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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 4, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Anyone notice the 403 Forbidden Error when going to ESMB? Anyone care?
  2. Nick_Nolte Member

    I dont. I've found that place to be pretty depressing and way more insane than here.
  3. hmm.... somethings sure not kosher but i dont wanna sound the alarm off yet.
  4. Anonymous Member

    you have my permission to sound off the alarm.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I've been getting that 403 message for several hours now. I didn't know about any scheduled maintenance.
  6. im sure some if not most esmb are memebers here and if there was something fishy going on the would have alerted the general populous unless op is an esmb member doing just that.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Emma is giving it a break for .... something.
  8. see no need to
  9. Emma Member

    Sorry guys - been at work all day. Something went spluey this morning and I didn't want to take any chances, so until I could get someone to work on it I blocked all access. Should be back up in the next 24 hours.
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  10. pooks Member

    Thanks Emma, for a minute there, I thought I might have been banned! LOL
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  11. Emma Member

    Oh you are! I forgot to tell you :)
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  12. Mest Lover Member

    I saw a message about maintenance just before it went down.
  13. Zhent Member

    Waiting patiently.
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Just a note, you'd be better using 503 'Service Unavailable' rather than 403 'Forbidden'... So you don't give the wrong impression. Also google and search engines react differently to different HTTP messages, you'd be better putting it as 503 because that way they're less likely to do something that will affect how they index your site.

    Posting anon 'cause this is pretty nerdy...
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    403 - Forbidden Error

    You are not allowed to access this address.
    If the error persists, please contact the website webmaster.

    If you are the webmaster of this site please log in to Cpanel and check the Error Logs. You will find the exact reason for this error there.
    Common reasons for this error are:
    • Incorrect file/directory permissions: Below 644.
      In order files to be read by the webserver, their permissions have to be equal or above 644. You can update file permissions with a FTP client or through cPanel's File Manager.
    • Restrictive Apache directives inside .htaccess file.
      There are two Apache directives which can cause this error - 'Deny from' and 'Options -Indexes'.

  18. bawwww bawwwww
  19. Anonymous Member

    I was unable to visit the website since yesterday. I wonder what's going on.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Protip. At least sometimes it helps to read the thread before posting.
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  21. Afasi Member

    Yes, I've been trying for the last couple of days. Anyways, now I know why. We miss you Emms!
  22. Afasi Member

    Just about as depressing as your avatar.
  23. WTF Member

    This just in: Apaches have taken over ESMB.

  24. Anonymous Member

    I like Emma a lot, and I like ESMB even if it is pretty crazy with LRH speak, but I just wish she'd quit smoking!!

    Why do $cientologists need to smoke so much?? It's a habit that seems to stay with you even when you quit. Quit those deathsticks girl!
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  25. Intelligence Member

    I thought I was banned too,..., or OSA had some how did something so
    I wouldn't post anymore EXPOSE Threads and Articles.

    Hope it's up again soon, but I spend about 75% of my Forum time on here and this one
    is working good again. Although my puny little cell Browser is always fighting to post,..., LOL.
    Must upgrade to a Blackberry or something that I can read PDF Files that always seem to
    arrive in my email when I'm not at home and my cell Browser won't open :)

  26. Caliwog Member

  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., Love it:)

    Well shit, I wouldn't put anything past those bastards. When I was talking to the SQ Intelligence Police, they
    told me to NEVER call them on my Cell Phone and to use a Pay Phone. I was still only out for a few days, and
    it gave me the "willeys" the stuff they said to me for 2 hours while in a secluded restaurant. I knew very little
    about the COS; didn't even know or hear about Snow White yet. What an "awakening" since then!!!

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  29. Anonymous Member

    LOL It's still down.
  30. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Thanks Emma, see ESMB tomorrow maybe then :)
  31. Anonymous Member

    Maybe it's time for the passing of ESMB. Why delay the inevitable?

    Since now there's no Dome at WWP, they can all come over here to hug, er, post... well, maybe all, excepting the FreakZoners... Many of the ESMBers post here already, anyway.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Most of the posters at ESMB are hard-core FZ's or exes who pay little attention to the successes or protests of anons. They'd rather grovel amongst themselves about LRH and Marty.
  33. pooks Member

    I wouldn't say most. I'm thinking more like a quarter of them. It's a mixed group of Ex's with a few non ex's, a group of anons, and some hard core anti Scios like myself.

    ESMB is not really an activist board and wasn't created to be one. ESMB is more of a support group for EX's and of course there would be a strong showing of FZ types because it takes years and years of hard word to get out of the mind fuck. The fact that they are there talking and reading and being exposed to
    the facts is a good thing.

    There's a scale

    1. Brainwashed Ronbots
    2. Freezone/Independents
    3. Ex-Scientologist
    4. EX Scio/active critic.
    5. Sparrowed
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  34. RogerB Member

    Thanks, Emms . . . .

    I just got back from Oz yesterday morning, checked into ESMB for my daily dose . . . . and blocked! :-(

    Teach me to go away for a week . . .

    At least I now know it wasn't my jet-lag getting in the way!

  35. Anonymous Member

    I heart Emma from the way way way way way back machine.
  36. Mest Lover Member

    maybe so, but do they enjoy it?
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  37. Mest Lover Member

    I truely agree with what anonymous is doing to CO$! I wish you guys were around when I was suffering within the Sea Org.

    Keep up your good work and efforts, you will reach people that will blow because of your efforts.
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  38. Afasi Member

    Still down.
  39. Emma Member

    Quick update:

    On Wednesday morning ESMB was fine. Fifteen minutes later when I looked at it, the forums were "closed for maintenance" and I was no longer an admin.


    The first thing I thought of to do was to have my ISP guys block all access client side & server side which I did - hence the 403 errors. Then I had to go to work. There were several emails back & forth to the help desk that day as I tried to ascertain what had happened. I couldn't read ESMB at all because my work IP address was also blocked so I was relying on the Help desk for guidance. I then paid $200 to get an "expert" to go through the site and "audit" it for malicious code etc. They took their sweet time in doing that. Meanwhile, after I got home from work, I had to change passwords, run my own PC through all sorts of virus checks & root kit checks etc. Once that was all done I got my own IP address cleared, had a new admin account created on ESMB and was finally able to view the site as an admin.

    The first thing I noticed was every user had their title changed to "Hacked by Team Animus". I googled this and found out that hundreds of VBulletin sites were affected and it was not an OSA thing. It was likely kids who had found a vulnerability in one of the most popular plugins developed by a third party developer called "Advanced forum rules". Apparently there was a way to insert code through the "accept rules" page generated by this plug in. This code changed all user titles, disabled all admins and shut the forums for maintenance amongst other things. Some forums were affected worse than others. I think I stopped these guys before they could do too much damage.

    Anyway, I found these user titles AFTER I had supposedly had my site audited. So I wrote back to the help desk and told them about this particular hacker and gave them the URLS from VBulletin on how to fix it etc. This is where it got really frustrating. I'm not sure whether it's a "know best" attitude from Siteground or whether I don't know what the hell I'm talking about or a mixture of both, but I spent most of Thursday and Friday either waiting in a queue for 8 - 10 hours to get my emails answered, and when I did it seemed to me like they still didn't understand this attack and what they had done, and that they hadn't done this "malicious code audit" properly because they weren't answering my questions or telling me what (if any) malicious code was removed. I feel like I've been arguing with these guys for days now.

    Finally late last night (my time), I got a semi-satisfactory answer and decided that the safest way to make sure I was protected was to move up to the latest VBulletin version 4. I've uninstalled all 3rd party plug ins, and run a complete site back up & now I'm waiting for the new version to be installed before I open the forums again. I had hoped that this would be done overnight but to my disgust I find that 10 hours has passed since I gave them the OK to do that and nothing has happened.

    I'm now not sure how long it will be. I'm guessing somewhere between 24 - 48 hours before the site is operational again. I won't open it again until I'm as sure as I can be that the site is safe.

    Some positives - although they were able to inject code, they were unable to download anything or delete anything so the database is unharmed.

    You guys are a lot more technically minded than me, and I know I'm opening myself up to all sorts of questions by posting this here, but I'm afraid I don't know any more than I've posted and I'm not a tech expert. I am relying on Siteground to do the right thing here and assure me that they've fixed everything.
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  40. AnonLover Member

    hang in there Ems, sounds like your getting it sorted. and thanks for the update.

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