Help finishing off a flier

Discussion in 'Projects' started by perthfag_k, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. perthfag_k Member

    Help finishing off a flier

    Hi all, have been working on some fliers and wouldn't mind some suggestions finishing off this one:

    I'm not sure about the title, and think a few of the quotes could be culled - but not sure which ones.

    Sabrina's full story can be found at

    Other fliers of mine are at
    They're aimed at Australian audiences, feel free to edit the docs as you wish.

  2. Atomosk Member

    It's very good so far; about the only recommendation I'd make would be to add a graphic of some sort. Since you don't mention Anonymous, don't use the suit logo.
  3. perthfag_k Member

    I've been avoiding mention of anonymous and the associated slogans in recent fliers since i personally feel they're not necessary and aren't likely to make the fliers more effective.

    Also, many of the people distributing the fliers wont know how to explain Anonymous ( see ) if asked by a member of the public.

    Or worse yet, they'll meet a member of the public who *thinks* they know what Anonymous is based on certain media attentions. :p

    Any suggestions for a pic?
  4. Atomosk Member

    how about a very transparent scientology logo? that one with 2 triangles and an S.
  5. perthfag_k Member

    Good idea - couldn't find a high res copy of the logo, so had to make do with some prodding of a low res one...

    Have trimmed a few of the quotes to make it less wordy, as well.
  6. Atomosk Member

    Perfect. Print, distribute, educate.
  7. Orange Member

    I am definatly going to use these, good job, and thanks a bunch for posting it.
  8. anon91-19 Member

    great! We're going to use them too if thats ok?
  9. Orange Member

    I tried printing out the ones with the watermark symbol on it and it came out pink on my printer and very dull (can barely see it). So what i did is turned the symbols up 15% contrast and down 15% brightness, disabled color ink on my printer. The original copy came out with a kind of greyish backround around the symbol, but when copied it turned out perfectly. Just a tip for anyone who ends up facing this problem
  10. perthfag_k Member

    The contrast fiddling would have been the reason for the grey background.
    I haven't tried printing it and all printers are different, but I imagine printing it in greyscale would make it work better.

    EDIT: printed it (x50) on a black and white lazer printer (a high end office model) and it came out fine - so if printing on a colour printer, setting it to greyscale should work :)

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