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Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by GibbousWaxing, Oct 3, 2017.

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    All indications are that KA has been kept on the Freewinds since just before Season 2 ot Leah Remini's Aftermath began to air. She's been complaining about a lack of connectivity, but always seems to have new propaganda from CCHR and Volunteer Ministers to retweet. She's getting real antsy. Hell, she's losing it -- or the little bit of "it" she has left.

    Suspecting she's there to do OTVIII, I think someone with a Twitter account (preferably one she trusts, but that might not be possible) ought to feed her the EP so she can cognite it and come home. It would be the humanitarian thing to do.

    I'd do it myself if Twitter would let me create a new account, but they won't let me do it on a computer and I don't have a smartphone. You want to be subtle, so she can think it's her own idea.

    You could wait till she posts one of her periodic rants about "asshats" who attack people they don't even know, and then reply with something like, "That's okay, Kirstie, never mind what they call you. You know who you're not, right?" And you've planted half of the EP right there. Follow it up with a reply to a cute-rescued-aniimal post with "That's so wonderful! I never knew who I really was until I started working with animals" or some such treacly pap, and you've suggested the second half.

    Help get her off the ship and away from the regges!
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