Kansas City, MO -- December 20, 2014

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by RedShieldwolf, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. RedShieldwolf Member

    Change of plan. Chicago, I'm making arrangements for January if you can keep the cell alive until then. PM me, plox. :cool:

    Anyway, this is when I plan to protest. I'll do it alone if I have to, but I'll probably have some friends along.

    "But RSW," you say. "You're a stupid, stubborn faggot who is stupid and a faggot. Nobody cares about Scientology in Missouri. Not when cable news is trying to race bait us into a civil war for their own agendas and the police have become nearly indistinguishable from the military."

    1. Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like...uh, your opinion, man.

    2. Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me. I can't anonymize or rate posts anymore (yes, Mods, I've lurked, I'm aware of why I can't) and WWP is almost a complete hugbox now. I've got nothing to lose, baby.

    3. I need the rush and lulz of protests in my life. Things have gotten way too grim and serious in this state, what with rape coverups, racial tensions, and an ever burgeoning group of assholes that think others' rights end where their feelings begin. Some of you are actually on this board, and while I won't do any specific COs, you should know you are cancer and little better than culties. Besides, I made a commitment and Applied Scholastics is still based in Missouri. This is a perfectly good place to raid.

    The ACLU was unhelpful in giving me information about specific ordinances in Kansas City. Apparently I actually am a dumbass and am not learned in the ways of finding current ordinances like if and how far away I need to protest or whether I can use a megaphone. Glorious yet schizophrenic and reticent KCfags seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth after the 2011 conversation with the Org Manager. If someone could enlighten me on the legal stuff, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I'll do it myself and try and contact a lawyer or something.

    TL;DR? Get in touch. Come on down to KC for lulz and a peaceful, nonviolent protest. If you want to do your own raid, pretty please with cherry on top go ahead and do it. I'm not your boss or anything, just an organizer trying to reestablish a cell. :p

    EDIT: Traditionally we have protested from 11:00 to whenever we feel like leaving. This is up for discussion if there are others who can make it this day, but not at this time.
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  2. anonsoulless Member

    So In KC you have to stay at least 20 feet from the entrance of the Org. That usually means across the street. You cannot use a megaphone.

    I'd be down to protest, but I'm busy that day. I'm sure I could dig up an anon or two for old time's sake if it were another day.
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  3. RedShieldwolf Member

    Well, damn it. :(

    I'm still gonna do this, since I've committed to it. Gonna try to dig up some fliers tomorrow and make some signs I guess. And collect some batteries for my camera. I can't afford to make that mistake again.

    Do you know the source of the ordinances in question? Not that I disbelieve you, I just wanted to research them myself.

    And Thetanbait told me you were online, but your profile said you hadn't signed in since 2012. Are there any other KCfags around here?
  4. RedShieldwolf Member

    Actually, wait a minute. There isn't a weekday we could do this next week, is there? I probably won't know the time frame until Sunday, but I could possibly do that.

    Or maybe I'll solo raid them for a week. Who knows? :eek:
  5. anonsoulless Member

    I remember finding the ordinances somewhere online before but not where I found them. I also remember the cops telling us these things first hand.

    No weekday is good for me. It will have to be on a Saturday or Sunday and I won't be available until January. Like I said, I might be able to dig up a few kcfags if we can all agree on a convenient date. Nobody reads the forums anymore though. I only popped in because ThetanBait messaged me on IRC
  6. Orgsclosed Member

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  7. anonsoulless Member

  8. Skambrent Member

    Oh my god, there are still protests... Talk about a blast from the past! Yeah, back in 08 when we first protested, I remember there being a megaphone. I wonder if that's what caused them to change the ordinance?

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  9. RedShieldwolf Member

    Nah, it looks like the ordinance was in place well before we started protesting. I guess after 3 years, I ruined it talking about the FBI investigation. :oops:

    Projected protest days are Friday and Saturday this week. Tensions are already high in Mizzou and it looks like I may be protesting alone on at least one of those days, so I'm going to take soulless' word on the distance requirement. There's no need to push my luck, unless doing so would prompt another conversation. My voice is sufficiently loud though. So is my caps lock key when I set it to cruise control.

    My main focus will be security. Hopefully, Maincor is still watching the block, but I will have a few cameras set up as the weather permits. I may also bring along the megaphone for its siren, but only if I can carry it comfortably along with everything else.

    I could not find my fliers. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe Pfizer will remember to send me the check they promised. You'd think after all these years....

    And, um, 39th and Main for newcomers. Here:

    There you go. (That should probably be in the OP. Oh well.)
  10. ThetanBait Member

    Maggie, the head of the org, came out and spoke with us in October 2011 and there wasn't any mention of ordinance violation.

  11. RedShieldwolf Member

    Interesting. Even when the bullhorn incident is explicitly brought up, she only denies involvement.

    And where is the Bernster these days? I know he would have some things to say.
  12. never Member

    What in the actual fuck is going on here?
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  13. RedShieldwolf Member

    Nothing, I guess. All my plans fell apart gradually until there was no way I could feasibly go. I was hoping someone else would pick this up and run with it, but no. Bleh.

    Hai, never.
  14. Keep your head up, and save your energy for warmer weather.

    Best wishes. I hope you'll persevere in this effort.

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    May 2nd

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