INFO DUMP medical claims in Scientology

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  1. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    INFO DUMP medical claims in Scientology

    Here's a list of medical claims found in Scientology writings.

    Heal a body HCO BULLETIN OF 24 APRIL 1969RA
    "The basic use of Dianetics is to make a well body
    and to augment physical treatment."

    Cure retardation [ibid]
    "Whole classes of "mentally retarded" children have been made
    more normal by teachers in London County Council schools using
    relatively unskilled Dianetics. "

    Cure goiter DIANETICS TODAY (1975 ED.) P.280
    "I've seen a goiter the size of a baseball visibly shrink and
    disappear in the space of one-half hour right after an engram
    was run."

    Cure polio DIANETICS TODAY " P. 353
    "A girl crippled by polio was able to throw away her crutches
    after my first session."

    Cure arthritis History of Man p. 7
    "Today, Eleanor has arthritis. She is audited... tonight she
    doesn't have arthritis"

    Speed broke bone healing DIANETICS TODAY " P.110
    "A broken limb will heal (by X-ray evidence) in two instead of
    six weeks."

    Cure effects of drugs DIANETICS TODAY " P.481
    "ONLY processing by Dianetics and Scientology can handle the
    effects of drugs fully."

    Raise the dead Magazine Articles on Level 0
    Checksheet 1968, "Dissemination of Material" p.75
    "A child had died, was dead, had been pronounced dead by a doctor,
    and the auditor, by calling the thetan back and ordering him to take
    over the body again brought the child to life."

    Cure migraines DIANETICS " P.125
    also see HCOB 15 Jan. '79 "Handling with Auditing"

    Cure cancer THE HISTORY OF MAN (1961) P. 20
    "Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and

    Cure skin cancer ALL ABOUT RADIATION (1979 ED.) P.114

    Cure radiation sickness ALL ABOUT RADIATION " P.109
    also PAB no. 82 "Scientology is the only specific (cure) for
    radiation (atomic bomb) burns."

    Improve eyesight PAB no. 111 "Eyesight and glasses"
    also Dianetic Auditor's Bulletin vol. 2 no. 7 January 1952 "An
    afternoon with Ron" "You are only three or four hours from taking
    your glasses off for keeps."

    Cure a broken ankle HCOB 30 July 1973 "Scientology, Current State
    of the Subject and Materials."

    Cure insanity HCOB 28 Nov. '70 "Psychosis" "The alleviation
    of the condition of insanity has also been accomplished now..."

    Cure bronchitis HCOB 14 Dec. '63 "Case analysis Health
    "12 days after this auditing the coughing was still in abeyance."

    cure brainwashing HCOB No. 19 Dec. '55 "The turn of the Tide"
    "... in Dianetics in particular, we have the total antidote for the
    eradication of brainwashing."

    Miscellaneous claims DIANETICS (1987 ED.) p.72
    "arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness
    decreases, asthma disappears, stomachs function properly and
    the whole catalogue of illnesses goes away and stays away."
    "The GE has the record of past deaths. Auditing it alters physical
    structure, eradicates physical malformations."
    "Paralysis, anxiety stomachs, arthritis and many ills and aberrations
    have been relieved by auditing them."

    Hubbard wrote that Scientologists taking courses were barred from
    visiting a doctor without express permission from the church "except in
    cases of severe emergency." (HCOPL 26 July 1965 "Release Declaration
    Restrictions, Healing Amendments). One must assume that the church did
    not really want sick people taking courses, and thus one could infer that
    it was assumed that auditing could handle any illness of the student.

    In 1963 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided the church
    in Washington DC and confiscated their e-meters. The FDA sued the
    Church of Scientology for fraudulant medical claims and called the
    e-meter a fraudulant healing device. The church after many years
    finally settled with the FDA. In part, the ruling that the church was
    to abide by states concerning the e-meter:

    "The device should bear a prominent, clearly visible notice
    warning that any person using it for auditing or counseling of any kind
    is forbidden by law to represent that there is any medical or scientific
    basis for believing or asserting that the device is useful in the
    diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease. It should be noted
    in the warning that the device has been condemned by a United States
    District court for misrepresentation and misbranding under the Food and
    Drug laws, that use is permitted only as part of religious activity, and
    that the E-meter is not medically or scientifically capable of improving
    the health or bodily functions of anyone.
    "Each user, purchaser, and distributee of the E-meter shall sign a
    written statement that he has read such a warning and understands its
    contents and such statements shall be preserved." (United States of
    America, Libelant, v. An Article or Device... "Hubbard Electrometer"
    or "Hubbard E-Meter" etc., Founding Church of Scientology et al.,
    Claimants, No. D.C. 1-63, United States District Court, District of
    Columbia, July 30, 1971 (333 F. Supp. 357)

    Obviously, the church was supposed to stop promoting their auditing
    process with the e-meter as having medical value. And it was assumed
    by the outside world that the church was at least minimally abiding by
    the agreement with the FDA, though it continues to sell the works that
    contain the previously quoted medical claims.
    When the NOTs courses were posted on the internet, some who read
    it perceived that portions of the series seemed to be stating that
    auditing could cure illnesses. Since these courses were not available
    to the public or even the FDA, no one had been able to observe any
    possible medical claim except Scientologists in good standing who had
    completed a long list of courses and reached the particular level of
    H. Keith Henson, upon reading NOTs, was certain enough about one of
    the series, #34, that he posted it in its entirety to the internet
    newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, stating that he was exposing
    medical fraud. He did this despite Scientology's well-known record
    for suing and harassing critics. The church promptly sued him (U.S.
    District Court, Northern District of California, case number
    I have reviewed the NOTs material posted to the internet and assume
    that it is the real thing, because 1) the church legally went after
    those who posted the NOTs for copyright violations, 2) former members
    vouched for the authenticity of the material, and 3) it is consistent
    with other church writings.
    Basically, the NOTs series are auditing methods that use an e-meter
    purportedly designed to rid the Scientologist of a multitude of
    unwanted spiritual beings attached to his/her soul. These unwanted
    beings, called "Body Thetans" or "BTs", can allegedly cause physical
    problems for humans.

    For example:

    Series 2
    Being a Clear but not having completed OT levels "doesn't
    necessarily effect the person himself, but it does effect the body -
    severely." Series 2 seeks to motivate Scientologists to take the next
    courses by stating that "Clears should be told they are at risk until
    OTIII" of "illness, possibly worse."

    Series 12
    This series deals with mis-auditing problems. NOTs mis-auditing
    can hurt the physical body "dangerously so" by stirring up dormant

    Series 22
    A cluster of BTs can shut off nerve channels which can cause
    deafness or blindness - "when a cluster suddenly mocks up mass, it
    shuts off nerve channels." Extrapolating from this, one could
    imagine many other illnesses caused by such a phenomenon, such as
    blockage of the urinary tract.

    Series 27
    BTs and clusters can effect a person's perception.
    BTs are acting as various illnesses. Once audited away the illness
    supposedly is gone.
    "BTs or clusters being 'negative'... probably are the root of

    Series 32
    "You can run into a cluster causing damage to the body."

    There are several quotes within the series which clearly state that
    auditing can cure illnesses:

    Series 2
    "Clears should be told they are at risk (of illness) until OTIII."

    Series 3
    "If a guy has a bad secondary, or a bad injury, you handle that with
    Date/Locate [an auditing procedure using the e-meter]."

    Series 26R
    "If ill or injured handle [w]ith an Assist (NOTs 3)"

    Series 27
    "Body distortions" are cleared up.

    Series 34
    "The above are the full steps and sequences for handling a physical
    condition." [this is the series that Keith Henson posted, claiming it
    teaches medical fraud]

    Series 48
    "If the person is sick as well as being subjected to a dangerous
    environment, there would be no hope of recovery without auditing."

    Particular cases of cures are documented within NOTs:

    Series 48
    "This cluster... was the underlying cause of the stomach pain and
    the stomach condition." "...a full recovery to health was
    "Most people are sick due to some out-rudiment scene."

    Series 50
    "He started recovering physically. Articulation handled and walking
    improved." "This case was... considered incurable by the medicos."
  2. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    This is a good start. I do know Dianetics and/or A History of Man also claim to make dentistry obsolete. A collection of claims that the cult still promotes would be excellent if made public.
  3. LRonAnon Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Yeah, and Hubbard's teeth reflected that.
  4. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    nioce! so these are the specific internal cult dox, not in published book form, to backup OP:

    me gonna see how many i can find to dump into a scribd doc
  5. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    sidenote related to this stuff... plups alreadydone did some dox gathering on mass scale yesterday

  6. Achiever Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Whatever you do, don't mail those quotes to any WISE affiliated dental practices still in existence!
  7. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    all the HCOBs listed above were readily available in wikileaks tech bulletins.

    but while searching around for a full copy of HCOPL 26 July 1965 "Release Declaration Restrictions, Healing Amendments" i found the following info that adds moar of the same of what Jeff gave us in OP.

    sidenote - If anybody happens to have a copy HCOPL 26 July 1965 - do share cuz i'm finding it quoted often but no full blown original copy anywhere so far.

  8. mrfyde Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    This is more recruiting than medical but it makes pretty clear that they not only claim to be able to heal but to me it seems they don't care if the cures (?) even work.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Casualty Contact: A fruitful source of HAS Co-audit people is casualty
    contact. This is very old, is almost never tried and is always roaringly successful
    providing the auditor goes about it in roughly the right way. Using his minister's
    card, an auditor need only barge into any nonsectarian hospital, get permission
    to visit the wards from the superintendent, mentioning nothing about processing
    but only about taking care of people's souls, to find himself wonderfully welcome.

    Ministers almost never make such rounds. Some hospitals are sticky about
    this sort of thing, but it's only necessary to go find another. It's fabulous what
    one can get done in a hospital with a Touch Assist and Locational Processing.
    Don't pick on the very bad off unconscious cases. Hit the fracture ward and the
    maternity ward. Go around and say hello to the people and ask if you can do
    anything for them. Now, here's how auditors have lost on this one. They omit the
    following steps: They fail to have a card with their ministerial name on it with
    their phone number. They fail to have a telephone answering service. They fail to
    tell the people they snap away from death' s yawning door that they can have
    more of this stuff simply by calling in. They get so involved in the complexities
    of medical (ha) treatment and so outraged at some of the things they see going on
    that they get into rows with medicos and the hospital staff.
    And also they pick
    unconscious patients or people who are halfway exteriorized already. This is a
    pretty routine drill really. You get permission to visit. You go in and give
    patients a cheery smile. You want to know if you can do anything for them, you
    give them a card and tell them to come around to your group and really get well,
    and you give them a Touch Assist if they seem to need it but only if they're
    willing. And you for sure make sure that somebody is on the other end when they
    ring up. Giving them a schedule of your HAS Co-audit will avail much. I've got
    a book scheduled named the "sick person" as a working title that will make good
    fodder for this.
    But your statement, "The modern scientific church can cure
    things like that. Come around and see," will work. It's straight recruiting.

    Emphasis mine
  9. Boris Korczak Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Each and every times the innocent dies, regardless if for parental stupidity or hate as seen in the Middle East it is a shame.
    Devilnetics obviously did not work.

    Stay safe.
  10. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    LEAK WANTED: HCOPL 26 July 1965 "Release Declaration Restrictions, Healing Amendments"

    the full text, not just the same old blurbs & snippets that OG has quoted profusely over the years. preferably a full scan of an original submitted to wikileaks. or just upload to filesharing site like mediafire and we'll submit it to wikileaks for ya.

    I've now searched for 8 or 9 different variations of the title and reviewed all that google gave me and it doesnt appear the full blown policy letter exists anywhere. anybody know any different? if not - as often as its been quoted over the years - plox to be getting it outed in full glory kthx
  11. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    now moving on to digging out the HCOBs from old Warrior intel to add to my growing rtf document. here's the qck list

  12. Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Britanons, be aware that making false medical claims is a specifically banned and prosecutable offense under the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations Act 2008. Anyone who catches the Scilons making medical claims should contact Consumer Direct on 08454040506. Trading Standards are bound by law to act upon breaches of trading regulations.
  13. Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Scientology assists "help get rid of brain tumor" (Scilon PR site)

    The LIFE Repairman: Scientology Assists Help Get Rid Of Brain Tumor!!
  14. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Can't they get in trouble by selling the books with these claims?
  15. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    oh hai thar xtra hcob i scrolled upon....


    and the health form questionaire goes on to catalogue defects, disabilities, medical history. mental illness history, venereal disease history, etc. odd weirdities mixed in includes:

    lolwtf - Earlier allies or close friends?????
  16. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    more dirt from hcob on health form...

    so the scilon talking heads can stuff it - they freaking audit for physical and mental illnesses and seek incidents under hypnosis that caused it to solve it. then fill out another health form to evaluate pc's improvement.

    tommy davis - you suck cox. harpoon canon fodder of delicous hcob extracts coming soon
  17. Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Ram that PR drone hard.
  18. ARC Member

  19. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Nationmaster encyclo has info under NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Medical claims in Scientology doctrine

    thats abit more than whats on wikipedia that summarize much of what we've already posted.

    worth noting tho - this is the 3rd time in two weeks i found a scieno category topic on that site where it seems there is an effort being done there to extend the repub'd wikipedia articles and add moar meat.
  20. Zoom Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    That's it! Proof positive that they were trying to get rid of the eradication of brainwashing! Which is why they have it today.
  21. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    question for someone more knowledgeable than i...

    if i remember my expanded dianetics lectures wikileak review from awhile bak correctly.... expanded dianetics is sea org only tech right? only sea org auditors perform this shit - not your average ordinary auditors?

    or was it some other odd stipulation... something was special on expanded dianetics amirite?
  22. ryangiggs Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    To AnonLover,

    Earlier, you asked for a specific document:-

    "sidenote - If anybody happens to have a copy HCOPL 26 July 1965 - do share cuz i'm finding it quoted often but no full blown original copy anywhere so far."

    "LEAK WANTED: HCOPL 26 July 1965 "Release Declaration Restrictions, Healing Amendments"
    the full text, not just the same old blurbs & snippets that OG has quoted profusely over the years. preferably a full scan of an original submitted to wikileaks."

    I won't post here what I found (OSA etc.).
    PM sent to you.
    See if you are able to contact relevant anons for follow up.
  23. Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Leukaemia [sic] is evidently psychosomatic in origin and at least eight cases of leukaemia had been treated successfully by Dianetics after medicine had traditionally given up. The source of leukaemia has been reported to be an engram containing the phrase 'It turns my blood to water.'

    - L Ron Hubbard
    Journal of Scientology Issue 15-G (1953)
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  24. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Here are some quotes in general by Hubbard that are worth raising a few eyebrows.

  25. OTBT Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Sorry, I don't have reference or link for this, just from memory. Expanded Dianetics was kinda like the precursor to the False Purpose Rundown. Its supposed to handle "evil purposes" and people that were supposedly messed up by psychiatry. Only specially trained auditors are allowed to perform this. I don't believe it was Sea Org only, although it might be nowadays.

    Expanded Dianetics is also used on anyone that does not go "Clear" on New Era Dianetics auditing. Also used for addressing "Rock Slams" i.e. crazy evil intentions. Also used for addressing unresolved psychosomatic illnesses.

    If anyone has to receive Expanded Dianetics, it can pretty much be assumed that scilons consider them to be trouble, because ordinary auditing didn't work on them. Jett Travolta would have been a candidate for Expanded Dianetics.

    I could be wrong, info just from memory.
  26. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    ugg... good list but way too much in there NOT related to thread (medical claims/medical treatment practices). offtopic walloftext is [mostly] offtopic
  27. imariscent Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    They will say it's copyrighted. I posted all the Technical bulletin ebooks, and kept receiving emails of copyright. I don't understand if it's to better man, why so much copyrights. I forgot to get someone better costs money.
  28. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    ahh thats sounds familiar so i think your right, and 'from memory' satisfies why i was asking... there might be more stuff worth digging out in XDN crapola. will chk into that, thks!
  29. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    yeah figured as much. so i'm gonna try and submit my doc of specifically medical related HCOBs to wikileaks as a followup doc to the original leak.

    they've posted a similar deal with another leak and the additional file shows up on the main category page. unfortunately tho, i dont have a pdf maker handy, thus i dumping to rtf format.
  30. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Here's the master list of everything i got pulled together into one 55page file so far:

    still needs: TOC & moar key quotes searched out for getting bolded in red text that are in these same dox but not specifically mention ITT (those ones already highlighted)

    i tried dumping it to pastebin for temporily looksee to share, but it got awful butt ugly & sometimes scrambled in uber plaintext mode
  31. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    can anybody tell me what "R-3-R" means in scilon speak?? oh wait... theres an admin dictionary somewheres. hmmmm

    EDIT: Not in admin dictionary, and used to explain why health form hcob is relevant. if anybody knows or recollects, do tell.
  32. OTBT Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Routine 3 Revised i.e. an old version of dianetic auditing. Sorry, I don't pollute my computer with scilon docs, but this link might help

    Paul's Independent Academy: Differences Between R3R and R3X
  33. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology


    Tommy Davis you suck cox - trying to deny "scientology" is used instead of medical care... policy states you bastards use "dianetics auditing" to cure illness along with *some* limited medical care. and then use "scientology grade" treatment for other non-illness related auditing.

    Well guess what, out here in reality - anybody hooked up to your copyrighted E-meter = IS DOING SCIENTOLOGY. same fking thing.

    From: HCO BULLETIN OF 24 APRIL 1969 - DIANETIC USE (which has a whole shitload of bolded red text callouts)

  34. OTBT Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    sorry for the crosspost, but this might be relevant to your interest:
  35. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    EDIT: ahh nice catch, thks - i got some of the PTS stuff already, but hcob 20 April 1972 [STRIKE]wasnt yet[/STRIKE] whoops - WAS on me list!

    heres the non-book dox mentioned in this thread, not in hcobs that i wouldnt mind having... but only had a chance to search around for the first one so far

    Also relevant - medical care related lawsuits. Jeff had mentioned Roxanne Friend on another thread, i had forgotten about her

    Scientology Kills - Survivor Stories - Roxanne Friend
    Deposition of Robert Friend

    [ame=""]Roxanne Friend was told Scientology would cure her cancer on Vimeo[/ame]

    anyone know of other lawfare actions of the past specifically related to the snake oil quackery & bad medicine angles?
  36. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Moar on the fact it is standard scilon practice to treat physical illnesses of the body with Dianetics Auditing, which they stess is NOT SCIENTOLOGY. yeah right.

    From: HCO BULLETIN OF 2 APRIL 1969 Revised 14 May 1969

  37. anongurl7 Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    Can you imagine how much his breath smelled?
  38. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    moar worthy hcobs in the medicinal vein listed as references on HCO BULLETIN OF 11 JULY 1973 ASSIST SUMMARY thats quoted earlier ITT

  39. mrfyde Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    My understanding is that the new law in the UK that went into effect last summer might be tougher but Kevin Trudo (spelling?) switched to selling books because the laws in the US on his horse sh!t are much more lax on books than if he where to sell some other form of quackery . (that is my understanding)
  40. AnonLover Member

    Re: medical claims in Scientology

    oddly there's a reference listed on assist summary hcob (and other hcobs i'm not pulling), that doesnt not exist in the files released thru wikileaks. least not that i can find:

    HCOB 9 Oct 67 Assists for Injuries

    i ck'd the volume by year this falls in, and the one right after for short turn around revision and nada

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