DRAMA~~I Was Told To Come To You~~DRAMA (Part 3)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ogsonofgroo, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    GFYS, stupid believer.

    Voted for Obama, did ya?
  2. DeathHamster Member

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  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    No. There seems to be a lot of moonbats conspiracy faggots lost and think that this is the site to post conspiracy bullshit. I'm just doing my part to redirect them back to their moonbat cave!

    Show me one solid fact that can be backed up and proven. Show me one tried and tested statement that proves that these 9-11 conspiracy faggots are right. If you can, I will change my mind and agree...

    ...however everything shown here to support your claims has been debunked and proven incorrect using scientific methods and facts.

    Since you are lost, let me post the vids again:

    Now, show me real evidence using real science and real facts and I will change my position. Otherwise go home to your fellow moonbats.
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  4. Anonymous Member


    mystery solved. fucking moonbats.
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  5. anonamus Member

    There's no doubt Bush took advantage of 9/11 to justify those 2 wars.
    And, if the facts obtained re. the WTC event didn't show beyond reasonable doubt that the official story is legit, I would also have my doubts. But the facts (and logic) is against the conspirators.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I still find it an amazing coincidence that 3 separate buildings fell in the exact same way on the exact same day.
  7. sooleater Member

  8. Nancy Beazley Member

    "... the strongest steel ever fabricated ...."

    Oh. Well then.
  9. View attachment bullshit_detector_button-p145833265146135015t5sj_4

    First building: hit by great big aircraft.

    Second building: hit by great big aircraft:

    Third building: Caught fire, no water to put it out.

    Pyramids: Not built by aliens.

    Atlantis: Never existed.

    Spoon-bending: Not real.

    Illuminati: Run the Masons.

    Masons: Are the secret leaders of Anonymous.

    Psychs: Control the world.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Your thought process is impressive. Makes me wonder how you get your pants on in the morning.
  11. occam.jpg
  12. Anonymous Member

    Use that on the official 9-11 tale, and you might wind up somewhere close to the actual facts.

  13. The evidence (big fucking great aeroplanes hit towers at speed) trumps your strongly held conviction.
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  14. Char. Limit Member

    To the 9/11 truthers:

    You're all a bunch of moonbat faggots who can't seem to figure out that the government really does tell the truth every once in a while.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go boating.
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  15. The word copypasta springs to mind, how do you think steel is shaped? They're not pulling car shaped bits of metal out the ground. Oh, and it happened to two buildings on the same day because they used two planes. The simple way to put it is this: if you consider 1 terrorist piloted plane equals -1 building, you had two buildings plus two terrorist piloted planes. You do the math (I know it's not really maths, it's partly chemistry -evaporating kerosene jet fuel- and partly physics, mainly gravity.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Why didn't the Pentagon collapse and where was all the plane wreckage & damage from the wings?
  17. Anonymous Member

    No tail section, no seats, no wings, no engines, no black box flight recorder, no bodies.

    X-Files territory? Maybe... but where is the usual aircraft accident evidence from the Pentagon?
  18. Anonymous Member

    Why didn't you stay in the boat with your worthless opinion?

    What the last truth that your vaunted government uttered? Something about Libya, was it?
  19. You may have seen the two towers, they were tall and thin (like your mothers co-), you may have seen the pentagon, which was short but wide (like your nans co-). Remember, the bigger they are the harder they fall, it's not just a useless figure of speech it does have scientific relevance. If you don't believe me that take something like a book, put it cover down and try to push it down, then stand it upright and try to push it down, which was easiest to knock over? Exactly. I'm no expert on 9/11 (but I have common sense so I'm qualified to argue with conspiracy theorists) but my assumptions would be something along the lines of plane explosion (planes blow up more when flying more downwards), cleanup crew, or the plane hit closer to the middle and so from the outside you can't see all the plane. Oh, and I don't even think George bush is retarded enough to fake a plane crash without actually even involving anything that looks like a plane.
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Have you ever SEEN the aftermath of a plane crash? Even one that only augered into the ground and didn't hit a gd building? Sometimes there's not much fucking left. Not even much left of the human beings in it to send home to their families. And I don't think the government conspired to crash random planes into the wilderness of northern Canada. Get real.


    Dome please, before the moonbats take over, OP I'm disappointed in you son.
  22. anonamus Member

    Maybe you moonbats should join up with Scientology?
    There you have your proof it was a conspiracy:
  23. James Spader Member

    Somebody oughtta tear this down and build a nice thread here.
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  24. I seen this clip in another thread. The 2 bits I love most are that they can't get this point across on a normal tv show so resort to doing it on their own tv show, and that they think anyone is buying it. I think the difference between scilons and sane people here are that when somebody says terrorist leader's psychiatrist the scilons go "typical psychiatrist" whereas sane people go "the terrorist leader's psychiatrist is evil? The hint as to why is in the terrorist leader bit and not the psychiatrist bit.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. anonamus Member

    My point was that if you believe the truthers, you might as well believe the Scilon crap above.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    There was flight recorders and recovered from the flight in the Pentagon and Flight 93. There was wreckage recovered from them. As for the Towers: Considering the sheer mass of weight from the towers, it was a miracle they found remnants of it. You have mega fucktons of shit coming down on something so the odds of finding bits and pieces are remote.

    Now go home moonbat. You fail as a troll.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    OK, WWP expert.

    Don't shit yourself in your anger.
  30. Anonymous Member

    And NEVER FORGET the confiscated and never released video recordings of the Pentagon when the missile huge fucking airplane hit it.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Wikipedia, the edit-it-yourself encyclopedia. That's a reliable source.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Yeah. Undoubtedly these were never released because there was nothing of value on them... right, Paroxetine Moonbat?
  33. Anonymous Member

    "Ah bleeves in mah gubmint, and if'n they says it, it must be so."

    Single bullet theory much?
  34. Anonymous Member

    I'm a troll and what is this?
  35. Anonymous Member

    They a found "hijackers'" passport at the foot of one of the Towers after the collapse. Guess the plane debris was just too small, or maybe it vapourised... PMSL

    You Yanks will buy any story that lets you go to war.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Therefore, let's accept the gubmint's version, since only that version is valid and all else MUST be discounted.
    You are FAIL at logic.
  37. Anonymous Member

    You just all butthurt mad because your moonbat changes were reverted by sane editors who rejected your conspiracy sites as WP:Reliable Sources.
  38. Anonymous Member

    ZOMG the guv'ment shows us how it happened. But! zhey ALWIZ lie to us, so I WON'T believe in concrete FACTS and sound logic.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Just one comment for now: Many (most and maybe all) of the posts arguing for a 9/11 conspiracy are by established and contributing WWP users. It isn't rational to assume they are all from WITP.

    Unless this thread turns suddenly vicious, I'll wait for the Community mods to decide whether to dome or drama it.
  40. Miranda Member

    ^oops, that was me. Didn't mean to post anonymously.
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