DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Ogsonofgroo Member


    I laugh>[IMG]

    And cry>[IMG]
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  2. Miranda Member

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  3. fallingspider Member

    Your woman is in denile, and she won't be able to come to terms with her rape untill she is able to accept it wasn't her fault. You can't help her with this, you can show her that she is beautiful woman deserving of love and respect. But she won't be able to move on untill she accepts she had no control over what happened, even if it looks like it to you. She's blaming her self which is a way of hanging on to that pain and hording it. Since you've indicated it's been years, she may need professional help to move past those feelings. Regardless of how she feels about the rape, it was not her fault. The person who raped her would have done so regardless of what she was wearing.
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  4. qft
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  5. xenubarb Member

    Yeah, so she's hitched to a dipstick who probably blames her for her rape, if past posts are anything to go by. Being 15 and female is just an enticement to rapists. They oughta cover them up so nobody can tell what they are.

    Oh, wait...what was this thread about again?
  6. Loki's spawn Member

    Canadians being meanies.
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Canada just needs more sluts.
  8. Loki's spawn Member

    Hard to dress slutty when it's below 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside:p
  9. xenubarb Member

    When I was stationed at Ft. Meade, we would see ho's on street corners in DC (first place I ever saw those) and they were knee deep in snow, wearing tiny little mini-skirts and such. They made it work for them!
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  10. DeathHamster Member

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  11. With all due respect.......your a complete fucking idiot!
  12. Yeah cos when they chucked her out of hospital after many months they just said 'hey, shit happens'

    See a professional, you for real? You think shes just been left alone to deal with what happened?
  13. Loki's spawn Member

    lol, who's the idiot? Hint: It's the guy who can't spell "you're".
  14. I here you, thanks x
  15. anonymous612 Member

    Well, since you think she's responsible for her rape, clearly you haven't been any help.
  16. And people like you who completely miss the point then harp on about it would be better I suppose?

    No didn't think so.
  17. anonymous612 Member

    Oh I see. So it's only every OTHER rape victim who was raped because they dress like a slut. YOUR rape victim is SPECIAL.
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  18. Thanks for hammering my point home!
  19. Loki's spawn Member

    If that's your actual point, please, GDIAF.
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  20. My point was about harping on even when you read others posts wrong, try and keep up!
  21. fallingspider Member

    You'd be amazed what the right doctor can do, (and by right doctor I mean the right person, no amount of training can make a doctor right for every patient) but she also has to be willing to deal with the pain. If she's not, nothing I say or anything you or anyone else does is gonna make a difference. I've been on both sides of that coin, it's not easy to deal with from any direction. Being there for her through the tears and the pain is something you should be applauded for, people who've never been through this don't really understand how hard it is. But you gotta realize that the oppinions she's expressing are part of the problem that is keeping her traped in her pain. I'm assuming that her situation is quite a bit more complex then that, because it's never that simple; I'm just trying to point out that it's something you should be mindful of.
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  22. Loki's spawn Member

    Perhaps you might want to explain your exact position, then. Because, so far, 612 has done the best job of explaining what it sounds like.
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  23. Sorry if I seemed disrespectful, lot of tardy comments since I stupidly mentioned it, she's seen and tried all sorts of help, if you met her you wouldn't know, to all it would seem like it never happened, and she talks about it at times, only then do you get a feeling that she still feels part of the reason. As can be seen by some of the stupid posts on here, some people get a dumb thought in their head and no matter what cannot be convinced otherwise!
  24. Read my posts if you really want to know, why should I keep banging my head against a wall.
  25. Loki's spawn Member

    It's not our fault if you can't accurately portray your position.
  26. Not my fault if you jump to conclusions!
  27. Anonymous Member

    Admit it, you like the pain.
  28. I'll give you a clue, nowhere have I stated that a woman is to blame for being raped.
  29. I'm your bitch....smack me!
  30. anonymous612 Member

    Here's what you've told us.

    1. The cop that started this whole slutwalk shitstorm said (I'm paraphrasing) "If women don't want to get raped, they shouldn't dress like sluts."

    2. You agreed with him; that is, that women shouldn't dress like sluts if they don't want to get raped.
    The logical extensions of that are:
    a. Women who dress in exposing clothing are partially responsible for their rape because they didn't cover up.
    b. Women should cover up to avoid rape.

    3. You said that if Muslim women have to cover up, it's oppression, and wrong.
    a. It was pointed out to you that this is in direct odds with 2b above. Muslim women having to cover up = bad, non-Muslim women having to cover up = good is not sound logic.

    4. You said your partner was raped when she was younger.
    a. You additionally said that she believes she was responsible for her rape because she dressed like a slut.

    Therefore, the tl;dr of your argument is "Non-muslim women need to cover up so they don't get raped and if they don't cover up it's their own damn fault for not preventing it. My girlfriend was raped and hadn't covered up, therefore she is responsible for her rape. Conveniently she agrees with me."

    Where in that am I jumping to conclusions? Where in here am I reading your posts wrong?
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  31. Your hard work. I didn't agree with him, I partly agreed saying that because it's a dangerous world out there sometimes it's good to take precautions, never ever said women who dressed like sluts are to blame for being raped.

    Again, for the last time, Muslim women covering up, western women covering up, only common denominator is covering up. The reasons are totally different. Do you just not understand that the Muslim scenario has nothing at all to do with sexuallity, you linking the two is your problem.

    And finally, my partner feels, deep down, her dress style was to blame for her attack, you have twisted that into me telling her every waking moment, that shes to blame. Yet again you have injected your relentless line of thought and ignored what was posted.

    Let it go!
  32. anonymous612 Member

    to quote you:
    "It's just nature, animals of all sorts put on a show to attract a mate, if women want to put on a show then it will stir that instinct in certain men. I think that women need to realise you don't go into a lions cage covered in blood and expect every lion in there to behave responsibly, same as if your a fireman you don't wear pyjamas to work, dressing in a way that could bring attention from men, usually in a situation where alcohol is around does have consequences"
    This is what logic is, honey, the extension of a series of concepts. Concept 1: Dressing provocatively will make men want to fuck you. Concept 2: This will make you more likely to be raped. Concept 3: Therefore, your actions have a direct influence on whether you get raped. That is the definition of fault. If you do ____, ___ will result. IF concept 1 AND concept 2, THEN concept 3. Just because you didn't use the exact words "blame" or "fault" doesn't mean you didn't say women who dressed like sluts were to blame for being raped. Now, it can be argued you didn't claim they were SOLELY to blame. But you did claim they had at least partial responsibility.

    You clearly don't know as much about the outside world as you claim. The Muslim rationale for why Muslim women have to cover up is because if Muslim men see exposed skin they won't be able to help themselves and will rape Muslim women. That belief has been documented repeatedly over the years. It is the exact, stated reasoning why Muslims have to cover up.

    In comparison, you say non-Muslim women should cover up because if non-Muslim men see exposed skin they won't be able to help themselves and will rape non-Muslim women. The only difference is the use of the prefix non-.

    Actually, no. I took what YOU said your beliefs were here and made the logical assumption that if you feel this way around us you probably feel this way at home, too.
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  33. Ogsonofgroo Member

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  34. This is tiresome, Muslim women are controlled by the removal of individuality and expression, the repressive style of dress is used to turn them into third rate citizens, the lack of freedom of movement in the outside world without permission or escort and other abuses of their freedom is fuck all to do with rape, rape is the religious excuse used to allow men to control and repress their women into slavery, it is about the mans right to own that woman without fear of her attracting another mate or her freedom to express herself in any form whatsoever in the outside world. It has fuck all to do with men not being able to control themselves when they see flesh, that's the religious line and more fool you for believing it. Muslim women are not allowed education, a profession, a vote or anything else that could change the power base. It's control driven by fear if you wish (mens fear of women having any form of power, control, opinion or choice) Your line of thinking is that Muslim women are forced to wear the hijab etc for their own protection, so the logical conclusion of that thought is that Muslim men care about their women, something that is clearly not true, as shown by every other way that Muslim women are treated.
  35. anonymous612 Member

    So when Muslim men say women should cover up to avoid rape it's a lie. When non-Muslim men say women should cover up to avoid rape, it's the truth? bullshit.
  36. Go live In a Muslim country for a while, learn.
  37. Ann O'Nymous Member

    My guess is that you lived in the Arabic Peninsula, or possibly Afghanistan or Pakistan. The situation varies greatly from one country to the other, and over time.

    Having said that, your lack of logic is impressive.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    as is his ability to keep picking himself up off the canvas
  39. anonymous612 Member

    I don't need to, it's basic fact. The reasoning behind Muslim women covering up is they'll supposedly tempt men into raping them if they don't. That is the exact same thing for the exact same reason you suggested non-Muslim women do here. You're the one that can't keep his stories straight, not me.

    I'll ask again. Does your girlfriend know you think she could have avoided her rape if she hadn't dressed like a slut?
  40. Sometimes stupid excuses released under religious guise can still have a profound cultural thus societal effect. Dominant christian sects have a similar bias towards women. However in their dogma we are given free will to choose whether to wear the western equivalent of burka (ie pooh sweatshirt and momjeans) or dress like a slut and be raped by a man who simply cannot control his urges. You are simply repeating our culture's story of what happens when women 'go too far'. In the US there are cults and sects (some with political power, see 'The Family' by Jeff Sharlet) who would like nothing better to see us give up our freedoms to enforce cultural codes not very much different than the codes of other Abrahamic fundies.

    The rationale comes from superstition and bullshit, yet it seems to prove to be a valid semi-legal justification, ie: loophole, in both of our Abrahamic-based societies.

    I am sorry for your partner, but I hope you don't reinforce her feelings of guilt with the viewpoint you're sharing with us now.

    On edit: you are right about the power as well. It is all interconnected. But it is justified by a dominant culture and religious base that spouts all this 'common sense' which often is neither...You are not anti-woman, but we need your love, not your concern.
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