Just Broadcast! Channel 4 five-minute Scientology speech

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by CarltonBANKS, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. thefatman Member

    Can we get the anti-psych one reuploaded for us Aussie fags?
  2. CarltonBANKS Member

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  3. CarltonBANKS Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't touch him with yours
  5. Anonymous Member

    how much has Ian Clarkson spent on scientology so far? Any suggestions?
  6. CarltonBANKS Member

    I've tried and others, but none of those online rippers seem to work :(
  7. thefatman Member

    Try recording the video/audio separately using a cam capture program and sync them together. It's the only thing I can think of :(
  8. PeeTeaEssence Member

    Oh, hellz, no. Who goes to their shows? Their mothers? What an embarrassing act. Gaaaaawd. Go back to the ninties and rethink your whole angle, okay guys? How much are they charging for tickets? They look like bees for Xenu with those suits and wingtips. Silly Scilon band... You're so freaking cool. What do your groupies look like?

    "The Way to Crappiness" is their next album, by the way.
  9. Anonymous Member

    To find out what?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Over £9000
  11. Jinkii Member

    I still dont get how Channel 4s religeous programming requirement is fulfilled by getting people from an organisation that has been refused that status dozens of times in the uk to promote said organisation, not to mention the fact that channel 4 gets some of its funding from the licence fee, taxpayers money is being used to shovel this shit through the boob tube into your living room!
  12. CarltonBANKS Member

    That said, I'm enjoying the pure comedy. I've loved all their videos (for the wrong reasons, Graeme Wilson, before you get too excited). Before leaking info about clams, I'd tried to balance their privacy with public interest. Now that they have gone on national tv, they ought to expect people to talk about them. In the UK, all these clams are from a relatively tiny, insular group.

    Did you know Neil Gaiman still tells the media he's not involved with Scientology, whilst still making massive donations.
  13. Scientologists deny being Scientologists all the time, while secretly funding the Cult. Cruise hid his association and though he's taken all the courses, his name is hidden on the lists.

    Beck denied it until he was outed by a reporter and Will Smith denied it by request of the movie studio that produced Hancock.

    Gaiman last funding spree was through his business partner in The Blank Corporation, Mary Gaiman to the tune of half a million dollars.

    Gaimans siblings are both high ranking executives and Gaiman attends the Freewinds cruises and is given an allowance from G&G Vitamins.
    (The Gaiman family also derive a 6 million dollar income annually from G&G vitamins founded by the now deceased David Gaiman. G&G Vitamins has a monopoly to sell the purification rundown worldwide.)

    Gaiman was fawned over by Scientology bloggers before he had the material removed to keep his status hidden.

    Gaiman was photographed at Scientology gatherings at Wealden House.

    Gaiman's half-assed-denial to the BBC was fumbled when he said "But, I mean... I love my family." Meaning he is controlled by them.

    Gaimans own parents, David and Sheila Gaiman, schooled Neil Gaiman and his sisters Lizzy Calciole and Claire Edwards in how to lie, confuse and attack reporters and how to conceal being a Sceintologist if it interferes with amassing money and power:

    So lying is Gaiman family policy. Bottom line is If scientologists have high ranking family members who are still speaking to them, they are IN.
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  14. CarltonBANKS Member

    Great rationale.

    I help with one of the sites you link to, above (

    If you have any other insights, I can get them published along side the Neil Gaiman @ Colbert Report article. Email me at

    (Tried to PM you but couldn't)
  15. This is a GREAT site! Another piece of evidence for Neil Gaiman's involvement are the pictures of Holly Gaiman attending the Greenfield's School.

    My contacts in the music industry have informed me that the Scientology infestation is wide spread and that they all keep their status secret due to bad publicity and record company pressure.

    I also suspect that Guillermo Del Toro is a secret Scientologist, due to his casting of Katie Holmes and his good will Scientology tour with Tom Cruise in Australia along with his bizarre involvement with Gaiman, who has visited his sets and continually drops Del Toro's name in business transactions.

    Gaiman's father's mission was to get into Russia. Maybe the Scientologists are trying to get into China and Gaiman's trips there are part of their push.

    I will e mail you.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    What did Del Toro cast Katie Holmes in?

    Also, both he and Gaiman are connected to the comics scene. Has Mignola done anything with Gaiman?
  17. Anonymous Member

    When they were in L.A. last year, publics were being hounded by Scilons by phone & email to put everything aside to attend their 2 concerts. Some dedicated twits sat through both horrifically awful concerts. Their suits are bad enough. Reminds me of infected snot.
  18. november5 Member

    I think we ought to have some sort of retaliation against Church of Scientology regarding this; just to keep them from getting away with their lies.
  19. Anonymous Member

    What did you have in mind?
  20. november5 Member

    Dunno, I'm an amateur at tactics and strategy. I'd suggest hacking their website again and placing another message to the Church alongside dozens of links to classified material, but the Church and the media's going to hound Anonymous for suppressing freedom of speech and acting like cyberterrorists. Plus, it's exactly the same thing done to the Westboro Baptist Church, so it's not really original.

    Ideas, anyone?
  21. Pretty sure we never hacked their website to begin with. Nor are we going to.
  22. Miranda Member

    I suggest not promoting illegal activities on WWP. That's my idea for the day. You're right that this kind of action has a down side.
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  23. CarltonBANKS Member

    Fuck off, you cunt!
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. CarltonBANKS Member

    Guis, since this thread was posted, looks like they have had

    Embedding disabled by request

    (on this page, for example) Is anyone computer literate enough to rip these videos and mirror to rutube? (IIRC, YouTube blocks IP addresses to those outside UK for this

  26. CarltonBANKS Member


    As you are in the USA, you may prefer to leave a voice message for us, if typing to too time-consuming. Our phone number is : 707-8EMETER

    (Same goes to any lurking OSA types, who want to defect. You know dear-leader, Miscavige = Gadaffi. It's only a matter of time...)

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