DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. telomere Member

    TBH, I'm surprised the original post wasn't 'reported' as unfit for upstanding upstairs upholstery.

    Not shocked, but mildly surprised.
    And not unpleasantly, either.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Well, since he did show up, now we can finally get the one answer we ALL wantneed:

    Is she really a tiger in the sack?? Cuz you know what they say about crazy chicks.
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  4. slobeck Member

    Soo.... is Jennifer Gorman a "whiner?"

    sorry david, but just because you got out before they forced you to work for 15 years at $50/week and they didn't force you to have an abortion so as not to inconvenience your c/o by making them have to spend time filling your post. And since you havent watched your whole life slip away without talking to your children or parents because of disconnection doesn't make what they are all saying "whining." I agree wholeheatedly that it is literally the same thing as telling an abused, raped, and beaten spouse that her reporting the incident or going public with her story is "whining"

    It's a fucking disgusting position to take and you should be embarrassed.

    If THAT type of thinking is ETHICAL to you, It's evidence of how much the cult really did fuck you up and how far you have to go spiritually. Wordclear: "compassion" in a Websters or Oxford or Dictionary dot com -NOT the LRH "dictionary"
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  5. Anonymous Member

    ^ That's you, that is. Nudge nudge. Say no moar!
  6. Random guy Member

    You broke no rules, but you did open yourself to a flood of questions.

    If you want to be an Anon, just make yourself a new account (a sock) and don't give your name. Simple as that.
  7. CaseSuperStar Member

  8. slobeck Member

    I really hope he doen't do that. I hope he keeps posting. I for one think that it will be good in the long run to have the constructs he still clings to debunked in a way that will ultimately free him. Clearly, he's still pretty fucked up from his time in.

    I think he's definitely got balls to show up and I respect that at least.
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  9. CaseSuperStar Member

    LOL!! I'll get right on that New Cult Master!!
  10. CaseSuperStar Member

    That is one take on the Scientology experience. Others have other takes. Stange how life is like that there box o chocs eh? One person's garbage is another's treasure and all of that.

    Multiple viewpoints. Keeps the boredom away
  11. grebe Member

    If you and I disagree about something, and it turns out that I'm right and you're mistaken, does that make me your Cult Master?
  12. slobeck Member

    Funny how you characterize someone expressing disgust at shocking display of a lack of human compassion would spin that as an attempt at cult-like control over you.

    You keep on showing us what the end-product of Scientology is, compassionless, confused people with unbelievably stunted social skills. You're a walking advertisement against the cult.

    You're attempt at trolling me was, however, cute even if it was ineffectve. I invite you to keep trying! Though I have to warn you; you'll need more than an asperin and a cigarette by the time I'm through with you.
  13. CaseSuperStar Member

    I don't play a scientist on tv or anywhere else. You do realize you are SPEAKING TO A SCILON who lived and breathed the tech for years. That shit was my programming language I kid you not. You can only get stuff from me that go through whatever filters I've said "yup - that shit is real".

    I was way more than a silly bot there doing LRH's work robotically - as much as you'd like to paint us all as STOOPID CULT DORKS (which of course some of us are...) the fact is that I had to work with LIVE people - hundreds of them INDIVIDUALLY for HOURS and HOURS. I speak from straight Scn experience - I'm not here to defend it. I'm here to say to the rest of the Scientologists THAT IT IS OKAY TO DO, SAY, FEEL, THINK, BELIVE whatever the FUCK they want to.

    Sorry - /rant off back to the flamebait... Uh - beats me dude - ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS have been through the Purif and MOST OF THOSE probably hit the 5,000 a day mark with Niacin. If a high number of Scilons die of liver related issues, then you are probably right...

    BBBUUUUUUTTTTTTT since the Purif has been being run "successfully" since the late 70's and hundreds of thousands (er thousands? apparently we scientologists aren't too good with some of our numbers...) of people have been thru it with ZERO instance (that I am currently aware of) of liver damage.... I'd have to call BS on that, but I've never cared to google that shit before - onus = on you to ferret out that what's what on that one.
  14. CaseSuperStar Member

    challenge .... meh'd...
  15. slobeck Member

    Also, I'd really like to hear how you spin Jennifer Gorman's rape and subsequent coverup of it is just one flavor of chocolates in the box. So what are you saying? "It wasn't rape, it was part of her OT prep! Some women love surprise sex!"
  16. CaseSuperStar Member

    C'mon - seriously - aren't you glad I'm here to F with you? Maybe I'm THE ULTIMATE OSA SPY :)

    Or maybe it's cuz of that time I was dropped on my head. Shit - I dunno - better take some more niacin
  17. slobeck Member

    You need to educate yourself about Narconon. You are naive at best, willfully ignorant at worst. There is real science showing that the "purif" is not safe.
  18. slobeck Member

    A wise choice.

    Anyway I'm beginning to think you're just another WWP sock.
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  19. timthephoto Member

  20. CaseSuperStar Member

    FYI I've never heard her name before getting on this board. You realize you guys follow this shit more than I do these days right?

    Rape is fucking rape dude - it's a hideous act by a tormented loon.

    Is the blond Jennifer? She's hot.
  21. xenubarb Member

    They've been covering up incidents quite well, particularly in the Narconons, where healthy livers are probably a rarity. Keep in mind that these addicts aren't likely to be the picture of health compared with publics who do the purif. The science behind vitamin dosages is as sound as the science behind arsenic. We know what it does and how it does it, so it's not a real good idea to use arsenic to help addicts quit. Well, 100% success rate sounds good until you add the bit where they're all dead.

    Anywhoo, medical science has outlined the results of taking overdoses of vitamins. Factually, the amount of niacin administered has been proven to cause permanent liver damage, blindness and other health problems. So, given that science can be relied on in this case, it logically follows that there would be negative reactions, and those would be covered up.
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  22. CaseSuperStar Member

    What is a wwp sock - like a fake dude pretending? I can do take a photo with some love/proof...
  23. slobeck Member

    Maybe you should LEARN about Jennifer Gorman and then rethink your "whiney ex-cultie" theory.
  24. slobeck Member

    Or Claire and Mark Headly for that matter. You're right WE ARE more educated about your cult than YOU are.

    "the only way to control someone is to lie to them" -L Ron Hubbard
  25. CaseSuperStar Member

    Good to know. Nothing like that happened on my watch. Like I said in a different post we had all people about to start get a Medical Checkup with the MD informed of the details of the program. A few over the years were not allowed on due to misc health issues. Can't speak for the rest of the Scientology network. Can say that there are incompetent people in all fields. And further as you are alluding to, incompetent 'detox' programs to begin with.
  26. slobeck Member

    And no. That's Megyn Kelly from fox news. She's recently been quoted as saying, "Pepper spray. So it's a food product basically"

    Jennifer Gorman and Tommy Gorman are ex-s from the SF morg. She was raped as a teen and then it was covered up and she was intimidated into silence for years BY her superiors at the org. Seriously, dude. I've met them and talked with Jennifer at length when I first got in this fight. And SHE is not an insignificant part of why I'm STILL in this fight.
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  27. slobeck Member

    That you KNOW of. Critical thinking: it's your friend.
  28. timthephoto Member

    david do you know 'our friend' Peter M over @ flag? (he's the dsa i think, we have to ask for public affairs when we call him)
  29. CaseSuperStar Member

    I'LL GET RIGHT ON THAT!!! Er... mebe NOT?

    Now you are doing what cults attempt to do - a subtle (or not so) form of mind control.

    What am I supposed to JUMP UP and go "Gosh Slobeck says I'm a this or a that - I better go find out what is wrong with me" Uh - no dude. Why don't you enjoy your life and all the fun things running around in your head and your life and I'll do the same. MMkay?

    It's not that I don't feel sympathy for whomever... I joined Scn 'cuz "I wanted to help mankind" or whatever fluffy things were in my head back when I was 21. Still do in fact.

    Honestly I'll probably get busy and my ADD will kick me elsewheres soon enough. Enjoy the freak show while it lasts with me :)
  30. RightOn Member

    you said you read EVERYTHING on the net that there was to read about anti scientology?
    errrrr..... I don't think so
    you have a lot more readin' to do
    maybe once you read about the Narconon deaths, all the suicides, attempted suicides, financial drain, covered up sexual abuse, sea org abuses, cadet org abuses, the baby nursery conditions long ago, Lisa McPherson story, Gerry Armstrongs story, David Love's story,Patrick Desmond, Kyle Brennan, fair game, Shaw Lonsdale's death, Ida Camburn's long lost son and disconnection, asbestos on the Freewinds, Larry Brennan's book, 4 year old boy locked in chain locker aboard the Apollo, how COS bought the Ft. Harrison under a false name, Gold Base abuses, RPF horror stories, Mark Headly, (he wrote Blown For Good) Uwe Stukenbrock's horrible story, elderly people being off loaded, coerced abortions in the Sea Org, the madness of Wally Hanks, the REAL story on what the Volunteer Ministers really do or should I say DON'T do, DM's muscial chairs story, Hanna Whitfield's testimony, Operation Freakout with Paulette Cooper, (she wrote the Scandal of Scientology) Operation Snow White, overboarding, Amy Scobee's story of being on the Puriff FOREVER so she can make things go right, (she wrote Abuse at the Top) A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Attak, Madman or Messiah by Bent Corydon, Astra Woodcraft's story, as well as the others on, Bare-Faced Messiah by Miller, My Billion Year Contract by Nancy Many, and the Complex by Duignan...... I can go on....
    but thats a small start for yah
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  31. Anonymous Member

    slobeck, what is it that you are trying to accomplish here? This ain't Rinder or Rathbun.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    I guess you could demonstrate more of this:
    which seems the opposite of:
    I noticed you didn't respond to this:
    Is it because you glimpsed a few too many mentions of Narconon in that reading list?
  33. Smurf Member

    If you look closely at photo #4, you will see posted photos from the 2004 CCHR Award Banquet in Clearwater.

    She presented an award to Catherine Corry, President of Justice4Kids, which some have assumed is a Scilon front group. It is not, but Catherine & husband Patrick have been very supportive of Scientology for years.

    "Educate rather than medicate

    Re: Scientology in schools.

    I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. I am not a Scientologist. I've never read any of L. Ron Hubbard's writings on science fiction or mental health. However, that the Times would offer such a vindictive slant against CCHR and Scientology is narrow-minded at best and discriminatory at worst.
    I applaud Rep. Gustavo Barreiro and Sen. Victor Crist as they attempt to preserve parental rights. Both bills currently being considered by the Legislature, HB 209 and SB 1766, ensure that schools will not overstep their boundaries regarding the administration of psychotropic medication to students.

    Children are all too often labeled ADD, ADHD, ODD, or other assorted acronyms. Many of these children only exhibit signs of normal childhood behaviors, a.k.a. misbehaviors.
    Adolescent suicidal tendencies are definitely a concern for which education can be provided to teachers, students and families by organizations such as Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program. Let's educate, not medicate!

    -- Cathy Corry, president, JUSTICE4KIDS.ORG, Clearwater

    Cathy's co-director, David Plyer, made headlines when he filed a state ethics complaint against a politician:
  34. Anonymous Member

    Everyone slowly back away, meltdown in progress.
  35. Smurf Member

    Mary Adams aka Mary DeMoss aka Mary Panton aka Mary VonBreck aka Mary FruitLoop is 45.
  36. Anonymous Member

    But still fap worthy
  37. Anonymous Member

    Several from what I can tell, mostly over reacting anons. Jeebus people, calm the fuck down.
  38. Smurf Member

    That's not always the case. Proof is found in many ex-members of corporate Scientology who still self-identify as Scientologists and continue to practice what sheeple in the corporate church call "squirreling the tech". This "squirreling" has been going on for decades with Freezoners, but has become much more known in the last few years after top Scilons quit and spoke out, aided by the defections of Mike & Marty..

    Survivors of the Jonestown Massacre remained quiet out of frustration & humiliation and being seen as whack jobs. Many of them have spoken out in the last few years and no longer consider their involvement in the People's Temple to be embarrassing. They now embrace it as part of the healing process and speak of the very positive things they experienced in the cult.

    A good friend of mine is one of the former top attorneys for Rev. Sun Myung Moon who claimed to be the "Second Coming of Jesus" to the Moonies.. Unification Church, considered to be the 2nd most powerful cult (Scientology being #1) in the 70s-80s. Many of their members left the cult years ago, but still consider themselves Unificationists and remained married to the women that Rev. Moon chose to be their wives. My friend left the cult, quit his law practice, and now owns a successful floral sales business in Sacramento.

    It's easy to write off people who join cults & religious fringe groups as "whacky".. not so much when you consider how many millions of people sustain some kind of religious belief and how many of those are members of authoritarian, highly structured religious groups, where some form of abuse & exploitation is taking place.
  39. Xenu Is Lord Member

    There is a tendency when an ex still espousing the cult talk on some topics to make them hear you. Why? Because the full fledge cult members don't. We figure we can make our points to a person who is listening. But remember he is here now and talking, sharing as well as listening. I got the feeling he really wants to talk. A Chill EB on the other hand, I got the sense just wanted to handle Tony Ortega and was playing a game. Give David time and room, he deserves it and remember the whole WWP thing can be as confusing as the whole COS thing in learning language and beliefs, Etc. You want someone to agree with you who does not know things like these?
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