DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Miranda Member

  2. RavenEyes Member

    that's racist
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  3. Miranda Member

  4. Miranda Member

  5. Miranda Member

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  6. Miranda Member

  7. Miranda Member

  8. Miranda Member

  9. Miranda Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    self-love much? ;)
  11. veravendetter Member

  12. Robocat Member

    STFU. See where it says "member"?
  13. Anonymous Member

    TinyDancer was fired?? WTF? Protest?
  14. Miranda Member

    No one was fired.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Old change is old.
  16. I'd like to interject here because the rest of this page convinces me someone spiked my morning redbull.
    Bunnies and/or rabbits don't like carrots, so says the king of non-bearded wise men:
  17. Miranda Member

  18. Miranda Member

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  19. Jeez, drama in the drama thread - what next?

    That looks a lot like a shoop to me. The lady is emphatically not in Crumb's drawing style.

    Wonder whether CSS intended to include 'okay to DO whatever they like' in that list.

    Senator Xenophon would disagree, anyway.

    Do us a favour, lend slobeck some of your medications.

    And how!

    'It' being dickishness presumably.


    Ah, the eternal question... time for a game of 'spot Pat Jennings'...

    120338_hp.jpg Pat%20Jennings%20Braynon.jpg blog.illust_jennings+3+2+10.jpg
  20. Miranda Member

    That's Patricia in the middle and Afro-Patrick on the write. I don't know about the guy with the bad haircut.
  21. So easy! You missed Patricia Jennings, right in the middle there.
  22. Miranda Member

  23. Patricia 'Pat' JENNINGS!

  24. Miranda Member

  25. NoU.PNG
  26. Strixcoil Moderator

    Ohai thar Slowpoke. lol
  27. Miranda Member

    I am not Pat Jennings.
  28. That's just what someone who is Pat Jennings would say!
  29. telomere Member

  30. telomere Member

    You gotta have faith.

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  31. Miranda Member

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  32. telomere Member

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