Malaysia Airlines flight goes missing

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Golden Age of Protest, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. rof Member


    Kill other hairless monkeys with rape hats.
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  2. Andy Downs Member

    Then cover NSA games or Congress and the #TPP
    I get what you are saying, but there is a fuck lot wrong in the world outside of not finding the plane
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  3. rof Member

    Let's make them a new plane and forget it ever happened.

    C'mon Boeing, hurry up.
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  4. Perfecto Member

    Yes there is lots wrong in the world, but the plane disappearance makes news for several reasons one of which is there is no explanation about why it has disappeared. Blaming terrorists is probably the most obvious choice for the news writers so until any new evidence arises we're stuck with it.
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  8. RavenEyes Member


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  9. Andy Downs Member

    Truth speaks on condition of anonymity

    If it were on the record Rep Peter King would not look so good fighting the war on terror. But King's comments over the last couple of days will trickle down to the people doing the investigation, or at least those writing the final reports.....
    that is how these things get corrupted.

    If someone up the ladder wants it to be a terror attack it will be. But NO ONE will ever ask King if it was a terror attack why didn't the NSA know about it

    CNN cite
  10. Andy Downs Member

    Outside of the Right Stuff, one of the best all time airplane movies
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  11. Aurora Member

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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Missing Flight's Co-Pilot in Past Entertained Guests in Cockpit

    The co-pilot of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that has been missing since early on Saturday invited two female passengers into the cockpit on a previous flight, in a possible breach of security, one of the women said on Tuesday.

    South African holidaymaker Jonti Roos said she sat with the co-pilot, Fariq Ab Hamid, and other members of the flight crew from takeoff to landing, and took photos with them while the plane was in the air.

    Ms. Roos, a South African, was flying with a friend on Malaysia Airlines in late 2011 from the beach resort of Phuket in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur. She said they were invited by the pilots to travel in the cockpit while queuing to board the plane.

    "My friend and I were I invited into the cockpit by (the) pilot and co-pilot, Fariq Ab Hamid, and sat there for the duration of the flight from takeoff until landing," Ms. Roos said in a Facebook message sent to The Wall Street Journal. She said at least one of the pilots was smoking during the flight.

    "My friend and I were allowed to take photos in the cockpit without intervention, but didn't in any way distract the pilots from their duties," she said.

    Continued here:

    Potential search area for MH370


    With authorities widening the search area for Malaysian Airlines MH370 to the southwest of the last known position on the intended flight track, and with the possibility that the flight was hijacked or commanded by a rogue pilot keeping the airplane under control, we wondered just how far the aircraft could go – and how big the potential search area could become.

    Continued here:
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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mystery Malaysia flight may have been hundreds of miles off course | CNN

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was hundreds of miles off course, traveling in the opposite direction from its original destination and had stopped sending identifying transponder codes before it disappeared, a senior Malaysian Air Force official told CNN Tuesday.

    If correct, these are ominous signs that increasingly call into question whether someone in the cockpit might have deliberately steered the plane away from its intended destination, a former U.S. aviation investigator said.

    "This kind of deviation in course is simply inexplicable," said Paul Goelz, former managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board.

    Continued here:
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  14. Aurora Member

    Take this one with a grain...

    And, I just....[/quote]
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  15. mip Member

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  16. Andy Downs Member

    This is the biggest false flag there is.
    Yes against regs, unless they were employees of airline.
    A pilot showing off to get laid does not make for the cause of the crash.

    Peter King has been out front on terror claims. Off the records officials say no indication of a terror or hijacking.
    Yet as I wrote earlier, when a Congressman yells terror, the people that report to him in committee will try not to make him look bad because King can cut their allowance.
    This is how politicians can alter facts and the outcome of a NTSB/FBI report.
    It is subtle, but it happens.
    I've seen it.
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  17. Andy Downs Member

    OK this is Horseshit also.
    Look at United 232.....if they had lost coms radios the same thing would be said about them, and it was a hydrolic failure.

    All these guys have so much faith in these plane that were designed and built on CAD systems and computer driven systems. The fact is more planes built with these systems have more failures than the old design ways and testing methods.

    You don't have multiple instruments in the panel any longer. It is one glass screen with all your instruments on it.
    Lets do some odd making real quick
    If I have 15 separate instruments in my panel (there would be a lot more than that actually) as opposed to 2

    Failure of the glass cockpit become fatal. And it does happen more than you think. Heat, and other weather condition shut these panels down enroute all the time.
    Then you combine pilots are flying autopilot most of the time, they can;t handle the fucking airplane and fly with a windscreen

    My autopilots were the kids in the right seat. It made them great pilots. The airlines are losing this.

    A runaway trim tab could explain the course deviation combined with bad data on the glass screen.

    But again NO ONE WILL KNOW SHIT until the plane is found.
    This shit drives me nuts
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  18. RightOn Member

    All's they have to do is call the Church of Scientology.
    They are not only the authorities on missing planes, they can just call on all their OTS (specially the ones who went through Super Power) and they will know everything.
    oh wait....
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  19. mip Member

  20. Andy Downs Member

    OTS / NSA ...same thing
  21. Anonylemmi Member

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  22. Anonylemmi Member

    For Andy. Aviation movie about missing planes. Kinda old, but Laurence Olivier plays a pretty good part. I didn't know he could be this funneh.
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  23. As ifness Member

    Malaysian military is not sure whether they said the plane was last tracked on the western or eastern side of the peninsula. Also, passport frauds are sharing the same pair of legs.
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  24. Anonylemmi Member

    Alright! The conspiracy paranoia crowd will now enliven this. And as icing on the caek, they may be right.
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  25. As ifness Member

    This might be better than JFK. Anyone writing a book, yet?
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  26. As ifness Member

    Perhaps the Malaysian military were seeking to be heroes for finding the wreck, while letting everyone else go to vast expense with satellites, planes and vessels searching the wrong body of water. Or not.
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  27. Anonylemmi Member

    ^^Mere speculation.
    It is obvious the Malaysian military shot it down to protect the honor of one of the flirty flight attendants family.
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  28. As ifness Member

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  29. RavenEyes Member

    Stephen King already did.
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  30. Yes - its being ghost written:D
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  31. Anonylemmi Member

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  32. Andy Downs Member

    If someone is willing to pay for the gas, I will take them on a tour of 4 countries without running into any customs, radar or anything other than a good time

    See how Canada plane came to Nashville, no radar, customs, DEA, FBI, NORAD, NSA, CIA, TSA or FAA.
    It will be a damn fun trip if someone has the call me
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  33. Anonylemmi Member

    I like it when you talk dirty.
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  34. Andy Downs Member

    Then you'll love this one.....
    Remember these ads
    FLy Me.JPG
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  35. Andy Downs Member

    And the infamous movie that followed
    FLy Me2.JPG
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  36. Andy Downs Member

    Prior to crashing all that took place on this plane was the following
    1. Whores praying
    2. Nuns laying
    3. Priests drinking
    4. Children screaming

    All the while the last thing that went through the crews head were the seats
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  37. Andy Downs Member

    I saw this years ago at a hangar party. These and the Earnest Gann books turned to film were the best of their era.
    One thing you could count on from Jimmy Stewart was correct procedures in the cockpit (sorry the PC term is now Flight Deck)
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  38. Andy Downs Member

    The old 12 O'clock High TV series was really good also.
    We would get drunk at my hangar and watch those....half the time watching and half the time making fun of them....the those who had wives trying to get home without losing their license from a DUI
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  39. Anonylemmi Member

    Gen. Stewart is a surprisingly unsung hero. Most people do not know he was just a little bit more than an actor.
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  40. Oh Hai, I'm in Malaysia. Why no Anonymous posting?

    Uproar in Beijing as Malaysian envoy says now not time to reveal info

    Failure to manage MH370 crisis exposing Malaysia’s leadership limit, say analysts

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