Los Angeles Feb 18, 2012

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by i'mglib, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. i'mglib Member

    We had a pretty decent group, considering it's been 4 years. About a dozen, I would say. Also Mark Bunker and Mark Ebner both showed up, as well as Tory, which was nice.

    We had about half a dozen handlers who were really low key. It seems like there is a lot less antagonism, but we're certainly not besties, either.

    Had some pretty good discussions with passers by, and some of the handlers.

    All in all, a good raid.
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  2. the anti Member

    photos up tomorrow, lots of other things i'm working on now.
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  3. i'mglib Member

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  4. Kilia Member

    wtg..nice pics!! :)
  5. TinyDancer Member

    I love that protests now are fun. Nice work, LA.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    oh shi
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  7. moarxenu Member

    Well done, Glibby. <3<3<3 hairlol.


    You are all invited to SF Chanology's Cinco de Megaraid on May 5!



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  8. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Nice to see things still going.
  9. Anonymous Member

    The RaepCaek is f*ckin' EPIC.
  10. the anti Member

    i'll see if i can make that
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Hi gaiz.
    The "drunk marine" was acting drunk and not very well, btw. Is "OMG LOOK OUT ITS A DRUNK MARINE" strategy new?
  12. Chipshotz Member

    Good to see LA out there again. Excellent!
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  13. the anti Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Noice! I stared at your post for a while before I figured out it was a link.

    What is the story behind this pic?

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  16. Anonymous Member

    ^^Whats going on here?
    Also well done guise.
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  17. Diablo Member

    IMO, it is a scilon of their narconon assholes that is given a pack of camel's to go hit and fuck with anon's. Who can confirm??
  18. the anti Member

    a scientologist went up to him, grabbed his sign and hit him with it. there should be video of it coming.
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  19. Random guy Member

    Isn't that rather like a police uniform? In my neck of the woods, had anyone had something that similar to the real thing, they'd be in serious trouble for impersonating a policeman.
  20. xenubarb Member

    Ah, well...good thing I didn't go. I would have probably done something to that clam he wouldn't like.

    I can't believe all you faggots posting pix and no account of an assault. WTF, over?
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  21. Yeah any more info (especially video) would be appreciated.

    Bumping with an anonymous cat.

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  22. Sponge Member

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  23. Random guy Member

    Well, well well, she certainly was entubulated! Her reactive mind got away with her.

    Way to go people!
  24. Anonymous Member

    She is clearly "Deliver an effective blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be part of despite personal danger."

    You go girl.

    Also, I would do her.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    I would too, with my fist.
  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Scientology Wiiiiiining again! Either that Org is dead or that was a set up. All the OSA and security guards but just one public member?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Lets play name that Sci. I am sure the police would love to have it.
  29. xenubarb Member

    Use a vaginal probe. Check for thetans.
  30. Anonymous Member

    I would, but dislodging the buggers is the hard part...

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