How Scientology Failed Benjamin Keough

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  1. How Scientology Failed Benjamin Keough

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  2. How I Got into Scientology and Why I'm Making this Channel

  3. Getting into Scientology as a Teenager

  4. Living in LA as a Scientologist, Hanging with Celebrities, and Children of the Church

  5. Working for a WISE company and being traumatized trying to volunteer for the COS in San Diego.

  6. Being in Scientology during 9/11

  7. How Scientology Devalues Your Passions and How to get out of a Sea Org Recruitment Cycle

  8. Leaving Scientology and Healing My Body

  9. Why You Won't Find Emotional Safety in the Church of Scientology

  10. Scientology Teaches Spiritual Bypass

  11. Why Scientology is False

  12. Holistic Practices: The Antidote to Scientology

  13. Intro: Scientology Recovery

  14. Catching a Scientology Exec with a Prostitute

  15. Why LRH Tech is Outdated

  16. Your body is WAY more intelligent than Scientology: Discerning between intellect and intelligence

  17. Why I'm not attacking the Church of Scientology

  18. Healing vs. Scientology Auditing

  19. Why the 'Ends DON'T justify the means' in Scientology

  20. Understanding your Fascial System

  21. Meditating with Comfort

  22. Meditation Basics vs. TR's

  23. Working with Densities (part 1)

  24. [Working with Densities (part 2)

  25. Understanding Awareness

  26. How Scientology Failed Benjamin Keough

  27. Self-Massage for the Neck

  28. Pandemic Truth: Your Body is Screaming for Touch

  29. NIGHTWISH - Shoemaker (Official Lyric Video)

  30. (The Scientology Handbook by L. Ron Hubbard EP#19)

    DO NOT GO AFTER HER IN HATE, you lot, try love. If you do not I will find you(I live in The Netherlands)

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