How to IRC

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  1. nightfire Member

    How to IRC

    1. Google IRC client and download one of them....I like mIRC so I will be demonstrating how to with that one, but you should be able to figure everything out on another client from these instructions.

    2.Download IRC client and open it
    nwihix.jpg mIRC gives you a 30 free trial, and after that you can still use it you just have to wait like 15 sec.


    4. Use the options to add the AnonNet server info so you go to the right place

    Put anything you like in the description
    Put as the server
    and 6667 in ports

    5. Press connect, and Ignore-Get rid of the pop up window. Now you have this

    You will probably want to register your nick so you can get a Vhost.
    A Vhost is a nice way to hide you IP address, and personalize your experience

    to register your nick you will need to type
    /msg nickserv register password email

    where the word password is you will put the password that you want to protect your nick
    where email is you will put the email address that you entered earlier
    eg, /msg nickserv register j3489dfk439s#843

    The next time you login you will need that password to identify yourself, you do that by entering
    /ns identify password

    Now that you have done that, here is how you request a Vhost

    /msg hostserv request

    instead of nothing to see here, you can put pretty much anything you want
    It may take a few minutes for the Vhost to be granted, but after it is it will automatically replace your IP address with your message every time you join or leave a channel.

    To join a channel you type
    /join #enterchannelnamehere

    I suggest
    /join #whyweprotest
    /join #help
    to start with... Help is VERY noob friendly, and whyweprotest is very active.
    Caution: IRC tends to be more dome like then the forums, try not to get butt hurt

    Other Useful commands
    /leave (to leave a channel)
    /ingnore (to avoid trolls, or people you don't like)
    /me (to make a statement about yourself)

    for example
    /me is being helpful and creating a IRC how to
    (would look like)
    Nightfire is being helpful and creating a IRC how to

    Other things you should know:

    You will see symbols by certain nicks... these symbols mean different things. Here are the important ones.
    ~nick means that this person owns that channel
    @nick means that that person is a Channel Operator or OP (mod of irc)

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  2. none given Member

    Re: How to IRC

    Good post.

    mIRC is still a great tool.
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  3. Mutante Member

    Re: How to IRC

    Thanks OP. You rock.
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  4. stapleclip Member

    Re: How to IRC

    Thanks, Nightfire. This is perfect for interweb-challenged folk like myself.
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  5. Wut Member

    Re: How to IRC

    Thanks! I finally learned how to vhost. :D
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to IRC

    I would updated the OP to tell people to use SSL port 6697 instead of 6667.

    Please just type in port 6697
    Go find the checkbox in your IRC client for use SSL

    (You can also you Pidgin Portable for IRC client if you don't want to install mIRC or chatzilla plugin, though a real client like mIRC is the best idea)
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  7. MeganonOT8 Member

    Re: How to IRC

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  8. urbanhawk Member

    Re: How to IRC

    good post op
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  9. Lorelei Member

    Re: How to IRC

    Some of the cool kidz use Skype.

    This, however, is still pertinent to mah interests.
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  10. crazypanda Member

    Re: How to IRC

    will this work on a mac?
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Sneaky Snake Member

    Is WWP still on AnonNet? Couldn't find the server I needed according to these directions... and it's also my first time. Be gentle.
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  13. veravendetter Member

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  14. uncoerced Member

    I DID IT!!!! WOO HOO!!! Thank you, really. I am super proud of myself.
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  15. da5id Administrator

    FYI, I've updated the OP with relevant info for these days
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  16. TheOnlyOne Member

    Thank you about this tutorial, but I know how to IRC, this will help to newbies. :D
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  17. nightfire Member

    Thanks for that.. I've been distracted and lazy.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Please please please stop blocking TOR users from the IRC

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