting patients today as this petition awaits action by the board.

    January 31, 2003 ORDER 1
    November 20, 1997 DECISION 12
  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: Dr. Creepy is a scientologist

    LOL...the bust of LRH in the lobby...I would turn right around in a snappy 'about-face' and march right back out of there, goiters and all!
  7. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Dr. Creepy is a scientologist

    This guy Gregory Hooper is not shown as doing services in a number of years, so we really don't know if he's still a scientologist or WISE member but since the current accusations are so serious, I don'ty mind posting more about the physician.

    GREGORY FITZGERALD HOOPER, M.D.-G 68160-ACCUSATION/PETITION TO REVOKE-July 28, 2009 or direct TO REVOKE-July 28, 2009.pdf

    License Information GREGORY FITZGERALD HOOPER, M.D. Address of Record: 856 CORNWALL COURT SUNNYVALE, CA 94087
    Medical Board of California - Physician/Surgeon License Lookup

    Online Reviews at Yelp. The past and current issues is not noted there but there are complaints about scientology and one woman mentions Gregory wanting to see her breasts for hair removal, which made her uncomfortable. Time to increase the comments
    Lawrence & Gregory Hooper, MDs - Sunnyvale, CA
  8. The Lushster Member

    Re: Dr. Creepy is a scientologist

    I wonder if most of the positive reviews are from scilons. Valerie F is certainly one. They are always so predictable.
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  9. He still practices, and is still slimy.
    I stopped going to him as he tried to convince me to let him laser my breasts when I JUST wanted legs!
    Sick man!
    Also, I recently found out that the lady who does the billing there, in charge of ALL patient accounts is his WIFE!! How shady is that crap??!! I sense some serious crap going on there..
  10. Random guy Member

    Welcome Angelina!

    I will urge you not to use your real name around here. If this doc is a scientologist, you may have more than just an angry doc to deal with. Stay anonymous, stay safe.
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  11. Are you fucking kidding me? This man saved my life! He is one of us you stupid mother fuckers!
    Lee Krska
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    Who do you mother fuckers think you are? this man saved my life. You are nothing but evil beings. I am the Queen of Andromeda and you mother fuckers are done for!
    Lee Krska
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  13. The Internet Member

    Anonymous is not your friend.

    Maybe that doctor is mostly doing good things but he has issues.
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  14. The Internet Member

    I checked your Facebook. I’m not a doctor, just some retard on the Internet. But I gotta say, Your Majesty, you are higher than a kite. You need to get off the Internets until the lithium kicks in.

    Do Facebook with a sockpuppet name for yourself that future employers won’t find with Google.
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  15. fishypants Moderator

    I'm not worried, our Marcabian fleet can totally take the Andromedans.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    As I recall, you just have to get them drunk with a bottle of It's Green, followed by scotch.
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  17. TorontosRoot Member

    GAHHAHAHAHA!!! A scifag! A SCIFAG!! (spongebob fish hysterical moment right there) xD
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  18. Lovely, I bet he was pushing the silent birth crap on unsuspecting patients as if the zealotry of the Lamaze types weren't enough for a poor pregnant woman in labor to wade thru to get a painkiller when they really need one.

    If he was sexually molesting...well that is just fucking sick.

    I hope he gets nailed to a wall. (figuratively)
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  19. Anonylemmi Member

    By Tramolta.
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  20. Well, as a previous patient/ friend of this man I can tell you a few things. Yes, he is a great doctor. To add to this he constantly abuses his power by perversely gaining the trust of unsuspecting female patients and uses disturbi g and perverted conversation subjects in the private ecam rooms. There is NEVER a female nurse in the room to chapperone and the loves breasts. He talks about them, sneaks awkward sexual comments in and gives off the creepiest vibe. His Scientology and Masonic affiliations are another ploy he uses and hides behind. He is not in a high level with either one and simply uses them as "credibility" to cover up his more than shady past. He is married to a previous patient who is 100% in the dark about his perverted late night porn watching on his office computer and his constant "offers to laser breast and pubic" hair when not even the reason for your visit. He is seedy. I have no idea how he still has a license. He is a pervert, and extremely shady in his business practices. I wish he would be voted out of practice!
  21. Anonylemmi Member

    If you can testify to this, nail the bastard. Others have had similar experiences, get together and take him down.
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  22. Thanks for the helpful warning.
  23. This info is creepy. my friend goes to him, I am suppose to take her to an appointment. After reading this..i just called her to cancel. This Dr. Creep needs his medical lic taken away. I do not care if people like him and give 5 stars. this is so sick
  24. Let"s All take this CREEP Down. You wait until I see him tomorrow,if he looks at me in anyway I will report him. ASAP
  25. TorontosRoot Member

    By all means... go for it.
  26. Random guy Member

    Simplest way to do this is by having a web-site where you all put your experiences with this doc anonymously. I suppose you can use this thread for starters.

    Who on earth uses scientology affiliations to gain credibility?
  27. WISE members
  28. Random guy Member

    Well, couldn't be with the patients.
  29. Lee Krska
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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. TorontosRoot Member

    Cyberpolice officer I bet. ;) ...or scifaggot.
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  32. Random guy Member

    No, no, we're hackerz on steroids, or so they say
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  33. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I need to be arrested. Wait... no, I need to be rested. Yes. I need to be well-rested -- or... well... arrested. (Orwell arrested? He's bleedin' demised!)
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  34. Those darn steroids on hackers on terrorists.
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  35. Did you forget how to spell your own name?

  36. TorontosRoot Member

    Very likely they did.
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  37. He apparently has connections and is being protected by those in a position to do so. I suspect that these alleged accusations are only the tip of the iceberg.
  38. OTeleventy Member

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