[Feb 6, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Arlington, TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. HEY YOU GUISE!!! We've got the freakin SUPER BOWL COMING HERE!!!!

    Just thinking we should try to do something there! I doubt scilons will be willing to congregate with that many public in the open. I leave this open to all Anonymous in case others have tried to speak to public at this eevent Please Help!!!
  2. Charlieray Member

    I'm down for anything,
    but what is the agenda exactly?
  3. I think that an opportunity this big should be broadened beyond Scientology to general FoI. I don't want to betray the Anti-Scilon goals, but I also think we should consider this event in light of its full potential.
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  4. kookookachoo Member

    Doesn't seem to be a point to doing this. There's no concrete plan, and it also seems like a very, very bad idea. With all the garbage they have going around the stadium right now there's no way anything would/could happen. Not to mention we would just get lost in the noise of the thousands of people there.
  5. independent Member

    Well we only have a week left. With egypt so big on the news it would be a great opportunity to atleast make a showing. It is only a hop, skip and jump from me so what ever i can do......
  6. Cmeregirl Member

    I agree... I see no other Texas events coming up soon. If it happens. I'm in.
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  7. independent Member

    I will show. We need to agree on a spot to meet. Maybe we should converse between (so far it just looks like the 3 of us). independent, Cmeregirl, and AnonymouslyYours. I live close by so I will be more that happy to get any info you may need. I wish we could flood the place. We are in the spotlite at the moment and this just seems like an opportune time to make an appearance.
  8. I will attempt to swing by the stadium and find some where we can get to the stadium.... Currently I can get close to the stadium with needing a car. (I've got friends that life sorta close ... prolly to far for us to still walk though.) Besides..... If you do live in North Texas.... don't you want to just see the Super bowl anyways???? Even if Scilons stay away... and we can't get close to raise awareness..... I'm going just to check out the event.
  9. independent Member

    Homeland security has already announced that they will be closing the walmart across the street but strolling Collins or Randol Mill is still open. Also ESPN and other sports net works will be broadcasting from Sundance square in Ft. Worth. I have links of good info about both areas. I will get more info as camera stands will be going up this week.
  10. Me thinks closing Wal-Mart is to prevent the sale of ammunition. Plus it's prolly just inconvenient. You can sell Parking spots for $50 there!!
    Sundance square sounds pretty neat! I wonder what they are up too.
  11. Okay I just got back from surveying the Stadium Here is my Report: (note.... If you are familiar with the area... it will help to understand the changes taking place. If you aren't... don't worry, a lot of changes have happened so the area is pretty different. Pay attention to the Result.


    1. Many streets are closed around the arena at the moment.... so my roundabout route went around Collins, Division, Randoll Mill, and Legends (marked as chapel above) to Sanford then Stadium.

    2. The primary parking lots surrounding the Stadium, (marked in light green between the Arena and Cowboys Way) Have been severely Altered. New buildings are popping up along the West boundary. a HUGE building has been put in this lot. This will probably be that $200-a-ticket area we've been hearing about.

    3. Other parking lots further south, Primarily the BLue lot: Have been altered as well... Several temporary buildings and Trailer offices are here. Whether they remain or not is open to speculation.

    4. Red Parking lots remain largely unchanged.... Vehicles and Equipment parked here.... but they'll be gone on Game day.

    Conclusion: Based on Points 2 & 3, Parking is going to be EXTREMELY choked. Coupled with the fact that more people than previously will be attending, Parking ANYWHERE NEAR is pretty much out of the question. Lot's have been known to spring up anywhere along Division and Randol Mill. For this game I anticipate Parking to be a problem along Abrams and Road to Six Flags as well.

    Therefore.... My best recommendation to even reach the Arena to raise awareness: Anonymous Bicycle Gang.
    If everyone that came met up and used bicycles.... we could pick a meeting place far enough away from the stadium that we would not have to worry about transportation, but that we could still reach it by human powered transportation.

    The GAME DAY PLAN mk 1:
    I suggest meeting somewhere near University of Texas at Arlington.
    1. It may be possible to find somewhere where cars are protected with Security cameras.... which I think everyone agrees would be safer. Plus on Sunday they don't count for permits.
    2. There is parking here... but people won't park and walk 2 miles to get to the game. We are taking bikes... so it won't be as hard for us.

    Bike using this suggested route to the stadium:

    This route avoids as many main streets feeding in as possible.... the busiest street to cross will be Division and then Collins when we get there.

    Walk around and make our selves known/ watch out for possible Scilons attempting to do the same thing.

    Raise awareness for Anonymous / Scientology / Wikileaks / Egypt / Whatever is near and dear to your hearts.

    Any input for this plan?
  12. I really don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but I have a few concerns.

    The logistical aspect stands out most: As you mentioned, parking and access are going to be major concerns - some of our local Anons don't have reliable transportation under even the most ideal circumstances, making raiding the Super Bowl doubly difficult for them, considering the distance to Arlington and the fact that they'll be on the (already usually congested) roads with tens-of-thousands of other people also heading for the stadium. I know you introduced the bike idea as a creative solution to these issues, but what this actually means is that not only would protesters have to make it all the way out to Arlington, they would have to make the trip with a bicycle in-tow - probably not possible for all except those with access to pickup trucks or other large vehicles, which only increases the complexity of the operation.

    In addition to these practical concerns, the sheer magnitude of an op like this for a cell as small as Dallas may end up harming our prospects in the long run. (Here we enter the land of my own speculation, but just hear me out anyway.) We've seen a lot of increased interest lately, especially on the Freedom of Information front. Could it potentially jeopardize the commitment of newer participants to haphazardly (because let's be honest, this is a bit last-minute) throw out a plan this big, risk some degree of fail, and thereby damage our communication cred? I'm sure flakiness doesn't inspire much confidence in our fellow Anons and this week was an example of the fact that our organization tech needs work: Though the turnout for the most recent Anon v. Scientology rally was higher than we saw in probably all of 2010, more than half of the DallAnons that RSVP'd didn't actually show. I know this is a one-time opportunity, but at the same time it seems more responsible to work on recruiting, raising awareness, and communicating with our cell at the moment, than to take on an enormous project like this without even adequate time to really work out the details, especially since we haven't even hammered out a solid date for the next FoI rally. I could be way off base here, and maybe there's something to be said for trying even if you fail, but I really think our efforts could be better used right now, especially with the current high profile of the Wikileaks issue.

    As I said, not trying to be a Debbie Downer, and I'm still fully prepared and willing to be convinced that this is a good idea (especially if we're going into it with a broad focus and some legitimate support from the cell) I just think these concerns should at least be seriously considered first.
  13. I suppose it doesn't really matter what Anonymous says to do in this thread anyways.... seeing as, pointing out our last raid... lot's of people said they would come and bring stuff... and yet this time Anonymous failed to deliver.... perhaps you are right about that.... Well... even if no one wants to try this... I'll prolly go to the Bowl in Wog mode just to check it out... I'll report if there was anything suspicious going on there,

    Edit: by the way... have you ever seen one of these?
  14. I'm going to hazard a guess that at least 90% of us don't have access to one of those.

    But of course 67% of statistics are made up on the spot.
  15. YAY! I love being in the top 10%!!!! as it so happens I do have one of those... and light trailer towing capacity
  16. Well if you no one wants to raid..... at the very least you can help work on the wiki:,_Texas

    I've been building a skeleton for people to improve, just to get links going and to start the respective pages. Good luck1!
  17. independent Member

    interesting stuff..... I like it. So... are we on for this weekend? I live about 10 miles from the stadium. I am willing to furnish an automobile (van) to get us there and have us picked up. i will even sacrifice my own attendance if it will help us make a showing. Anyone can park at my house. I will drive everyone there and pick back up when ever you are ready and your car will be safe at my house. I may have a close friend do the driving but he has ask his boss (wife) if it's ok. I am striving to atleast get this cell in operation mode if we even are a cell yet. I have only been a member for a few days or so but have been in the closet (so to speak) for about two years now and feel like making a charge. I guess an opportunity like the superbowl I couldnt pass up. I dont have a mask yet but i can come up with something. If you live in the area and are willing and eager as I am to make a difference please start a conversation with me and lets get Texas organized.
    Ok back to the subject. We have 6 days left and counting.
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  18. I can get there on my own.... so whether Other Anonymous want to come or not is up to them. I offered a suggestion... but unless there is a strong showing with Independent's plan.... then I will be at the Bowl on my own in Wog Form. If you really want to do something Indy and no one else wants to... Then send me a PM.
  19. Kahooya Member

    so is this on or not?

    I don't live too far from there and don't see any other things for dallas
  20. Tell you what....I will post later with a spot where I will be by the stadium... I'll be Anonymous. If other people want to meet me. Great. And if no one else wants to.. Also great. Give me some time. I'll post a spot
  21. independent Member

    I will be honest. We have only myself and one other commit. I am going to be there. I have asked, begged, and pleaded for other to commit but have no takers. Don't know what else to do. Maybe I scared everyone away. I was kind of told that. Wish we had more support in this area. I would like to be a major contributor to this group.
  22. kookookachoo Member

  23. independent Member

  24. Lol... we haven't had 10 people at a Scilon Raid yet. Sorry but Dallas is a bit slow at the moment.
  25. Well I'm happy to report there were no Scilons here. Apparently they were too lazy to leave their org and try to socialize.

    However, future rallys with ANonymous isn't a problem me thinks. In fact... there were people there for the sol purpose of trying to reach lots of people and raise awareness....

    Surprisingly... there were many bible beaters preaching about Jesus saving us... put down the beer... yadda yadda yadda. I got a bunch of little handouts to make sure I didn't just pass up the Scilon one though. The most prevalent were cards with I am Second, Website. the majority of handouts were for various sects of christianity... Also got a women's self defense class.. and I think thats it. Pic dump coming later/ tomorrow.

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