Irish Independent: Revenues slump at the​ Church of Scientology

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  1. Concern over latest Scientology centre in Ireland.

    The Times: Concern over latest Scientology centre in Ireland

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    The Church of Scientology has indulged in a “trophy operation” by buying a centre of worship in Dublin, according to an organisation that studies and monitors cults in Ireland.

    The former Victory Centre in Firhouse is believed to have become a European centre for the organisation, which regards itself as a religion but its critics believe is a cult.

    The religion was founded during the 1950s by Ron L Hubbard, a US author, and among its devotees are Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

    Mike Garde, director of Dialogue Ireland, which works to raise awareness and understanding of religious issues and cultism, said the Firhouse centre, which can seat 1,200, was certainly not needed to accommodate the number of Scientologists in Ireland.

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  2. Community disappointed after Scientologists snap up church in Dublin, Ireland.

    Independent IE: Community disappointed after Scientologists snap up church

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    Alan O'Keeffe

    July 17 2017 2:30 AM

    The reported sale of a former church building in Dublin to the controversial Church of Scientology has been greeted with disappointment by members of the local community.

    The former Victory Christian Fellowship had operated the large modern building for worship on Firhouse Road in Tymon South, Dublin 24.

    But it is believed to have been bought by the Scientologist organisation.

    Fine Gael Councillor Brian Lawlor said it was considered as a possible educational institution by the Department of Education but it failed to purchase the 1,200-seat venue.

    He indicated local people were disappointed it was a missed opportunity to provide a local educational centre.

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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Our man in Ireland ponders Scientology’s big plans for the Emerald Isle | The Underground Bunker


    What is going on in Ireland? Scientology was practically finished off there, and maybe because some of us pointed that out David Miscavige suddenly started a new set of initiatives there that seem completely superfluous. We thought we’d ask our man on Ireland’s west coast, Pete Griffiths, for his thoughts on what’s been happening lately on the Emerald Isle.

    It appears that David Miscavige has plans for Ireland.

    First we were surprised last year when the National Affairs Office of Ireland was opened in Merrion Square around the corner from the Parliament buildings and just two doors down from the Oscar Wilde’s former home. This is operated by the Office of Special Affairs and they have a specific role to perform within Scientology — “safepointing” is the term used to describe making an area “safe to expand into” and this involves all the front groups that we know so well. From Narconon and Criminon, through CCHR, The Truth About Drugs, The Way To Happiness, Youth for Human Rights and the Volunteer Ministers, they work tirelessly to get people to think or believe that Scientology are the good guys in society, bringing benefits to all, rather than a racket fleecing individuals and destroying families and bringing nothing but misery.

    In addition to the visible work done by OSA, here we also have their dirty tricks department. This nefarious outfit needs no introduction to regular readers of this blog. Spying on critics, compiling files and dossiers on public servants and representatives, gathering information that can be used to “shudder” critics into silence. All the usual L. Ron Hubbard policy letters brought to life by a zealous group of deluded adherents convinced that clearing the planet will bring salvation to all. Bad news guys, you are mocking up your reactive minds!

    And then just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier. Scientologists in Ireland want to go Ideal! They’ve bought up a “prosperity gospel” property that had been seized by the Bank of Scotland at a third the original value — six million euros, down from 18 million.

    What do they plan to do with such a property? It comes complete with 1,300-seat hall and was used as a community centre in Firhouse, Dublin 24 until the closure, seizure, and now purchase. The community needs a school but that’s not going to happen now. It’s yet another “ideal” property to add to Miscavige’s ever-increasing portfolio.

    The facility is in a bad location regards foot traffic (remember that old LRH policy that demanded that orgs be located in high body traffic areas?) but they no longer appear to care about that. They can show the dwindling membership that they really are expanding despite what those SPs keep on saying.

    There are no native Irish working in the National Affairs Office, but that’s OK, because if they do get any and they also want to read everything in the Irish language, then they can, because of the translation unit based in Denmark that has been working on translating all of L. Ron Hubbard’s works into Irish! The only problem here is that everyone who speaks Irish these days also speaks and reads in English and the market for these translations is zero. I know of at least one translator who is still waiting to get paid for their work. There have been a lot of foreign Scientologists entering Ireland over recent months. So much so that it has caught the attention of immigration. You see Irish people are not interested in Scientology, as evidenced by their failure to gain more than a toehold here over the past 25 years, so we’ll just ship in some staff to “safepoint” and create an Ideal Org for Dublin, to hell with the cost! If we build it, they will come? Oh no they won’t!

    Pete Griffiths

    More at
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  4. VIDEO: Locals have their say on the Victory Centre and Church of Scientology in Dublin, Ireland.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    Locals have their say on the Victory Centre and Church of Scientology

    The Echo Newspaper

    Published on Jul 18, 2017

    As speculation continues over the new owners of the Victory Centre in Firhouse, we asked local people what they think of the rumours suggesting it has been bought by the Church of Scientology.

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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  5. Successful foreign recruiting for the Church of Scientology in Dublin, Ireland.

    My emphasis on the Pete Griffiths story for Tony Ortega:

    Our man in Ireland ponders Scientology’s big plans for the Emerald Isle




  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Jive Aces - When Scientologists Attack | Suppressio Hibernicis

    A member of Scientology's band, The Jive Aces, demonstrates how state of "clear" doesn't exist, when an anti-scientology advocate approaches their stage with the truth about their organisation. The Jive Ace proceeds to "handle" the infidel and when he sees that he is being filmed doing so, attempts to attack the lensman. His "reactive mind" prevails, despite all of that "auditing" and a billion-year Sea Org contract.

    VIDEO: ‘Scientology Kills’ protest at Dublin concert enrages Jive Aces musician

    By Tony Ortega, July 19. 2017


    We spent a full day yesterday on a project we hope to tell you about soon. We just have time to post a video sent to us from John McGhee, who had an interesting encounter this week in Dublin.

    McGhee went to show put on by the Jive Aces, a swing band made up by Scientologists who use the band’s popularity to spread the Church of Scientology’s influence.

    You can see in the video that McGhee showed up to the concert in a “Scientology Kills” T-shirt and then, from near the stage, began handing out fliers denouncing the band and its connection to the church.

    Continued at
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  7. TorontosRoot Member

    When they attack people, ie. assault, it proves everything critics and ex's said about the cult, it's all true.
  8. Quentinanon Member

    Peaceful free speech from an ex met with violence from a Ronbot.
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  9. Scientology preparing to bring in 100 staff to operate Victory Centre in south Dublin as training camp for new recruits.

    The Sunday Times: Scientologists set to convert church

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    Scientologists set to convert church

    Religious movement preparing to bring in 100 staff to operate Victory Centre in south Dublin as training camp for new recruits

    Mark Tighe

    July 23 2017, 12:01am,
    The Sunday Times

    The Church of Scientology says it is recruiting 100 staff to help to run a new Irish training centre in a former Christian church in Firhouse, south Dublin, that it has bought for €6m.

    The movement, considered a cult in some countries, has set up a Facebook page with pictures of the staff it claims to have recruited for its Ideal Ireland Org.

    The pictures purport to show new recruits from around the world receiving their Scientology accreditation after completing various levels of training at one of the group’s bases.

    There are also photographs of the recruits arriving at Dublin airport and entering staff apartments, said to be a temporary measure until “we move into the new building” when “they will move into the beautiful…

    Want to read more?
    Register with a few details to continue reading this article.

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  10. TorontosRoot Member

    Gah' same old bullshit from the cult of scientology
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  11. Big video push in last 24 hours on Scientology website for Ireland.
  12. TorontosRoot Member

    Needs countermeasures.
  13. ...or a modern day St. Patrick.

    Legend has it that he single-handedly drove all the snakes out of Ireland.
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  14. Scientology recruits arrive for Firhouse centre in Dublin, Ireland.

    Echo IE: Scientology recruits arrive for Firhouse centre

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    Scientology recruits arrive for Firhouse centre

    News July 31, 2017

    By Maurice Garvey

    PHOTOGRAPHS of new Church of Scientology recruits arriving in Dublin Airport and staying in temporary accommodation prior to moving to a new training centre in Firhouse, have been removed by the organisation.

    Pictures and posts on the organisation’s Ideal Ireland Org Facebook page – including an event at Scientology’s British headquarters in Sussex where green cupcakes were distributed to encourage members to sign up for the new Irish centre – were removed on Friday after the Sunday Times asked the church about its plans for Firhouse.

    The church is reported to be recruiting 100 staff to help run a new training centre in Firhouse that is has bought for €6 million.

    The closely guarded plans have not been well received in the community.

    The majority of residents that The Echo has spoken to, overwhelmingly feel the former Victory Centre building and site should have been utilised as a school – to address a critical shortage of education places available.

    Fine Gael councillor Brian Lawlor said he would not encourage people to use the centre because Scientologists were refusing to engage with the community.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  15. TorontosRoot Member

    Those scientoloroaches are backpedaling by removing fluff photos AND I'm glad the councilor discourages people from going to the cult's domains.
  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Website for Scientology HQ in Firhouse goes live with plea for donations | InTallaght


    In July we ran an article about the Church of Scientology and their plans to open a European headquarters in the Victory Centre in Firhouse.

    This new base for the controversial “church” will be an “Ideal Org” which the organisation say is “configured to provide the full services of the Scientology religion to its parishioners, while also serving the community with social betterment and outreach programs.”

    Now the website for the ‘Ideal Org’ in Firhouse has gone live and features this video asking for donations. Unsurprisingly, comments on YouTube have been disabled. I wonder why?!

    In order to qualify as “Ideal,” an org needs to have 50,000 square feet of space.

    Europe’s Ideal Advanced Org is in Copenhagen, with other Ideal Orgs located in Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Hamburg, Madrid, Malmo, Moscow, Tel Aviv.

    The supposed motivation behind the Ideal Org project is that it started because Tom Cruise was embarrassed bringing a friend into an org, and Scientology leader David Miscavige wanted orgs to be a place he would be proud to bring guests.

    It is strange that while the number of people joining Scientology is declining the organisation is engaging in a massive worldwide property business.

    The cheeky divels even have the absolute brass neck to say that anyone who gives them money is a “True Friend of Ireland.”


    Every person who contributes now will receive a special, truly Irish acknowledgement accepting them as a “True Friend of Ireland”.

    It has been reported the cult is preparing to bring in 100 staff to operate the Victory Centre which they recently purchased for a knock down €6m.

    They’ve also set up a Facebook page with pictures of the staff it claims to have recruited for its Ideal Ireland Org with pictures of the new recruits from around the world receiving their Scientology accreditation after completing various levels of training at one of the group’s bases.


    The organisation has refused to answer all enquiries from InTallaght regarding their plans for Firhouse.

    More at
  17. TorontosRoot Member

    Kick them out, report their Facebook page for fraud.
  18. Scientology wants €415,000 from members to ensure new office in Ireland is a success.

    The Sunday TImes: Scientologists hope to ‘clear Ireland’ from Dublin base

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    The Church of Scientology is seeking to raise $100,000-$500,000 (€85,000- €415,000) from members to support the establishment of its new base in Firhouse, southwest Dublin.

    Correspondence obtained by former Scientologists reveals the church is planning to open the centre in the next month as a base for up to 250 members. Promotional material states it wants to “clear Ireland”.

    David Miscavige, the head of the movement, is expected to attend the official opening.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  19. TorontosRoot Member

  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    'You pay and get nothing' - Ex-Scientology member blasts church ahead of its European Headquarters opening in Dublin later this month

    The site was purchased for €6million last year, a third of its asking price during the boom

    By Michael Doyle, The Irish Sun


    An ex-scientologist has warned of his concerns over the controversial sect ahead of the opening of a massive new Irish base.

    The cult will open its new European headquarters this month at the Victory Centre in Firhouse, Dublin.

    The site was purchased for €6million last year, a third of its asking price during the boom.

    Renovation work has been ongoing for some time with a 1,300-seater auditorium set to open.

    But a former member of the Church of Scientology Ireland, John McGhee, insisted that they are only financially motivated.

    John told the Irish Sun: “Although I was with them for two-and-a-half or three years, I was on their books for about six.

    “They seek money from members. You pay to join and then you pay some more. I got nothing back.”

    The Church of Scientology Ireland has set up a new website called Ideal, but it gives little information about the sect, except a request for donations.

    John said: “That’s what they do.

    “It tells you nothing, doesn’t say what they do, what good they do, nothing like that.

    “They’re looking for money. There’s only about 50 registered scientologists in Ireland so this is a huge centre for them to open.

    “They’re supposed to be bringing people over from all over the world to work in this place.

    “You’re supposed to be totally committed to the church. When you join they ask you questions like are you a journalist or if you were ever a member of the KGB? It’s crazy.”

    The Irish Sun has learned that there are 100 places in the organisation’s Adventurers Club, which costs €1,000 to join.

    John said: “They have already filled 28 spots.

    “If you wanted to become a Silver member, it costs €2,500 and a Gold membership will set you back €5,000.”

    The Irish Sun saw posts in an exclusive Scientology Ireland Facebook group.

    One says: “Ideal Ireland Opening Update: So far we have 28 members to the ‘Adventurers Club’.”

    It claims that “over a hundred new staff from all over the world are handling their lives and dynamics to move to Dublin”.

    The Irish Sun tried to contact the member but he didn’t reply.

    The Church of Scientology — of which Tom Cruise is the most high profile member — also did not reply to us.


    Former Scientologist says church is only after members' money | Christian Daily
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists target schoolchildren | The Sunday Times, Ireland


    Two groups backed by the Church of Scientology hired stands at a state-run education conference in Kilkenny last week, which they used to ask school administrators for permission to make presentations to students.

    Applied Scholastics and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World were among the 55 stall-holders at the Education and Training Board Ireland (ETBI) conference held in the Lyrath Estate hotel in Kilkenny over two days. The conference was attended by Richard Bruton, the education minister, and 500 delegates from education and training boards (ETBs).

    ETBs are responsible for managing and operating second-level schools, further education colleges, multifaith community national schools, and a range of adult and further education centres.

    Continued (subscription required) here:
  22. TorontosRoot Member

    Those predators need to be banned from schools, their misinformation is bad, and their educational tools are real out of date.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientologists’ Drug-Free World target Irish teenagers |

    Foundation for a Drug-Free World, a Scientology-supported organization, appeared at a recent education conference in Co. Kilkenny as well as at an expo attended by 15-year-old Irish students.


    Concerns have grown recently at the access given to organizations linked with the Church of Scientology to education-linked conferences in Ireland, including the appearance of Applied Scholastics and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World at a recent expo held for 15- and 16-year-old Irish students.

    Both linked or funded by the controversial church, the groups were among the 55 stalls at the Education and Training Board Ireland (ETBI) conference in Co. Kilkenny last week, a conference attended by 500 delegates from education and training boards. These boards are responsible for managing and operating a range of education centers in Ireland including high schools, and further education colleges.

    This comes just two weeks after the groups purchased stands at an event in Dublin attended by 7,000 high school students.

    Michael Moriarty, the general secretary of the ETBI, told The Times that he only became aware that Applied Scholastics and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World were linked with Scientology when Irish radio station Newstalk reported on their presence at the Dublin expo two weeks previous.

    “We had a contract because they paid for a stand,” said Moriarty. “There were no children at this conference. They are all adults. What should I do? They are against drugs and I’ve no problem with that. I checked it with people and they were reasonably positive about them.

    “We are a multi-denominational body so we can’t discriminate,” he continued.

    “If somebody came here from Islam, as long as it was legal I couldn’t stop them. If Tom Cruise turned up here and he was a Scientologist, what do you do? I’m happy enough they are not a banned or an illegal organization. There were only intelligent, bright adults at my conference who could make up their own minds.”

    The Church of Scientology is thought to be attempting to expand its numbers in Ireland. Last year, Irish Scientologists announced the opening of a new national affairs office along with future plans to open a 1,200 auditorium in the Irish capital. The church also made attempts to translate their educational material into Irish.

    Despite its attempts to claim charitable, tax-free status in Ireland, the Church of Scientology has yet to be officially recognized in the country as a religion, though it is free to promote Scientology beliefs. The controversial church is believed to have just a few hundred members in Ireland, although exact figures are not provided.

    Would you be happy to have groups linked with the Church of Scientology present to your children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    The opening date for the new Church of Scientology in Firhouse has been revealed | Dublin Live


    The Church of Scientology is to hold a grand opening of its new “Ideal Org” at the former Victory Centre in Firhouse on October 14 next week.

    The property was bought last year for around €6 million, €12 million less than what it was valued at seven years ago.

    The new premises comes complete with a 1,100-seat ‘grand auditorium’, even though the 2016 Census only recorded 87 Scientologists in Ireland.

    Mike Rinder, former Executive Director of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs describes the Ideal Org strategy as a “real estate, money making scheme and PR campaign for internal scientologists".

    Some 250 Scientologists are being recruited from around the world to staff this new HQ. Nwoga Chukwuebuka Paschal, an African recruit for the Dublin centre, posted on Facebook that he had signed a five-year contract.

    He revealed: “I am the first Nigerian to be signed by the Dublin mission but will never be the last. I will probably spend more time abroad within these five years, but will surely have time to bring every good news or package to Nigeria or Africa.”

    Pete Griffiths, an ex-Scientologist from Co Mayo, said: “From 1987 to 2008, the thought control was all in place. Then a lengthy unravelling process began.

    "I got so angry that I burned any Scientology stuff I had lying around in a bonfire. I couldn’t look at it any more. The sense of betrayal is just incredible. The clues are all there, but you don’t see them."

    David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology since the death of L. Ron Hubbard in 1986, will be in Dublin for the opening.


    The Church of Scientology is opening a new centre in Dublin this weekend |

    The Church of Scientology does not have religious or charitable status in Ireland.
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    Senior Nation of Islam minister helps launch 'Scientology in Ireland'

    The new European base is due to open in Firhouse, south Dublin, this weekend.

    By Garreth MacNamee, Irish Independent, October 12,2017


    The Scientology centre which is to open in Firhouse, south Dublin, this weekend has been given the seal of approval by a senior member of the Nation of Islam.

    Nation of Islam minister Tony Muhammad attended a launch in London heralding the opening of the new centre in Dublin. At the event, he posed for photographs with senior Scientologist Jim Mathers.

    In a photo posted on Jim Mathers’ Instagram account, the two men are holding a green-covered copy of the Dianetics book, authored by Scientology’s controversial founder L Ron Hubbard, and considered one of the primary texts of Scientology. They are also standing in front of a green sign which reads: Launching Scientology in Ireland.

    The Nation of Islam (NOI) has been in operation for over 80 years. It is a group which promotes black nationalism in the name of Islam. It is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group due to the “deeply racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay rhetoric of its leaders”, according to the SPLC.

    The Nation of Islam has been outspoken against gay people as well as people of the Jewish faith.

    In one annual address in 2006, the then Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said:

    It’s the wicked Jews, false Jews, that make it a crime for you to preach the word of God, then they call you homophobic.

    More recently, Farrakhan this year used his keynote address at the Nation of Islam’s annual gathering to support Palestine’s right to land in the Middle East.

    He said: “I want to disabuse the Jews today of the false claim that you are the chosen of God — that Israel or Palestine belongs to you.

    “I want to disabuse you of that. I want to make it so clear and I’m going to tell you about your future. You that think you have power to frighten and dominate the peoples of the world. I’m here to announce the end of your time.”

    You can watch his full speech here.

    Earlier this year, a leading member of the Nation of Islam gave a speech claiming that the legalisation of marijuana in some US states was turning black men gay.

    Doctor Wesley Muhammad claimed that marijuana “induces homosexuality” in men.

    “Your weed is suddenly feminising you,” he said in a speech in January. The group has also been vehemently anti-vaccine.


    The Nation of Islam minister Tony Muhammad, who attended this week’s Scientology in Ireland launch, has claimed that some vaccinations were “genetically modified” to attack black and Latino males.

    In October 2015, he addressed a crowd of thousands of people in Washington and claimed that he had uncovered a conspiracy.

    “It has been brought to our attention that the senior lead scientist for the Center for Disease Control has admitted that the MMR vaccines and many of the vaccine shots have been genetically modified to attack black and Latino boys,” he said.

    “I don’t think you heard me. We are living in a wicked time, where we’re dealing with a spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    Concerns have been raised by a number of people about the church of Scientology opening what appears to be a European base in Firhouse.

    And on Saturday, when the centre is to be officially opened here, a number of protesters have said they assemble to voice their concern over the base.

    The Scientology movement has said previously that it has not taken a position on vaccines. In 2015, it confirmed that it had allowed a community centre it owns in the US to be used as the venue for a meeting of opponents to proposed legislation that would bring more children into the net of mandatory vaccinations.

    At the time, a Scientology spokesperson told the LA Times: “We frequently make the Community Center available to facilitate the open discussion of issues that are important to members of the community. The church does not take a position one way or the other on [the proposed legislation].”

    However, the church has been broadly anti-medication, especially for psychological conditions, even though it states that it is open to using “prescribed medical drugs when physically ill”.

    In its self-styled Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the church opposes psychiatry under the various guises, calling it “an industry of death” and it has also released a documentary, with the same name, in recent years.

    CCHR’s mission statement reads: “CCHR functions solely as a mental health watchdog, working alongside many medical professionals including doctors, scientists, nurses and those few psychiatrists who have taken a stance against the biological/drug model of “disease” that is continually promoted by the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry as a way to sell drugs.

    “It is a nonpolitical, nonreligious, nonprofit organisation dedicated solely to eradicating mental health abuse and enacting patient and consumer protections. CCHR’s Board of Advisers, called Commissioners, include doctors, scientists, psychologists, lawyers, legislators, educators, business professionals, artists and civil and human rights representatives.”

    Scientology Ireland has been contacted for comment.


    The author on Twitter:
  26. TorontosRoot Member

    The NOI wants to create another holocaust? They, all of them, will be charged for murder and serve life-sentences.
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  27. Quentinanon Member

    "The Nation of Islam minister Tony Muhammad, who attended this week’s Scientology in Ireland launch, has claimed that some vaccinations were “genetically modified” to attack black and Latino males."

    Tony Muhammad is a paranoid crank and very ignorant. Latinos have Euroasian genetic variations or Eurasian, Eastasian and West African mixes. Africans have very diverse genetics, with East Africans having many similarities to Eurasians and Eastasians. You just cannot produce a substance that would harm a specific race. And his reference to "genetically modified" means that the substance is a microbial life form, like a virus or bacteria. This demented idiot does not realise that a biological weapon would infect a very large sector of the human race, particularly as it mutates.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology to hold 'grand opening' of new 1,100-seat centre in Firhouse, Dublin | Irish Mirror Online

    The head of the cult, David Miscavige, will fly into Dublin for the event


    The head of the Church of Scientology will attend the opening of a new 1,100-seat centre in Dublin tomorrow. David Miscavige, who has led the cult since the death of founder L. Ron Hubbard in 1986, will fly into the capital for the event which takes place on Saturday morning, according to the group Ex-Scientologists Ireland.

    The property, the former Victory Centre in Firhouse, Dublin, was bought last year for around €6m - €12m less than what it was valued at in 2010, the group said. It includes a 1,100-seat 'grand auditorium', despite the fact that there are only 87 registered members of Scientology in the country, according to the 2016 Census. However, it is believed 250 members from around the world will arrive to staff the new HQ.

    A protest is expected to take place at the centre tomorrow.

    The new 'Ideal Organisation', a term used by Scientology to describe a church that provides full services to 'parishioners' along with community programs, is believed be its new base in Europe.

    Mike Rinder, former Executive Director of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, describes the Ideal Org strategy as a "real estate, money making scheme and PR campaign for internal scientologists".

    Scientology has so far failed to gain religious or charitable status in Ireland and was failing to make a profit up until last year. It opened a new National Affairs Office in Dublin’s Merrion Square a year ago. There is another centre open on Middle Abbey Street. Famous members include actors Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

    In a rare interview about it last year, Tom Cruise said "it's something that has helped me incredibly in my life". He added: "I've been a Scientologist for over 30 years. It's something, you know, without it, I wouldn't be where I am. So it's a beautiful religion. I'm incredibly proud."

    Some of Scientology’s most famous adherents, like actress Leah Remini, and writer/director Paul Haggis, have split with the church.

    Scientology has faced numerous controversies over the years, from its claim that mental illness doesn't exist to rumours they believe in an extraterrestrial being named Xenu.

    Former Irish Scientologist John McGhee previously told the Irish Sunday Mirror that he only left when he saw a fellow recruit suffer a mental breakdown. He said: "For me it was like an onion. There are mild layers on the outside but when you get to the centre it’s more sinister and it will sting you."

    Pete Griffiths, who lost his home and had to start from scratch after he spent years working for the organisation on zero wages, insisted his experience taught him there was no more to Scientology than recruiting followers and persuading them to buy books and enrol on expensive courses. He added: "I was involved for seven years but the mental damage went on for a lot longer. There’s a lot of love-bombing at the start. It’s very subtle the way it happens but it is a form of mind control."

    Continued at

    Protests expected as Church of Scientology centre to open in Dublin | Kildare Nationalist


    The Head of Scientology will visit Dublin tomorrow to open a new centre for the religion. The building in Firhouse will include a conference centre with room for 1,100 people, but the census shows there are just 87 scientologists in Ireland.

    Former scientologist, Pete Griffiths, does not believe that figure is accurate. He said: “I actually don’t think there is that many. “I think some people just put that down as a joke, as people do sometimes on the census, they put down anything.”

    No one knows yet what the building will actually be used for, and that is causing some concern among locals.

    Local county councillors were invited to see the new building, with many saying they will not go and one telling the organisers that he did not want to go in alone.

    One local councillor, Dermot Looney, said on Twitter that he will have nothing to do with them and that he will monitor the situation to make sure no vulnerable people are targetted.

    Continued at

    Protests to mark opening of new Scientology base in Ireland

    Church has purchased 1,200-capacity venue in south Dublin despite having just 87 Irish members recorded by census
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  29. Quentinanon Member

    The scientology crime syndicate always grossly inflates their number of dupes.
    If it isn't a lie, it isn't scientology.
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Protest organiser explains why Scientology is a dangerous cult that destroys peoples lives

    The woman behind a planned protest outside the new Scientology Org in Firhouse tomorrow says Scientologists are “dangerous quacks working with other crazy cults in a bid to reek havoc on society.”


    With the Head of Scientology David Miscavige (pictured above) due in Firhouse tomorrow to officially open the new base located in the Victory Centre, Cork woman Fiona O’Leary tells InTallaght why she has organised a protest to coincide with the opening.

    “We are staging a peaceful protest tomorrow, Saturday, because we want to stop the development of the Scientology cult here in Ireland.

    “I am an Autism campaigner based in Cork and founder of the group Autistic Rights Together.
    “We try to educate society about autism and the misinformation that is being spread by quacks and the anti vaccine movement.

    “I am on the Autism spectrum myself, as are two of my five wonderful children, and I campaign against bogus so called autism “treatments.”

    “That’s how I initially encountered Scientology as members of the cult were saying they could “make autistic children talk” and “cure” them.

    “One of those bogus autism “cures” we have protested against is the bleach product MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)

    “Last year I was in court with the Health Products Regulatory Authority regarding MMS and together we made it illegal in Ireland.”

    In 1969 the Church of Scientology set up a non profit organisation called Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR) who’s mission is to “eradicate abuses committed under the guise of mental health and enact patient and consumer protections.”

    Scientology is against all forms of psychiatry which it calls “an industry of death,” but Fiona says the cults own methods are extremely dangerous.

    “CCHR is a scam, a front group for the Scientology cult

    “They are anti psychiatry and prescribed medications but have no problem offering quack ‘treatments’ to autistic children.

    “They believe that psychiatry is violating the human rights of children with mental health issues and conditions like autism but giving unproven and unregulated products to autistic children is not seen as a violation of human rights in their eyes!

    “The spokespeople for CCHR, John Wood and Gemma Harris, are batshit crazy and endorse unproven and dangerous ‘therapies’ for autism. Both are Scientologists.”

    Fiona says when she tells American ex scientologists about this new centre the cult is opening in Firhouse they are baffled and can’t “understand why the council in Dublin would allow it.”

    Whereas other European countries like France, Belgium, Germany and Russia, have made the Church of Scientology very unwelcome, Ireland has allowed them operate.

    In France Scientologists have been convicted of fraud and Belgium tried to outlaw Scientology as a criminal organisation after an investigation that took almost twenty years.

    This summer Russia’s federal security services raided properties connected to the cult in Moscow and St Petersburg launching a probe into illegal entrepreneurship, extremism and incitement of hatred.

    Five Scientologists are still in a Russian jail awaiting trial.

    The organisation say its purpose in Ireland is to “hope for a better world and for happier lives, and to share the practical solutions that turn those hopes into reality”.

    Another worrying development is the cults growing links with the Nation of Islam, a group who’s stated goals are to “improve the spiritual, mental, social, and economic condition of African Americans in the United States and all of humanity” but who are classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

    Fiona said the two organisations have a shared common interest:

    “The Nation Of Islam is aligning itself with Scientology due to their links to the anti-vaccine Cult VAXXED

    “Nation Of Islam are extremists who promote dangerous pseudoscience regarding vaccines, saying they are toxic and cause autism, they also spew homophobia and anti semitism.

    “Last weekend Scientologists from all around the world gathered at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead UK to celebrate the IAS (International Association Of Scientologists)

    “Nation Of Islam attended this big event along with business tycoon Jim Mathers.

    “Mathers is a Scientologist and donates a lot of money to this cult, he is known as a whale.

    “Matters can be seen at the IAS event with Nation of Islam and their spokespersons promoting the opening of the Firhouse building.

    “The Nation of Islam minister Tony Muhammad, who attended this week’s Scientology in Ireland launch, has claimed that some vaccinations were “genetically modified” to attack black and Latino males.”

    Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is on record as saying has he first heard about Scientology 40 years ago, but it was Tony Muhammad who introduced him to it.

    In 2005, Muhammad was beaten by the LAPD at a prayer vigil he’d organised for a young man killed in a drive-by shooting.

    The incident had a profound effect on his mental health and pushed him into a depressed state.

    A friend told him about Scientology, which he credits with saving his life, and helping him regain his mental health.

    When Farrakhan later met with Muhammad, he was amazed by the transformation and, as Muhammad says on an audio clip posted on YouTube, said: “Whatever you’re on—I want some of it.”

    Local county councillors were invited to see the new building but so far all have declined.

    It is understood that the new Org will “employ” up to 250 staff, all of whom will be foreign volunteers, and Fiona believes some of them may be here against their will.

    “They bring people from all over the world, I know of one young man from Ghana who was brought from his country for five years, even though he didn’t want to leave.

    “They target lonely or vulnerable people with promises of great jobs then exploit them for years, it’s almost slavery.

    “How they are getting visas I don’t know.

    “I hope we can get plenty of local people to come to our peaceful protest tomorrow which starts at 2.30.

    “I know the people of Firhouse are not happy about the Scientologists moving in and a lot have been questioning why the Victory Centre couldn’t have been given over to be used as a community centre.

    “From what I’ve been told, I believe Scientologists have already been patrolling Firhouse, calling to the pub in the morning, checking the place out and going around asking “why do Irish people drink so much?”

    “Scientology is a dangerous cult that destroys peoples lives.”

    For more information on tomorrows protest please click on the following link:

    Protest to Stop Scientology Facebook page

    More at
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why are Scientologists setting up a European hub in Ireland?

    Centre opening in country with only 87 Church of Scientology members

    'We need spotlight on this site': Protestors to set up outside Dublin Scientology centre today

    One ex-Scientologist from Mayo wants to warn others: “I got so angry that I burned any Scientology stuff I had in a bonfire.”
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology's new building in Dublin will be opened today

    Protesters are gathering outside The Church of Scientology's massive new centre in Dublin today.

    The leader of the secretive religion - David Miscavige - is expected to attend the opening ceremony at the centre in Firhouse - which can seat over a thousand people.

    Demonstrators from Ireland and abroad have been arriving outside - many of them former members of the church which they say is a 'cult'.

    Demonstrators Gathering Outside New Scientology Centre

    Protesters are gathering outside Scientology's massive new centre in Dublin today.

    Its leader - David Miscavige - is expected to attend the opening ceremony at the centre in Firhouse - which can seat over a thousand people.

    Demonstrators from Ireland and abroad have been arriving outside - many of them former members of the church which they say is a 'cult'.

    Richard Chambers @newschambers 4 hours ago
    Interesting assignment today. Out to Firhouse, where what could be Scientology’s new European hub is being opened.

    Richard Chambers‏ @newschambers 2 hours ago
    Bill and his mate - who’ve come over from Plymouth - have brought “one thousand Xenu balloons” with them for the day.

    Richard Chambers‏ @newschambers 11 hour ago
    The Scientology centre has speakers put up facing *outwards* towards the road. Apparently to play music and drown out any noisy protesters

    Richard Chambers‏ @newschambers 1 hour ago
    Two buses of attendees have turned up for the opening. Few in Scottish kilts.

    Richard Chambers‏ @newschambers 51 minutes ago
    Bill the Pirate now heckling Scientologists coming out of the SuperValu (which is doing serious business by the way).

    Richard Chambers‏ @newschambers 42 minutes ago
    Chatted to a few attendees of the opening - mostly from Germany.

    Richard Chambers‏ @newschambers 38 minutes ago
    Chatted to a few attendees of the opening - mostly from Germany.
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Bonus items from our tipsters

    By Tony Ortega, October 14, 2017


    The world’s tallest leprechaun is scheduled to be in Dublin today for the opening of the new Ideal Org in the suburb of Firhouse. But what’s this? The locals are standing firm, at least as far as one bit of overreaching by the Scientologists. According to the application which was just denied two days ago, the new Ideal Org wanted to put in some obnoxious exterior lighting or something, and got turned down. So maybe they won’t be entirely steamrolling their way to what they want at the new location.

    Keep an eye on the comments section as reports begin to filter in today about the big grand opening.

    More at
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  34. The Wrong Guy Member

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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Martin says he's concerned about Scientology setting up in Ireland


    [Irish political party] FIANNA FÁIL LEADER Micheál Martin has said he is very concerned about the opening of a new Scientology centre in Dublin and the reports it could be the new European HQ, post-Brexit.

    “I would very concerned about that. I think these type of cults can be very damaging to people, particularly to young people,” he told this afternoon.

    Earlier this year, TheJournal.ierevealed that the Victory Centre in Firhouse was to become Scientology’s European base after it was bought by the international group last year.

    The church has already had two small hubs operating in Dublin city centre for a number of years. However, their opening of a site which can house thousands of people has irked a number of former members of the group.

    It is expected that some of the church’s leading members, including its current leader David Miscavige, will be attending the official opening today. Locals against the opening of the centre are staging a protest outside the centre this afternoon. asked Martin if he would be in favour of banning Scientology from Ireland, as some other countries have done in the past. However, the Fianna Fáil leader stopped short of outlawing Scientology. He said he was not sure new legislation would be the best way to deal with the issue.

    “The best way forward to deal with that needs to be examined it may not be legislative ultimately in situations like this. It is about education, it is about informing the public, it is about self-esteem, self-confidence – it is a whole range of issues that just don’t lend themselves to a simple ban. It is more complex than that,” he said.

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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    'No footpath to enlightenment' | The Sun

    As 1,500 devoted Scientologists are bussed into Victory Centre in Firhouse, Dublin for HQ launch, cult erects barriers to block off protesters

    Controversial leader David Miscavige cut the ribbon on the premises while, outside, an Irish security firm patrolled to ensure only those invited entered.


    Up to 1,500 faithful were bussed in for the opening of the new European HQ of the Scientology cult in Dublin yesterday – but others had their path blocked off.

    Controversial leader David Miscavige cut the ribbon on the premises, which is at the Victory Centre in Firhouse, as devoted followers from Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Holland and France paid homage.

    The foopath outside was closed off with barriers to prevent unwanted guests from peering over the temporary hoardings. An Irish security firm patrolled outside to ensure only those invited entered, while a small group of protesters made their feelings known.

    Demonstrators gathered outside the centre and shouted at members entering that the religion “kills”.

    Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is the world’s leading Scientologist, while other high-profile members include actor John Travolta, the singer Beck and his actress wife Marissa Ribisi. One demonstrator yesterday held up a sign saying: “Keep Tom Cruise out of Firhouse.”

    Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin said: “These types of cults can be very damaging to people, particularly to young people. The best way forward needs to be examined, it may not be legislated. I think ultimately in situations like this it is about education.”

    It’s claimed one Scientologist has already been barred from a local pub, with some oddball members turning up to berate them for serving alcohol early and showing sport on TV, while eavesdropping on conversations.

    Members going in refused to speak to the Irish Sun, while staff, all dressed in smart black suits with a gold trim, said there was no one available to comment today. But they added that the centre would be open to the public from tomorrow.

    The opening of the church’s new European base in Ireland comes as the latest Census shows there are just 87 scientologists in Ireland.

    Former member John McGhee, from Co Meath, was forcibly removed by security staff during the week as he tried to film a video over the wall of the centre. He spoke to the Irish Sun a few weeks ago about his troubles trying to leave the church and how they took nearly every cent he had. “They are dangerous and all they care about his money. They will bleed you try.”

    Local bar staff had complained to McGhee that in recent weeks, foreign Scientologists had come to the business questioning why alcohol was being served early and why sports games were being shown on TV, while eavesdropping on conversations.

    Englishman Bill Drummond, who came dressed as pirate, travelled over from Plymouth to take part in the Irish protest. He said: “I grew up with it in my family so I was a member for about 55 years. My whole family are still in it. But I have no contact with them because I got out two years ago. They insist on disconnection with your entire family when you join. My brother died at the age of 48 with five brain tumours brought on by a lot of the stress he was subjected to by them. The Scientologists wouldn’t allow him to receive any treatment and took all of his medication. The doctor said that if they had got to him with just one brain tumour his life could have been changed.”

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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘Keep Tom Cruise out of Firhouse’: Scientology centre sparks protest | The Irish Times

    Demonstrators at opening of €6m facility in Dublin hit out at church

    In a press statement Mike Rinder, a former executive director of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs, described the Ideal Org strategy as a “real estate, money-making scheme and PR campaign for internal Scientologists.”

    Protesters gather as 'damaging' Scientology Centre opens in Dublin | Dublin Live

    The Church of Scientology claims it isn't a cult - but not everyone agrees


    Autism activist Fiona O’Leary, one of the organisers of the protest, said: "My fear is they will target vulnerable children who can’t make choices for themselves.

    "They have a worship licence which means they can do whatever they want with that premises.

    "This is a European hub so it’s not just about Ireland. They have over 250 staff and my question is what are they going to be doing in there?"

    Fiona added that her "big worry" was that minors would be introduced to what the Church of Scientology terms ‘purification rundowns’ – a gruelling regime involving lengthy sauna sessions and huge intake of vitamins.

    She said: "If they are going to do these purification rundowns on children then that is child abuse in my book."


    In a tweet Crumlin Shopping Centre said: "Wishing our Alien Overlords in @scientology Ireland the best of luck as they open their new intergalactic space station in Firhouse today."


    Scientology’s website denies it is a cult and the organisation’s Dublin HQ has refused to comment on any aspect of the centre’s operations.


    Pete Griffiths from Co Mayo, who runs the Ex-Scientologists Facebook page, was not at yesterday’s protest but has warned against the church.

    Speaking exclusively to the Irish Mirror about his 22-year involvement he said: "It is a form of mind control. I had to leave without telling them."

    He added: "I got so angry that I burned any Scientology stuff I had lying around in a bonfire. I couldn't look at it any more."
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