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    Scientology tried to ruin her. Now, Sylvia DeWall has a message for her former friends and family.

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, October 17, 2018


    Some of you will remember the blockbuster audio recording we posted in 2014 that captured the sounds of a woman, Sylvia Wagner DeWall, being kicked out of the Church of Scientology as it was happening.

    In the recording you could clearly hear a young Scientology “ethics officer” named Daniel inform Sylvia that the “crimes” she had admitted to in a previous interrogation, such as watching Leah Remini perform on the ABC program Dancing With The Stars and otherwise consorting with enemies of the church such as Lawrence Wright and Jason Beghe, made her a “suppressive person” in the eyes of the church.

    Sylvia tried to reason with Daniel, telling him that she didn’t really consider herself a Scientologist anymore, so there was no use to kicking her out, especially because she promised not to cause any trouble. But Daniel kept repeating that she had to take responsibility for her actions as he calmly told her she was being declared.

    Sylvia was married to Tim DeWall, a man so dedicated to Scientology his nickname among friends was “Mr. Church.” Sylvia informed Daniel that if he really delivered this sentence upon her, she’d have to divorce her husband, her kids would have to choose sides, and their painting business, which catered primarily to Scientologists, would be in jeopardy.

    It’s an incredible moment that shattered Scientology’s lies for public consumption that it doesn’t engage in “disconnection” or “Fair Game,” and it confirmed that Scientology’s defectors are the ones telling the truth.

    Before you go on to hear Sylvia’s new statement, we recommend that you listen to that stunning audio recording, now reposted at our YouTube channel with captions.

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    Never forget: Scientology calls exes liars, but spells out its own abuses in documents

    By Tony Ortega, January 23, 2019


    We know that if you read this website and watch Leah Remini’s A&E series, sooner or later the advertising algorithms are going to track you down and swamp you with a lot of Scientology propaganda on your social media feeds or in the form of web ads. You might also end up seeing some of Scientology’s smear websites, most of which operate anonymously, but at least one, aimed at Leah’s show, that doesn’t hide that the Church of Scientology itself operates it.

    And once you do get hit with all of that Scientology shouting, what you’ll most often hear is that the people who have left the church and spoken out about its abuses are, to the man or woman, a liar.

    That’s it. That’s Scientology’s number one assertion. That anyone who has ever had anything critical to say about its practices, its controversies, or its toxic policies, is simply not telling the truth.

    We know that for the most part, people see through Scientology’s smears, and we generally ignore them. But every once in a while, we think it’s worth pointing out how dishonest Scientology’s attacks are.

    For one thing, it’s important to point out that testimony by former members is only one part of the evidence about Scientology’s abuses, and whether you’re watching an Alex Gibney documentary or reading a book by Steve Cannane or Lawrence Wright, or reading one of our articles, you’re often going to see Scientology’s own films and documents as evidence.

    We have a good reminder of that today. We told you Marie Bilheimer’s incredible story in 2016, and she was featured on Scientology and the Aftermath last year. Recently she was doing some cleaning and found this great letter that was sent to her by the church after it decided to kick her out of her job, just two months after her young Sea Org husband, Aaron Poulin, had committed suicide:


    The Bunker: ...they were putting you through a fitness board and saddling you with $150,000 debt after your husband had committed suicide.

    Marie: Exactly.

    The Bunker: And isn’t it interesting, that a letter which shows up years later, happens to document Marie’s story to the letter, and reflects exactly the kinds of things other former Scientologists have said about being kicked out of the church, about the steps they are told they’ll have to go through to get back in good standing, and about being saddled with a freeloader debt.

    Funny how the documents that turn up always seem to corroborate exactly what former Scientologists are telling us. It’s almost like they were all telling the truth.

    More at
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    You may as well assign numbers yourself. :p
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    But then you wouldn't get to add a reply this year :cool:
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    It's been almost a year since I last posted in this thread?

    Well, okay. :D


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    God grief Incred, that's more than half a year ago. :D

    Have to say I'm not searching as much as I used to do since the big list hit 3,000. Only every now and then that I see a full name and try to find if he/she was ever in. In most cases it's a no, and if it's a yes I mostly find they're already on.

    Or maybe we found all the 2,5% SPs.

    Hey David, you're welcome.
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    Gary Morehead reconnecting

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