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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Margo Miller, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Margo Miller Member

    Goodwill Industries is a corrupt organization. They actually pay the blind 22 cents an hour while the CEO's of the company make well into the six digit incomes. What would be the best way to expose this place? It is not in certain states/areas it seems to be a problem EVERYWHERE. They are very abusive to their workers, fail to follow safety standards, and a whole lot more. Would love your thoughts on this. Thank you.
  2. 125

    They should join The Salvation Army!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    You're making very serious claims.

    Can you supply documentation of these abuses?

    If you have such, that is a good start in making an exposure of the bad practices.

    However, without documentation, there is nothing to work with but your claims, which lack substantiation.
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  4. ravenanon Member

    Let me help MArgo with some left out info

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  5. ravenanon Member


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  6. ravenanon Member

    And on that note, I know what they are I give to other local charities and that is sort of the start and end of my protesting of this group. Good luck to all those who take them on more directly
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  7. RightOn Member

    I have heard things too.
    they suck.
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  8. Thank you all. I do have some direct documentation regarding their maltreatment of their employees as well as their gross negligence. Not paying employees for work, a fluff letter sent to a customer regarding a fire they assured training would be provided that did not happen. Pictures of safety concerns and a letter denying them to OSHA. Ironically my job was eliminated after I made a direct report to OSHA. OSHA did not bother returning my calls so nothing got done. Even a death took place when upper management did not follow protocol and send two fighting workers home. Blatant disregard for their employees, however they seem to take quite good care if themselves. Thank you fir listening and your comments. I appreciate them. Have a great day!
  9. I you don't like Goodwill's type of charity get a real job.

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  10. Hugh Bris Member

    That's our US government, protecting workers since 1938.
  11. Margo Miller Member

    I you don't like Goodwill's type of charity get a real job.
    Have you ever heard of proof reading? I love it when a smug and snarky asshole like you comes along trying to exert your imaginary wisdom only to fuck up the simplest thing in their post. I have a real job, do you?
  12. Margo Miller Member

    Sad but true :(
  13. Hugh Bris Member

  14. Margo Miller Member

    Hugh Bris!! I like it even more when somebody comes along with a quick wit like yours!! LMAO!

    Weigh two go! ;)
  15. Yes your sooo right! I call it a "Sweat Shop for the disabled! " I'm on the inside to work for an assessment and OMG! I'm stocked about the disgrace that's going on and their famous screams of "Shut up! No talking or your in trouble warnings and well kick you out! They leave a disabled man in the corner by himself not monitored. and he has a sleep condition could die. I been observing taking notes and people have been whispering to me to please help!. They are afraid. There needs to be an undercover investigation. TERRIBLE! :(
  16. Seattle Goodwill's financial filing (form 990) for 2013 shows that Seattle Goodwill had revenues of $91 million from its store operations. Total expenses were $87M. This means that for every dollar they make in the stores only 5 cents actually goes towards job training. When you add in some non-store donations the total amount actually spent on job training and education was $9M. They "enrolled" 8700 students but only 1300 found jobs, a 15% success rate.

    The salaries of the top people are publicly available and don't look too out of line. My best guess is that there's a large layer of mid-level people with salaries and bonuses significantly above market rate while all the peons are making minimum wage or less as noted above. There's also significant "loss" between the trunk of your car and what ends up on the sales floor.

    This is widespread, systemic institutional corruption. The organization drifted in this direction one slightly crooked mid-level employee at a time. The Board of Directors is very low-powered and management is either unable or unwilling to clean up the organization. When is a news organization going to shine a light on this scam?
  17. DeathHamster Member

    Goodwill Industries in Ontario managed to sink themselves.

    Can't imagine how that happened...
  18. Goodwill London Ontario is no different creating programs that require hours of free labour and calling it an assessment. Them closing programs when they no longer make money and start to effect the secret year end bonuses given to managers for pushing the employees to work like slaves for minimum wage or less. Paid " earn while you learn" programs pay less then minimum wage. They do not follow best practices and treat the people the are supposed to support like trash. They build thier work platform and people that are struggling, have barriers and are down on there luck because they know they can treat them like garbage and they will not stand up dor themselves. Disgusting what a disgrace for a charity.
  19. lulu belle Member

    I spend a lot of time in the Goodwills in North Carolina because I'm an eBay seller and I buy stuff to sell there. The Goodwills in NC will not accept credit or debit cards; only cash and local checks.

    I've often wondered whether it's deliberately a cash-only business so they could hide their profits.
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  20. I'm I'll for excoriating corrupt organizations if they deserve it. Here is there 2015 Tax Return which very clearly shows they are not as corrupt as the media outlets are depicting them to be. Median CEO salaries are high, but that does not equate to corruption (it's a demanding title). I'm surprised that their taxes were not posted to this thread. Anyways, here you go!
  21. I can confirm that deduction. My house burnt due to my corrupt slumlords. Im 3rd degree burnt an SOL. Traditionally Goodill and The Red cross provide help for burn victims. I got a firm fuck off from both. Only help I could find s my wife, waiting for me in Canada.

    All americanacopratadas are corrupt. I am ashamed of this country.
  22. proofreading retort, really. I am dyslexic proofreading doesn't mean shit, i do it but cant see i. Einstein,Tesla, Davincci , mos of the free thinkers were dyslexic and or nuts.

    Perfect grammeris a sign of accepting your indoctrination real good. Heres a cookie.

    Dont feed the trolls . grammar, ioi
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    Good morning. How are you?

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