Keeping Morale Up On $uper $unday

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Suzzle, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Suzzle Member

    Keeping Morale Up On $uper $unday

    In order to keep up morale, I'm going to post a few suggestions here. Please feel free to add your own suggestions.

    1. - Bring Music. There's a good thread describing what kind of music will be good here:

    Don't forget if you have a video Ipod or PSP, bring along some funny videos to share with your fellow protesters during any downtime. Lulz=morale.

    2. - Take a break! There's no rule saying you have to be outside flyering nonstop. Go inside, warm up and get some coffee. This may also help you notice if anyone is planning on following you back to your car if they think you are leaving for good.

    If you're in a particularly large group, try and get some sort of break rotation into effect, let everyone have a chance to sit down go to the bathroom etc.

    3. - Just Have Fun! Yes we all know the Internet (and CoS)is Serious Business, but this doesn't mean you can't dance around, act like a goofball and have fun while you're out there.

    4. - Chat with your fellow protesters. Yes this is risky considering the possibility of Sci-plants, but this doesn't mean you can't talk about non-personal information. Talk about TV, music, sports etc.

    Just be careful not to give someone your Myspace or Email address that has identifiable information.

    5. - Be Polite! And yes, this means to Scientologists as well. To use a bad metaphor, if this were The Matrix, your average run of the mill Scientologist is an innocent bystander caught up in the Church's web of lies. We are trying to free them, not persecute them.

    I will try to keep this concise, and edit in any good ideas posted in this thread into the main post to keep it short and simple.

    Pic somewhat related...
  2. Fagfag Member

    It great and everything, but please. No goofballs. I think that people should know that we're not just a bunch of kids, that we are serious about this. Music and breaks are fine, but please don't start singing The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Am I the only one who thinks that it's silly?
  3. Anonymous316 Member

    Gut instinct: Yes

    Truth: Probably Not :D
  4. Will Smith is a scientologist, if you did not already know.
  5. Atomosk Member

    Re: Keeping Morale Up On $uper $unday

    Good advice, but I'd suggest not bringing personal music players. We don't want to drown out Scientologists at the expense of ignoring curious passerby and authorities. Bring a boombox and sweet tunes. Also, thanks for linking my thread; I feel important ^^.
  6. Anonymous128 Member

    No, he's not.

    And yes, singing the Fresh Prince theme in public is terrible fail.
  7. Ash Member

    Just so you know I think there's a rule, in the UK at least, that if you want to play music in public you need a licence. That's what I remember, anyway...
  8. Will Smith might not admit to being a scientologist, the way Tom Cruise does, but he is, and has been for quite a while

    I can't *prove* that he is neck deep in that cesspool, but he has certainly stuck more than his toe in, and not ran away knowing better
  9. Atomosk Member

    True, but he's still a major supporter of the religion. For the time being, he's on our list of people to boycott.
  10. Atomosk Member

    We need evidence before we jump the gun and make accusations.
  11. donotstalk Member

    If he's supporting Scientology in any way shape or form, he is swimming in that god damn cesspool.
  12. Atomosk Member

    Don't think of Scientology as a cesspool. They're more like a heavily guarded fortress. Intimidating, but hardly indestructible.
  13. donotstalk Member

    Fine, he has his own suite in the fortress then.
    Either way, if he's supporting them in any way, I consider him to be part of the celebrity sector of the organization.
  14. Atomosk Member

    Fine, now let's get back on subject. Keeping up morale on...come to think of it, what are we calling this day? We need a name. New thread related

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