"J.E — Investigating Scientology" (J.E chez les scientologues)

Discussion in 'Media' started by N. Ron Rubber, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. N. Ron Rubber Member

    This thread is a continuation of

    I decided to start a fresh thread so this epic report will not be lost into over 9000 messages.

    Grab yourself a truckload of popcorn and enjoy the cult of scientology being ass-whooped for the next 45 minutes. =D

    EDIT: Thanks to MNLQ1 and Anubis for the translation.

    EDIT (2): the 4th video subtitle issues has been fixed.

    EDIT (3): TVA did a follow-up report with Canadian Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette going after the cult.

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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Great work. Thanks.
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  3. CarltonBANKS Member

    Oh man , wish they wouldn't blur the faces of the scilons (who are working in the orgs right now). If someone from the network wants to accidentally leak that to us...
  4. mnql1 Member

    For some odd reason, the subtitles of Part 4 are only visible in full-screen mode, which can be selected by clicking on the bottom right-hand corner of the video pane.
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  5. CarltonBANKS Member

    That reporter is bad-ass; cool, calm & collected, clearly enjoying trolling the cult. In Clearwater. Lulz.

    More journos should go to Clearwater to watch them squirm. And they should do it in unison. Liberate Clearwater!
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  6. mnql1 Member

    The subtitles of Part 4 are visible in full-screen mode.
  7. Sponge Member

    Thank you, translators, editors and uploaders.

    Brilliant programme.
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  8. willhaven720 Member


    Oh hai, Anonymous...

    I miss yer cawks.

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  9. Gary Moore Member

    Excellent prog! Thank you.
  10. an0nim0uz Member

    In the hallowed words of M. Bison: "THIS IS DELICIOUS."
  11. CarltonBANKS Member

    I love how they do that thing of attacking the integrity of the reporter. "You are a LIAR! We cannot trust you to represent us" (paraphrasing)

    What's surprising is that there's usually the scilons' camera crew, filming the camera crew of the reporter. So, what's going on ? Are they spread too thin? They normally get up in the face of the journalist, in an attempt to intimidate them.

    As I said earlier, I am so impressed that JE left their native Canada to tour Clearwater. That's just gutsy.

    Usually, when Mark Bunker goes around Clearwater, they send a group of zombies to call him 'fatty' and wave some placards around. I guess this took them by surprise.

    Let's fucking saturate Clearwater with reporters. It going to be harder for them to make stuff up & engage in wrong-doings, with increased scrutiny. (They thrive on secrecy). Like Tripoli is to Gadaffi, Clearwater is a symbolic stronghold for the cult. Imagine Clearwater's residents having a (peaceful) "uprising", basically saying "fuck off" and "obey the law" to the cult. I imagine there's so much corruption there. (I was sent some stuff about a a Tampa Bay Informer Reporter, she was so pally with the Mayor etc. ) Local government in Clearwater is, no doubt, infested with clams.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Lovely except for the last video...even though I enlarged it, the bottom part of the subtitles were hidden. I can also say that it was estimated by a visiting Euro Scientologist that there are only about 200-300 Sea Org in Clearwater at this time. Clearwater Anons agree with that number, but lean more toward the lower figure.
  13. CarltonBANKS Member


    Does Pat Harney only wear sunglasses when she is in OSA-Tommy-Davis mode?

    (Fire up PhotoShop, get your creative juices flowing. She's just waiting to be parodied)
  14. Anonymous Member

    Good work Anons!
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  15. CarltonBANKS Member

    Thanks, you da man :p

    /r/ can we please have one long video, like up Megaupload or something, so it avail in high-res. Mark Bunker has a special Youtube account, he can upload videos longer than 10mins, maybe he can put up a mirror. (you can never have too many mirrrors)
  16. Well Done, Scientology spokesholes Pat Harney and Peter Mansell looked so very uptone and happy and at cause.......

    They really don't like "liars", it's so foreign to Scientology "Ethics"...........les miserable fuks were well handled by cool and calm reporters, lol.

    Thx for all the translation work.......Cult is crumbling.......
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Just headed into part 3 now - this is fantastic stuff.

    This needs to be emailed to every single news org that has ever shown a critical eye over the cult.

    Those Quebecois have some balls, it's time other news outlets did the same thing.

    Hidden cameras for the win!
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  18. RightOn Member

    thanks to all for the hard work to get the sub titles up.
    This report has Sea Org info, indoctrination, front groups, investingations, taxes, Scientologists acting like paranoid idiots and not telling the truth, testimonies of ex's, and even one of them telling Hubbard to Fuck off.
    MAN! what a shit load of win! :)
    JE of Canada, you rock! Kudos to all that participated.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Send a copy of this to NOI too. lol
    hope it gets mirrored a ton of times
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  20. TinyDancer Member

    Awesome work. Thanks to everyone concerned. Special thanks to our translators extraordinaire
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Having watched it all, just made me more angry and more concerned about what I might be tempted to do, the next time one of these parasites asks me about doing a stress test.

    The governments of the countries most affected need to wake the fuck up. And also - maybe protesting the orgs is futile, it's maybe now about protesting those who should be heading up investigations, in fact they should have instigated this ten years ago.

    Fuck L Ron Hubbard, and fuck all his followers. In the mouth.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Popping the video out made the subtitles show up properly for me
  23. On my desktop which has an older, narrow monitor the subtitles show up in full screen but on my widescreen laptop I can't make the second line show up no matter how I display the video. I'll keep trying though.

  24. Anonymous Member

    Just a comment about Michel Jean, the presenter and narrator of the piece. In the winter of 2000, there was a tragic car accident that killed 7-8 children, the story was a big deal across the province. So the guy was reporting live, doing his job but when he turned his head a certain way, the light would reflect the tears running down his cheeks. Got to fall in love with a guy like that.

    Or... he was just snowblind. :/
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  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    after win after win after win after win after
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Not on my end they are not. Bottom line keeps getting chopped off.
  27. GuyFox Member

    Maybe stop wiggling the mouse so that the control bar goes away? Update Flash?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Here is a workaround for subtitle problem. If you paste the link ( into VLC you can watch it fine. I can get Opera to display them by going fullscreen and then hitting the ESC key. Won't work for Firefox.
  29. CarltonBANKS Member

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  30. xenubarb Member

    Not here...
  31. mnql1 Member

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  32. Thank you for your hard work in the translation and subtitles. Great job.
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  33. afternon Member

    Quality undercover report and great job at subtitling- looks like the media (those pesky "merchants of chaos") are thoroughly at cause again!
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  34. AnubisMTL Member

    Bringing some Joe Public news. I spoke to a trusted source, today, who told me, on his own, about the JE interview and apparently, his girlfriend, his co-workers and such are really upset about the investigation saying ''How can this bullshit pass? This is inconceivable!!''

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  35. peterstorm Member

    Good job on the subtitles
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  36. Anonymous Member

    By bullshit, do you mean the scifaggotry?
  37. Intelligence Member

    I was wondering same thing?
  38. Anonymous Member

    I think he means the $cilons are reacting, specifically narconon's doods, amirite?
  39. tippytoe Member

    Thank you for posting this in a separate thread. I missed it before. Can't wait to start watching the awesomeness!

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