Incidents of Protesters being Physically Attacked by Scientologists

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Oct 18, 2011.

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    I think Tony should do an an entire article on all the worldwide attacks and destruction of personal property on protestors by Scientologists
    How many do we have now?
    here are some, I know there are more

    Anon Orange- Gold Base

    44- Nasville Tenn Ideal Org Grand Opening attacked by HIRED thugs by COS

    Hubbard Telescope- Washington DC

    Nono x 2- France

    guy punched in face in Halifax Canada

    Mark Hana kissed guy in AU

    Sydney AU

    camera grab guy at IAS in East Grinstead UK


    Pope attatcked by girl on motorcyle

    Pope again CA

    Casper in CA


    Sparrow DC

    also all the threats over the past too!

    COS member ripped up signs- Battlecreek MI

    Vickey Boice grabbed Stuwie's signs and left in Plymouth UK

    Quebec City

    Not sure where this one was

    AU attacks camera crew

    Epic Starbucks guy- Clearwater Fl

    Berlin Germany

    Montreal CA

    assault of Tommy Gorman CA

    San Fran CA with Gorman

    Seattle WA

    Hollywood CA

    Pasadena CA

    Portland Oregon


    Mark Bunker


    not sure where this was
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  2. hey good archive anon, well done you
    ^^^vid refers to BART so presumably it is San Francisco unless there's another BART somewhere
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  3. Bumpering for Great Justice:

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    OP Anon gives good archive. You get 5 Internets for that!
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    another in Berlin

    I am the OP of the original post. Although attacking protestors is of course considered Fair Game
    The title may not be as good or effective for searches?
    can the title please be changed to
    Scientology Attacks on Protestors
    intead of Fair Game Archive?
  9. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ me again
    orrrrrr Scientology Attacks on Protestors Fair Game Archive
  10. I've sent a report to the AvS & Global Moderators about a change for the Thread Title.

    Remember, best way to have Moderators attend to these and other issues in a thread is to use the Report Button. It is usually faster. I'm watching this thread because I think it has tremendous merit.
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    This video shot on 3/26/00 at the Fort Harrison Hotel in FL (Scientology's mecca)
    called the "Mad Picket" was posted by Mark Bunker. Members of the LMT back then.
    Although there was no actual attack on protestors, there was a small scuffle.

    This vid is a wonder to watch
    To think that Scientologists got away with this much bull baiting back in the day is incredible.
    Bob Minton and Gerry Armstrong (balls of steel) and another with a Lisa McPherson sign? TOTALLY get out numbered by a gaggle of crazed Scientologits being called Nazis and such. And good ol' Mary DeMoss is there too.

    I have not watched this in such a long time. It was amazing to watch it again.
    Almost an hour long, but SO worth the watch

    and to Gerry, THANK YOU again and to the late Bob THANK YOU, you will be fondly remembered
    And of course big thanks again to Mark Bunker too

    and at 39:57 looks like the same gal who was bullbating Xander and 612?
    wow, she has been doing this a long time
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    may I suggest that all these vids get mirrored and saved in case COS decides they dont like how this thread is making some of "most ethical people on the planet" look like a bunch of crazed, voilent idiots?
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    Scilon attack on XB in San Diego
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    sorry - skip to 8.55 at that
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    BUMP - this needs to be sent to journalists
  32. Anonymous Member

    Do assaults on protesters by LAPD qualify? They work for and promote Scientology.
  33. Yes!
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    "First they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you,
    then you win."

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    Tommy Gorman attacked by Scientologist coming out of the SF Org on Dec 17th.
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