How to join anonymous?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 26, 2012.

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  4. I am still waiting on the application form I asked for in March of this year,
    will you please forward it to
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  5. Kilia Member

    Fine thanks...and you?
  6. Anonymous Member

    You're going to be waiting a while.
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  7. Congrats, you just joined :D
  8. Anonymous Member

    Its time for..... KITTEHS!


    Or not.... *sadness/derp*

    Hey mods, when are the next Big Pharma checks arriving? Hope they ain't paying in Marcabian Zorks again, fucking useless in the casino :(
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    "How to join Anonymous?"

    You put your right hand in,
    You put your right hand out,
    You put your right hand in,
    And you shake it all about,
    You do the hokey pokey
    and you turn yourself around
    That what it's all about.

    Thats how.
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  11. laughingsock Member

    She's in guise!
  12. Legion1 Member

    Typos make me smilez
  13. Anonymous Member

    Not a typo.
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  14. laughingsock Member

    Hello new friend. Welcome to the internet. I'm going to try and save you from the trolling that is bound to happen. Lurk moar, and maybe read the links that were provided in the intro. scroll up and read it all.
  15. Hmmm Who even created this thread
  16. are you against the lLLUMINATI ?
  17. Anonymous Member

    We ARE the Illuminati!
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  18. its so easy i joned long time ago, just dont let anyone figure out you are secretly a sncientologist
  19. FreakE420 Member

    Or figure out your a horrible speller,,,oops to late. HA!
  20. _Aurora_ Member

    1. Find irc (Like anonops)
    2. Join irc with client
    3. Lurk moar
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT!
  21. rocket Member

    the corrupt fear us
  22. rocket Member

    anonymous are legend
  23. rocket Member

  24. rocket Member

    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
  25. Hello everybody
    I would like to fight for one Idea especially after what happend here in France .
    I would like to take a part of an Idea and a crew to stop the terrorism.
    So if any advice to give me to join a group here in France so please I will be honoured.
    Thank you .
  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    The thread linked below may be relevant to your interests :)
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  27. Aelundir Member

    Really love the reference, makes me happy that people still isten to this kind of music :)
  28. Emma Peel Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. I am astounded that so many people want this or want that or believe this or believe that!!!!! The only thing that is finite in this universe is the truth and anon's (hacking group) has the ability to shed the light of truth to the people not of one nation but of all nations! The world's reality or even one nation's reality is a smoke screen and an excuse to hide the unforeseen and unimaginable truths of this ever changing world. All I want is the truth about anything and everything, once the harsh truths of the world are uncovered and released humanity, as a species will have to stand together and deal with the problems of our own existence but can also rejoice in ability to change the human race for the better and focus on the best qualities of mankind! You want to be a part of that group huh well express yourself and voice your opinions that is what it is all about finding ways to unite the world in the face of ever changing struggles and oppressions.... Use your imagination and sense of morality and maybe you can be a positive influence on this world! Every individual on the planet has the right to be a free thinker that is one of humanities greatest strengths with a close second being in my opinion, love and empathy. Anonymous is a source of hope for all mankind enough is enough, we all get to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and look out for the well being of everyone!
  31. John Duff Member

    I hacked my computer. Now, when I press the power button, it starts. Am I Anonymous now ?
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  32. Is there any truth in the story about Illuminati and other agencies watching over here?
  33. How long before you teach me to hack do I get a proper hacker or do you give me written instructions?
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  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  36. You don't give me instructions? How do I learn?

    I want to be like you and take down big corporations and corrupt politicians in governments and do real big good things.
    Why won't you let me join and let me learn it all?
    Is is because I is Brainstorm?
    This message by Hani has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  37. You is biased against me.
    This message by Hani has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  38. Mods are the unpaid whores of the internet always flogging their neutrality under the mod guise to enable their hunger for power and control over others.
    The brutal reality is you are sad wannabees with no real lives and even less ambition other then to dominate on a dying forum.
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  39. Mods is dumb and biased in this forum and you stink of urine and poo.
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