DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 2)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Sethdood Member

    HAhahaha that's actually pretty funny. I really wish we could put the music back in the den.

    I just wanna say on a final (hopefully) note to Sue- why the fuck did you wait like 16 pages and go through countless tit-for-tat arguments before saying "oh by the way we're trying to make a forum where you can do the things you want".
  3. Anonymous Member

    Fucking learn some Diplomacy, you hopeless faggots.
  4. Miranda Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    Dear Miranda,
    Somebodies let out a really nasty fart in this thread.
    It smells really bad. Peeeeeee U.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Fuckeye Member

    Where the fuck are my cheese toasties?
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Miranda Member

  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Miranda Member

  12. Miranda Member

  13. Miranda Member

  14. AnonymousNow Member

    LOL, never got banned idiot. Streams of lies because I called out your buddy? Stalking? Yea right. I stood up to Globie and 2 of her friends supported her-- no one else. Epic anon ended right as I left--- did you ever ask yourself why? And how did I get "banned" from a nonexistent forum? Man, so now we know, you are a flagrant liar NATE. Again, I will allow my history here to speak as to my own credibility.

    Globie-- who was my "friend" and hung with me alone at my house at times-- traveled to DC with me. She caused a huge fight with her husband over travel arrangements-- not sex. She lied to her husband about me canceling my agreement to drive her in my own vehicle, which caused a massive fight over $2k in auto bills to get her own vehicle up and running. The only problem is Globie did not tell me that she caught me up in her lie. So yes, I went to Globies party-- the way she would have gone to mine and the way I always attended local parties-- minutes from my house.

    The only problem was that her husband was-- of course-- there. One discussion with him and he would have learned that (1) I never canceled my agreement to drive her to DC and (2) the $2k in repair bills was unwarranted. So Globie pretended to freak out, and handled the entire situation like a Scilon. Tried to assassinate my character with "why is that creep going to my house"

    Well, Globie was never honest. She got caught up in her lie, the way you are now caught up in your own lies.

    This is about the most boring drama I can imagine. Yet you have destroyed your credibility over it for nothing.
  15. Miranda Member

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  16. AnonymousNow Member

    One more thing, since it is clear NATE is trying to help out FV.

    FV was not only a MOD at epic, he was the one who told me where to open up the drek locked thread-- i.e. in the personal dispute forum. He knew everything and still allowed the thread to be locked even as he was a mod. That's why we are getting all this insanity now. You catch the pig by his ear and they start to squeal.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. AnonymousNow Member

    So now given FV and NATE have NO CREDIBILITY, where are they going to take their purported substantive arguments? This will be fun.
  19. anonyfemina Member

    Orson: Why did you or one of your mods out me?
    I thought the point of allowing people to post anonymously was to allow people to post anonymously.
    I didn't, in any instance, samefag, dickhead. Instead, I engaged quite obviously in very real discussion of the topics at hand (lols at this, in a way). But fine, if you say so.

    I'm so scared now that Orson will use my universal password to hijack my bank account and the rest of my life. I, like so many other blidthe individuals use the same password to run all my accounts. When Orson revealed my idendity, I became very scared that he would soon come to my house and rape me. inb4 you ask why I don't just place a diff. password to this account, just ask Sue: she keeps insisting on my less than average intellectual abilities. I'm just too lazy though, and this shouldn't be an issue. But is. Orson, are you going to rape me. Kill me. And then rape my dead body.
    Oh shit! If you can see who posts anonymously, you could see I wasn't samefagging. But fuck it, here I am. Come at meh, broh.

    In the below quoted, ORson decides to out me. (Why'd you put my username out there, brosis?) This post you're reading now is my first non-anonymous post. Every other post on WWP up until now was posted anonymously because I thought that my choosing the button that said, "Reply Anonymously," would be a respected choice. I guess it's not. So beware. If your username's as embarassing as wearing a ripped pair of underwaer to the supermarket, getting hit by a car, your pants falling off, and the whole world seeing it... don't cum on this thread. Or, more seriously, if you value true anonymity, don't cum in this thread. In my case, username's not embarassing, but I do value anonymity. So I came on this thread. Guess Orson's gonna rape me nao. I hope he wears protection. I don't want to face the predicament of aborting the undesired pregnancy.

  20. Miranda Member

    Okay. I suggest that from here on out, we simply ignore this drama. Both sides have been very vocal. If it continues, I'll discuss the situation with other mods and consider whether to archive drama posts.
  21. AnonymousNow Member

    Trust me, it was over for me, but apparently FV's butthurt knows no bounds. I don't object at all to any such decisions and actually agree.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Fuck you, N.A.T.E.
    Really. Fuck you, asshole.
    You miserable fat fuck.
  23. anonyfemina Member

    So the goal of this community is to exchange substantial info... yeah.

    @Miranda's posting history the last 2 or 3 days, 24 hours all day:
    "We're NOT b!" "Wait, we are b."
    Also, all that food posting is feeding us trolls... so keep it coming, biatch.
    Making any part of this forum a stupid imageboard hardly suggests adherence to the goal populi.
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  24. Miranda Member

    Identifying samefagging is not outing. Outing would be publishing your real name or irl identifying information. Samefagging is abuse of anonymous posting.
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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Of course, me, NATE, drek, globie, pent, all liars but not you. Your prestine reputation speaks for itself. Like you told me in that PM,
    edit: please don't follow me to my house
  28. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I think it is time to close this thread, but will leave that decision up to the hive. All those in favor say cocks.
  29. Fuckeye Member

    Oh shut the fuck up you whiny bitch.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    You said rape twice.
  31. Miranda Member

    Does that make it double rape? (puzzled)
  32. anonyfemina Member

    I'm sorry, did you not read my post? Did you not read the bolded section where I said I never posted my username anywhere on this site? This is a thread concerning someone, obviously Orson or the likes of you, posting my username on this site. I think that's pretty real information. Unless you want to venture to say that online is nothing to do with irl. What the fuck bitch?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, Ersatz. Time to put this to bed.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Oh no no, its just getting fun. I really like making creeps really pissed off
  35. anonyfemina Member

    And I think you're replying this to Miranbitch. I agreez.
  36. AnonymousNow Member

    Tell globie to come here and tell her story, or even Pent.

    You don't speak for them, tell them to come here, and I will start posting the chat text.

    And why are you not disputing anything I'm saying, again? You just can't help yourself.
  37. Anonymous Member

    what delusional world do you live in that your user name that you created on a forum is protected information that should never be connected with the content you posted in said forum?
  38. Fuckeye Member

    No-one gives a shit.
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  39. Ersatz Global Moderator

    We've got other threads that will do that just fine.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Can we please let this all rest in peace.
    Move forward.

    just shut up about this shit already.
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