I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Cernunnos, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Cernunnos Member

    I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    Hello, here is contribution to the activism against Scientology. I believe Scientology is a United States Government sponsored mind control cult. That would explain why Scientology is classified as a religion in the USA. I am going to recount my story and provide as much information as possible. I have spoken with both Arnie Lerma, and another man who said this does not sound like Scientology, but the potential does exist. Ok here it goes. I met a woman from California about 2 and 1/2 years ago, and was in a short relationship of 3 months. I found here one day on my home computer clicking stuff really fast and then closing out of it. I ended the relationship due to infidelity. Here is what occurred. The next day, while playing online poker, people began to show up and gang-stalk me. I was called every name in the book, and was told genocide should be brought back for me. My credit card purchases, medical history, and contents of my wallet were openly discussed. Strangers showed up at my place of work to give me a hard time for no apparent reason. My office was rummaged through, and individuals sat outside my office talking about me. My work place was grafittid, my car was broken into, and my home was entered as well. It was not fun. I began researching this sort of activity and after a while, i once found an OT document online, that I can no longer locate, that stated, step 1, perform, 2d-seduction, step two infiltrate, step 3 install technology. Anyways, i stood up for myself, and called them out on everything. I was contacted by an individual on my messenger named Fenix who proceeded to interrogate me and ask me strange questions about my sexuality. Every time i go onto my poker site, a invididual show's up to stalk me online. I have been in contact with individuals on my messenger claiming to be both Scientologists and CIA. Most recently, while i was driving my vehicle on an interstate, two helicopters appeared, when i passed directly in front of a stationary helicopter, i got a weird feeling, and a bad taste in my mouth. I believe it was a Directed Energy Weapon, such as a Active Denial Weapon system, calmative microwave weaponry, classified as, non-lethal. I do believe the woman was a Scientologist, and that Scientology is a CIA front group. Do not take off your masks, i believe this is how Scientology now operates its Fair Game method using invisible bullets to kill dissidents. Here are links to some information that I have found on what i have been through.

    YouTube - MKULTRA Scientology Cult (#18)
    Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

    Anyways, ive totally criticized scientology and got shot by the CIA using Directed energy weapons, so definitely, keep your masks on.
  2. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    I've had similar thoughts.

    But, I believe from your story, you may be a paranoid schitzophrenic or something similar.

    I am not trying to be mean to you or insulting, or even invalidating. If you truly believe what you are saying is real, I can't stop you.

    But just how we want people in the cult to "wake up", I am saying this so that you too can "wake up" and check in with a mental health professional.

    I know, I frequently deal with people who believe that microphones and cameras are inside their house. I frequently deal with people who believe that people are listening to their thoughts. I frequently deal with people who think people are taking their picture. I deal with people that think that mind control soundwaves are being sent into their house.

    They refuse to get a second opinion on their mental state. Unfortunately for those in the schitzophrenia leaning symptoms, they refuse to get help, because their either paranoid, or they don't believe that anything is wrong.

    Again, I'm not being mean, but seriously, helicopters?
  3. Cernunnos Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    Nah, im fine. The public view is marketed to believe that I am paranoid but im not. These cyclotronic resonance weapon systems are in existence. A am in possession of a picture of the CIA agent that contacted me. These weapon systems have been distributed to Local law enforcement for use upon individuals that dont see eye to eye. The guy that did the research knows what he was talking about. I actually told my story to a cult expert and he identified Scientology without me even mentioning it. The whole idea is to discredit me and make me look crazy. But if you do a little bit of research, there are a lot of people, that experience and make the same claims. I am actually an extremely intelligent rational individual. Please just do the research, if you know everything the government does to keep this stuff out of the public eye, its all the mental evaluation you will ever need.

    Your post is designed to discredit me, but nah, its for real. You know, when you are getting stalked berrated, and everything else, when it wasnt happening before, its actually extremely obvious. Or when you get an extremely strange feeling out of no where, after playing poker with the picture of a Pilot saying, you are a target, WATCH OUT! Its kind of that easy to be sure about.
  4. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    Dome here this comes!

    in b4 dome
  5. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    What do you have to lose by checking in with a mental heath professional? If you are fully balanced, a therapist can confirm that for you and you are off on your merry way. If you are a little mixed up, they can help you out.

    Some states will use helicopters for speed traps on the interstate. That's about it. Shooting ray beams from said helicopter to put a bad taste in your mouth? Not happening. Don't take my word for it. Get a 3rd party professionals opinion.
  6. Cernunnos Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    I am perfectly fine, I have spoken to many experts on various topics. Actually the individual, claiming to be CIA, claiming to be my psychiatrist, threatening me with extortion, re-assured me, I am not crazy.
  7. Cernunnos Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    One alternative, currently under development by the U.S. Marine Corps, is the deployment of non lethal weapons technology aboard Coast Guard helicopters and cutters to compel unwilling suspect vessels to stop. The introduction of non lethal weapons into the Coast Guard inventory will prompt the operational commander to plan for their use.

    From: Planning Factors for Non Lethal Weapons in Counter Narcotic Operations

    And that was in 1999. Considering the technological advancements, its very possible, quite the opposite of not happening.
  8. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    In b4 Dome-ination
  9. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    This reminds me of a late friend. He had men following him around, peering in windows and such.

    He suffered from paranoid dementia.
  10. Cernunnos Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    Well i dont suffer from anything personally. Im fine. My life is actually great eventhough all the stalking, and berating happened. You are aware that the CIA believes we lost the Vietnam war due to a lack of support on the Homefront, and that the covert actions inside Vietnam were called the the Phoenix Project, and that Homeland Security is modeled after the Phoenix Project. People actually dont physically follow me or look in my windows. They just stalk me online using a rootkit, and shoot me with non-lethal weapons for not doing what im told. This guy Fenix, that contacted me on yahoo, called me a patsy, typical CIA rhetoric, and told me i was dismissed, i was like, what are you nutz? Your dismissed fool. I pretty much got really smart with the Homeland Security, cuz im an apolitical gaulish druid, i dont support war, i dont support the use of Nazi technology or mind control in America. I support the Constitution of the United States of America, and peoples God given rights to be free. This silent kill technology is used to bring people in line with the Government, instead of the Government being of the people, I got blasted the same day, i wrote all men have unalienable rights of freedom, and then was contacted and told ya we blasted you for believing in the foundation of the United States of America.
  11. Cernunnos Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    I think its funny im posting my story on a site that is for Activism against Scientology and all im getting is attacked for it, oh the irony.
  12. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: I believe Scientology is a CIA front group

    Cernunnos, we're not trying to discredit you. If you believe you are correct, go to a mental health professional anyway. His/her support will be useful for showing others that you are not making this up.

    I'm going to lock this thread now because it seems the point has been served (experience told), and that further posts would only be counterproductive. I will not remove it as other posters have suggested.
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