Legality - Video/Audio

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonHNL, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Legality - Video/Audio

    In preparation for the 10th, I'd like to see some concrete text on what is legal and what isn't legal in regards to audio and visual recordings. I hear it differs from state to state, so if anyone knows a site that lists all the states that'd be awesome. Or more specifically Hawaii.

    Some places I've read say you only need to inform the person you're recording them. Other places require their consent. Some places you can't record audio, only video.

    If my state only requires informing them, will a sign be legally sufficient, or do I need to say something verbally? Should I not record SoC personnel and only focus on Anon?

    Advice please. I don't want my camera confiscated by the police.
  2. As far as I understand, this only matters with private recordings. Anything in the public can be recorded by anyone.
  3. Briar Member

    Here is a page that has a dlable and printable photographer's right page. Im definately printing it out and taking it with me.

    Im assuming that would go for video as well.
  4. anon78941 Member

    There are some bans on audio without consent in some states but I doubt that argument works in an event as public as this. If in doubt, let them know the camera is on.
  5. Amomynous Member


    If unsure, what about taking picture/video as backup, then checking laws after when you have more time before doing anything with them?

    This is an honest question, I have -no- idea about these laws.

    Would laws be against the using of said pics/vids, or simply of taking them?
  6. Atomosk Member

    Everyone who has a camera needs to read that pdf document.

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