DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Yep! Also he is definitely not hot! Eeuwww! WTF is wrong with those frustrated extra large ladies who think he is?
  2. Anonymous Member

    It was nothing. We were staying in the same hotel. He checked in before me. When I was checking in, some guy followed me outside and asked me if I wanted to share a room, because the hotel rate was so expensive [it wasn't - 130 dollars]. I actually don't think he was hitting on me, I think he was there for gamlbing and didn't want to pay for the room. But I was so surprised at his question that I just went numb. And that's when I saw Tony coming to get some ice. I pointed at Tony and told this guy to ask him. Tony just looked at him with a kind of "what are you nuts" look and said NO, I DON'T WANT TO SHARE A ROOM and neither does she.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    So Orty isn't gay and likes his women big and sassy?
  4. AnonLover Member

    No U... he is so hot. And just 4 the record, you could fit 3 of me on the couch w/ tony for the photo op line had i gone (and assuming he would of let the real me sit in his lap like i would have wanted. :) )

    scrawny lil guys that bounce all over the place, get old after awhile. a real man is one who gives you plenty to hold onto (ahem)
  5. Anonymous Member

    And you aren't an asshole with an extremely small penis?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Ya know, maybe if you got a sense of humor, women would finally start to find you attractive as well.
  7. Trotter Moderator

    Da5id put them in the corn field.

    Nah, actually he just killed them and sold their organs to support his crystal meth addiction.
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  8. anonsparrow Member

    Bozuri I don't know why you insist on making a hueg deal out of this. I wasn't there gambling; I was there for the SP party and was just trying to save a few bucks.

    You know who I am, dammit!
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  9. Miranda Member

    a former mod
  10. Miranda Member

    me after killing another former mod
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  11. Herro Member

    What's goin on smurfy? Have you and big don weho rekindled your love?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Welcome back, Herro. Now go DIAF.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Oh, and go wash that black shit off.
  14. Anonymous Member

    This is pretty much as close to sex as you are ever going to get, so you might as well enjoy it.
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  15. Herro Member

    That doesn't even make sense. Yet more reason this abortion of a thread belongs over at OCMB.
  16. Herro Member

    Nice stems. Wanna fuck?
  17. Miranda Member

    I can't think of a witty response to "Nice stems. Wanna fuck?"

    Suggestions, anyone?
  18. Trotter Moderator

    Try "Nobody wants three inches of trollcock."
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  19. Chaos Magick Member

    Don't get sassy, just go with the flow.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Have you been posting at OCMB with your Demented LRH sock?
  21. Miranda Member

    How about: "Don't get sassy, just go with the flow. Nobody wants three inches of trollcock."
  22. Ersatz Global Moderator

    How about "No"
  23. Miranda Member

    I thought about "No" but it just didn't have the witty flair I was looking for.
  24. Chaos Magick Member

    Sure, that werx too.
  25. Just go with the flow.

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Fixed that for you
  27. Anonymous Member

    If this is true, it's hilarious. If this is not true, it's also hilarious.
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  28. Miranda Member

    omg lol

    that's so completely disgusting

    although perhaps not to the magickal
  29. Chaos Magick Member

    your word say no, but your eyes say yes.
  30. Miranda Member

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  31. Smurf Member

    I still wanna know why you had your right hand on TO's knee.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Who are you, again?
  33. Smurf Member

    You are proof that God has a sense of humor.
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  34. anonsparrow Member

    I don't know, really. It just felt right.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    The bad stuff always does.
  36. Smurf Member

    You're proof that evolution can go in reverse.
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  37. Smurf Member

    You never touched my knee like that.... and I really wanted you to. <sad>
  38. Herro Member

  39. Herro Member

    As if making Arabs incredibly hairy wasn't proof enough.
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