[Feb 19, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Time to hit up the Culties again!!! They failed to join the Bible beaters outside the Super Bowl, They're under pressure from Articles, Now is the time to Protest!
  2. BE warned though.... due to increased stress from these outside forces... The Cult may be more prone to try Fair Game. Plus with Camera guy, he might try taking things up again. If you can... try to bring some kind of recording equipment, so we can film more of our protest!
  3. PS. This time I WILL bring Caek for reals! I'm planning a 2 layer Swirl Caek, vanilla and Chocolate!
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  4. Z@Q Member

    hmmm I'm actually moving to the area before this is happening. I might have to make this my first rally
  5. AWesome! Welcome out. Any idea when you will be set up in your new place? If you get here on Friday though... maybe you should wait till the FOI rally.
  6. Z@Q Member

    yeah im actually supposed to be out there this Friday. Already got my ducks in a row(housing, job, blah blah blah) so settling in should be quick. Ill post once I make it there so I can start getting involved
  7. Great! We look forward to having you! How into Anonymous are you? Have you protested before?
  8. Z@Q Member

    Nope I've never protested anything actually. Im new to this site, but I've done my own research and made up my own mind to come here. I figure I should pull my weight as long as I'm going to be around. Having fun so far!!
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  9. Hopefully I will be on time for this one, and getting a ride will be easier.
  10. when scientologys around/ brain washing in your town/who ya gonna call/ CULTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!
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  11. Oh dude!!! Maybe we should download the video and play the audio for the scilons.... or have it in case public comes to talk etc. It'll be great!
  12. megaphone. that is all.
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  13. Oh my.
  14. Lol, Im thinking I need another ride... I can provide gas money this time since I live kind of out of the way....
  15. StoP Member

    I said yes, but me going still depends on getting my mask and balaclava. It's going to be overkill, but they know who I am, and well, overkill is underrated.
  16. Don't worry too much about it... You can film for us, making sure the Scilons behave. That way you won't have to shout at them. Plus you're providing Dox Drop. Not All anons need to shout at the org!
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  17. Hey Peeps!!! THis coming week, I'm going to get a good Youtube Downloader program for a little while. Point being, if you want video or Audio from a Youtube video to take protesting, leave it here and I'll get to it. I'm gonna try to get all links posted into Mega Upload by Tuesday, so the sooner you send me the links, the sooner we can get that going!

    I want part of the Tom Cruise Interview, I'm going to play back the part where he's talking about Shattering Suppression, and then play it back with the part, "I think it's a privilege to call yourself a Scilon" and say. "Hey it's not a privilege if you don't apply the tech. How lazy are you? we brought the suppression to you! Anonymous Delivers!"
  18. Hey question... If I send the Cult an "Expect us" Postcard... should I date it for the day we intend to protest? or should it be a bogus date? I'm gonna drop it in the mail on Wed
  19. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    Not sure if that's a good idea, DSA. That could be considered to be a threat and could potentially jeopardize our entire operation. If you'd like to send them a letter that says something to the effect of "We will be protesting the CoS on [insert fake day of protest here].", I'm sure that will be fine...but just the words "Expect us." could be misconstrued as threatening and we may be met at the protest with police force.

    It's all about the perception of the words, not the actual meaning.
  20. CharlieRay wanted to do something similar, but with a fax, for the last protest. My opinion on this is the same as that: while it would be enormously lulzy, the potential misrepresentation by the church (that we're threatening them) isn't really worth it.

    As far as polite letters with incorrect dates, while it's not particularly harmful, it's not particularly helpful either. They probably monitor WWP, so there's no reason the date would fool them, and even if it did, it doesn't accomplish anything and actually might just give them ammunition for their propaganda, since they could claim that we don't even show up at our own events. David McCabbage is already telling them we've been beaten - why corroborate his lie, even as a joke?
  21. Yeah I agree it might not be the best idea
  22. you'd think if they did that they wouldn't have scheduled a wedding for a day we were protesting!!! I just figure this is a courtesy extending into RL. The postcard would just be.

    Oh well.... If I didn't do it.... maybe someone else will?
  23. Weddings are planned months in advance, sometimes a year in advance, whereas our protests are rarely planned even one month in advance. It was their misfortune that we happened to show up the day of a wedding, but probably not something they could have changed even if they had advance warning.
  24. yeah two sea org member got married on that date and they had to get approvel from up lines in order not to work that day i know cause i was there so there was no way they could have moved the date pluse they had family come for california so that really locked in the date so shes right even if they knew about it theres no way they would have changed it
  25. Hey by the way to everyone on this thread next week at the protest this will be the first time I see the dallas org cult members since i left the cult but im pretty sure even if i wear a mask they are going to know who I am so im not sure what I should do mask or no mask?
  26. none given Member

    That's called a marble cake.
  27. Thats entirely up to you. If you aren't too worried about it, you could go nonchalant without a mask to let them know you aren't intimidated.That and perhaps people inside might recognize you and try to talk. If you aren't worried about extra attention on your first protest, then No mask might actually help.

    On the other hand..... There is nothing wrong with you coming for your first protest and wearing a mask and providing us with data and support. You wouldn't have to be up front trying to engage the culties. Maybe come to add another warm body of support, and just see whats going on.

    It's up to you. Personally, I would take option B.... just because I've never been on the outside during the protest. It might not be a bad idea to just check it out. Though if you feel gutsier than I am, Option A has a certain appeal to it too!

    Thank you of master of caeks. Heaven forbid I call it something different from what the rest of the world calls it, but in any case, yes a "marble" cake is what I'm intending to make. I've just always heard it called swirl before, so maybe I just lived under that particular "cake rock". Thank you for showing me the light, like the theoretical man in the Cave Allegory.
  28. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    It is probably best to wear a mask anyway. Even if they do recognize you, the message will be clear that you are with us now.

    IMO, the masks are not just to prevent the Scilons from knowing our identities, but also to symbolize that we are anonymous: just another face in the crowd. It is a way for us to represent a large group of people who want to make a difference in people's lives; and not a small group of people with a vendetta.

    Welcome to the Dallas extension of anon and congratulations on leaving the ORG. However, after seeing your background, I hope you will understand that I am quite wary of you.

    That being said, I really do hope to see you at our protests. I know you must be scared to be on the other side of the fence; but I promise you the grass is much greener here.
  29. GuyFawkesAnon Member

    That's called a baker.

    If you build it...I will come.

    That's called a bad fruitcake.

    So people who call it a "swirl cake" are trying to kill you while you escape to the "marble cake" world? All they see is shadows of "swirl cakes" dancing upon the wall and refuse to see "marble cakes" as reality...because it scares them?
  30. Also, the game.
  31. As always, the choice is yours. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that you might as well start out in a mask. If they do identify you, you can lose the mask if you like (because really, what's the point then, besides solidarity) but no sense in giving yourself up immediately, unless you want to.
  32. I concede... my blunder is immortalized upon the walls of WWP. Don't worry, i still plan on making a swirl, I mean DAMMIt a marble caek!
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  33. none given Member

    Best call it a swirl cake; no bad history with that term.
  34. Anonymous Member

    A caek by any other name would taste as sweet.
  35. Apparently not when the other name is Marble cake. It seems to bring up sour memories.
  36. Cmeregirl Member

    Fetus and I will be attending with other members from our online gaming community. We would not be apposed to offering rides.

    Assuming the masks I ordered get here in time... Our community pitched in and ordered like ten extra masks. If any1 who doesn't have a mask and is not attending for this reason you are more than welcome to wear one of ours.

    Also... This isn't confirmed, but of the friends that we will also be bringing. Apparently a film or photography student we know wants to document us protesting for his class. I think he was told he should wear a mask because everyone would assume he was with us anyway if he was out there filming us.

    Wear the mask.
  37. Awesome!!! Glad you're coming out!! Are you new? I don't believe I've seen you round here. Does anyone else have those basic walkie talkies? I can bring one set of two in case we want to go walking around if the group gets larger than it was last time.
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