Kook apologist John Bowen Brown II rides again!

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. grebe Member

    Mr. Brown shows up in an interesting thread at Yahoo groups about Buddhism.

    An early contributor posts something that reminds me of Scientology's upward spiral, downward spiral, conditions, and source of suppression:
    Then someone responds with something I wish the Scientologists could hear:
    John B Brown responds:
    Someone replies:
  2. So what level on the buddhist tone scale do 'jokers and degraders' fall? Seriously, what an ass.
  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Before he was into Buddhism, and before Satanism, Johnny BB was saying nice things about Jehovah's Witnesses:

  5. Anonymous Member

    Hmm. He smells a bit post-can clam:

  6. DeathHamster Member

    When CESNUR wants to keep their distance, you know he's a radioactive kook!
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  7. Anonymous Member

    He is a religion slut. He's done them all.
  8. john Brown Member

    thought I would and murk the post. If your response is to call me a nutjob and use mental health to assassinate my character your just lazy with inability to logically form an argument or kids who have not developed yet. Toodaloo wannabe activists
  9. john Brown Member

    police report will determine that. Documentation!
  10. john Brown Member

    I will debate my paper any with you any time. Don't tell me it is a waist of your time with all the time you you spend time tearing it down
  11. john Brown Member

    That is a lie. Check statistics. 1 in 60 the last time I checked. See how easy it is to refute you guys. You are non-autism educated. Please see the Arc of America for credible information. Bully! I have Autism Spectrum Disorder level 2
  12. john Brown Member

    Discrimination based of preceived or actual mental state. I am also a mental illness advocate because my brother is actually mentally ill
  13. john Brown Member

    Statistics! Not blanket statement. That is funny that an Anon is calling BS. I have seen you Anon get caught in their own BS while calling BS
  14. john Brown Member

    Again discrimination based on perceived mental state. You guys really can't logically debate, can you? Mark Bunker acts like a juvenile, and has lied about being a journalist. He was the video editor on that story that one the Emmy. They won, but she was the journalist assigned to the story. See what a little research will do.
  15. john Brown Member

    Religious freedom violation. what you call religious sluttery I call interfaith and I study them. I have to call this comment utter stupidity. Come one dude. Go study logic
  16. john Brown Member

    I will put this next to the Tucson Anons who sent me gay porn. Look! Your all piece of shit. You use logical fallacies, lazy argument, and school age behavior. I hate double standard fallacies.
  17. john Brown Member

    Research show that IQ has no bearing of mental health. What about the intelligent journalist that dialogued her experiences with Borderline Personality disorder. Bundy was listed as a genius. IQ has nothing to do with it. May see your IQ? Documents!
  18. john Brown Member

    I don't play the victim card. You guys do. Most of you are just pissed of at Scientology. Bunker is just mad because they hurt his friend Bob Minton. The one who have legitimately been injured by scientology are shadowed by your liar and fallacy creators
  19. john Brown Member

    CESNUR has not kept their distance from me. That's a lie I am still in communication with CESNUR. We are not friends but I have a professional relationship with the following people Massimo Introvigne. Last week I ask him about an alleged Manicheanism shrine in China. Manicheanism is supposed to have been white out by ancient Christian Rome and Confiucian China. I regularly communicate with attorney Olga Panchecko. I have talked with Eileen Barker. All these people at least know who I am. This other person I met once. She gave a lecture on Jonestown. She was trying to get documents via FIOA. It sounded interesting to me, but did not pan out. Do not exaggerate
  20. john Brown Member

    I am going to enjoy this one. DDOS attacks didn't exist, but property damage did. DDOS attacks are not non-viiolence responses. DDOS attacks are property damage. DUH! Did you read the book before you made that comment half-cocked. In finality, All your claims of anyone that disagree with you being a cult apologist is just plan nonsensical because apologist are usually member of the group they are defending like the famed church apologist Irenaeus. Steven Hassan more correctly call people like me cult defenders. That is just small component of what I do. Ignorance galore abound this site with lazy logic, character assassination, human right abuses, incorrect assertions, threats of borderline violence behavior, and and truly unwise man that has lied about being a journalist, and simply has a vendetta against Scientology simply because they hurt his friend Bob Minton.
  21. peterstorm Member

    U mad bro?
  22. Triumph Member

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