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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonyfruit, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Anonyfruit Member

    I might be a pancy but i havent delved into makeup yet ;O
  2. Anonymous Member

    Thus the "femanon experience."
  3. Anonymous Member


    I'm not gay, but if I was, I think I would have a thing for you.
  4. Anonyfruit Member

    Such a detail can be changed <3

    Besides; I uncover thwe truth now, before ye; I am NOT gay.
  5. Anonyfruit Member


    America likes the fat. &gt;:C

    ^^^ Authors comment.

    Besides Sister America, that is :p she'd be miles away if there WASNT an artificial sweetener next to it, i do believe.
    Besides, the Articifial Sweeteners name, replace the H with SP... *Immature giggle*

    Also, Amerifags, done get so offended :p
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  6. Anonyfruit Member


    This was sent to me [link]

    Apparently Sister US ships Norway/Denmark...

    shuyinda said, &quot;And there is a place called &quot;Kline&quot; further down there.... Which means &quot;to make out&quot; in Norwegian&quot; xd.gif

    ^^^ Authors Comment.

    N'aaaawh ^^
    That is all.
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  7. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I have been insulin dependant diabetic pretty much all my life. The Artificial Sweeteners wouldn't scare me away. They would draw me to them! The fact the first ones were sugared would keep me away lol

    These are entertaining to say the least and as a USFag, no I am not offended!
  8. I wouldn't even be offended if the America we see is really like what America THINKS he is, when in reality he's largely obese like most Americans
  9. Anonyfruit Member

    America is bigger, and abit buffer, aswell as a bit chubbier than all other countries, so i doubt it :3 If he had been a muscle mountain, perhaps that theory could be true ;O
  10. Anonyfruit Member

    Mod edit: Sorry to be a buzz kill, but we cant allow nudity in this area of the forum. - HOC
    Due to Modage, here is the link for those wanting to watch it even tho drawn boobage is included.

    The two girls from SatW with the biggest boobs. I wanted to try and draw the difference between real and fake breasts.
    I don’t think many people realize it, but everything about Sister Sweden is supposed to be real, from her gigantic boobs to her oversized lips.

    Why, yes. That is indeed Sister Sweden’s rape face. Yes, she always looks at people that way. Your point is...?
    And yes, the dog fell off in the small version. Shut up! It did!

    Second picture is me sort of trolling the people who has been demanding of me that I include Holland/Netherlands in the comic.
    Them: You have to include Holland! He would have tons in common with Denmark! Him and Denmark should totally get high together! Holland is known for being open-minded, gay-friendly, perverted and high all the time!
    Me: You don’t say...MUWAHAHAHA!!!

    I actually have a much less...uh, suggestive comic involving the both of them in the works, because the two countries do indeed have a LOT in common, to the point of being scary. I just wanted to start the depiction of their relationship out like this, just to make sure you can never ever unsee it. xd.gif

    ^^^ Authors comment covers everything.
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  11. Loki's spawn Member

    Best. Thread. Ever.
    Also, this has made me REALLY want to go to Sweden.;)
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  12. Anonyfruit Member

    Something odd is that, from my experience, norwegian girls tend to look more like sister sweden, whereasto, swedish girls are kind of thin n are smallchested, abit alike sistericeland... Just my general observation : P Tho the personalitys are nailed XD
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  13. Anonyfruit Member


    Never ever try to mess with Dutch and Danish bikers. They’re fucking nuts!

    Iceland actually have more cars for each person than even America, so he can just go home and get another one. xd.gif
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  14. LocalSP Member

    Funny but sister Sweden looks a lot like my ex girlfriend, who was from Stockholm. I guess what makes it funny is that she is from France originally, she was adopted by a Swedish couple when she was a baby.

    Must be something in the water.
  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonyfruit Member


    Yes, when they really want something, they grow fingers.
    Denmark has a bunch of old crap. We have the oldest amusement part in the world (that’s still open), the oldest cinema (that has stayed in one place), the oldest kingdom, and of course the oldest flag that’s still in use. The other Nordic flags are basically just recoloured versions of the Danish one.

    It is usually said that Betsy Ross made the first American flag, but there's a lot of versions of who designed it (One story even claims it was a French guy who did it). One version says that Washington, when having to choose a flag for the new country USA, insisted on simply taking the Danish one because he considered it “ideal for the purpose”. The Danes of course weren’t keen on this idea, but the Americans wouldn’t listen before the Danish flag designer Kasper Nielsen designed what is today known as “Stars and Stripes” and offered that instead.

    The story comes from Norway and is hardly true, but it’s cute and silly non the less. grin.gif
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  17. Anonymous Member

    13 stripes &gt; 2 stripes
    3 colors &gt; 2 colors :p
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  18. Random guy Member

    Some Scandinavian countries, beeing the goody-two-shoes they are, got together some kroner (Scandinavian funny-money) and asked Japan if there was anything they could do to help. The Japanese answered "thank you for your concern, but no thank you". Trufax.
  19. LocalSP Member

    STARS! You forgot to mention the stars.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Stars are an extra bonus. The fact we are already kicking their ass on their own terms without bringing up the stars shows how 1 sided it is.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Too busy, even without the stars.
  22. Anonyfruit Member

    Sorry, sorry, my net couldnt handle the lulz anymore and commited suicide, but arose like the zombie of Hesus Christ.


    Written Norwegian and Danish are so similar that on the back of products that has a description in several languages, Norwegian and Danish are usually mixed together, and the few words that a written differently are separated with a “/”. So “I love you” would look like this on the back of a product:

    SE (Swedish): Jag älskar dig.
    FI (Finnish): Minä rakastan sinua.
    DK/NO: Jeg elsker dig/deg.

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  23. DeathHamster Member

    Checks instructions for some camping equipment: EN FR DE SV NL NO FI RU. Sorry, no DK.

    Where's it made? Hmm. Sweden.
  24. Anonyfruit Member

    Gulblå sataner.
  25. Anonyfruit Member


    Heh, this was a commission by the gentleman in the wheelchair [link] who wanted a SatW comic about his mad unbeatable musical chairs skillz. grin.gif

    And you better like it, Jacob! Drawing your wheelchair almost killed me! xd.gif

    ^^^ Authors comment.

    Let’s see who will be the last to sit in a chair now, biatches!!!
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  26. Anonyfruit Member


    The other girls don't like to go swimming with Sister Sweden. And before anyone comments on how her holding her breath like this is unnatural; She has big lungs.
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  27. Rheinländer Member

    This^^ The musical chair is really funny. Wunderfull idea. Ask David Miscavige, he has a funny version of this game too... ^^
  28. Loki's spawn Member

    Where are you, Anonyfruit???
  29. LocalSP Member

    Yes where are you you ? I need my comic fix.
  30. Loki's spawn Member

    I think I'm going through withdrawal.
  31. WMAnon Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Canada here. Rick Hansen FTW!
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  33. Anonyfruit Member

    Sorry, i've got a *gasp* life now, and after my intarnets got up again i've actually been kinda forgetting about you guys :/ Should i keep uploading or do you want to read the rest of the comic yourselves? ^^' Sorry.
  34. BlooAnon Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Hansen? Did he come from Scandinavia?
  36. LocalSP Member

    How dare you get a life. We're what's important.
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  37. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Please continue to post. I like your take on the comics too.
  38. Anonyfruit Member


    Yes, the Denmarks are talking about this kind of motorboat [link] xd.gif

    When I drew the comic about Bornholm I didn’t imagine him to be a little person, but someone asked something along the lines of, “Denmark is a short guy, but seeing as Bornholm is one of Denmark’s islands, is he taller or shorter than Denmark?” and for some reason my first thought was, “He’s a little person”. Not that it has anything to do with Bornholm being an island. Åland is after all taller than both Finland and Sweden. It was just a random thought I haven’t been able to shake of, and have grown fond off over time.

    Originally Norway and Iceland were supposed to be twins because in Denmark the stereotypical Icelander looks almost exactly like a stereotypical Norwegian with woollen sweater and all. Then I read somewhere that the Icelanders see themselves as crazy extreme sports enthusiasts, so I decided to go with that so as not to have two completely identical characters.
    But I still haven’t been able to completely let go of the idea of them being brothers, only now I see them as older brother Norway and little brother Iceland.

    The end of today's random info! grin.gif

    ^^^ Authors comment. I like the fact that the author of this comic, Humon, is a dane, and have chosen deliberately to make both of the Denmarks sex-freaky bisexual kids... :p ... I'd love to meet her, actually... 0.0 And if anything, actually, in my experience, the icelandic stereotype is wearing an even woolier sweater than norway *nodnod*
  39. Anonyfruit Member


    Lately a lot of people have drawn their versions of Sister Japan, so I thought it was about time I introduced her before too many people got disappointed that she doesn’t look as awesome as they imagined.

    She’s very polite and quiet, but underneath it all she is quite the fangirl.

    Belgium is well known for it’s comics and candy/deserts, so he is a geek with a sweet tooth. grin.gif

    ^^^ Authors comment.
    Somewhere Sweden is doing a perfect evil laugh. xd.gif I luff sister japan aswell :3 I'm a yaoi fanboy myself :D
  40. Anonyfruit Member


    Some old champagne bottles were found near Åland [link]

    ^^^ Authors Comment.

    Well, at least Finland had fun pushing them in...
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