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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 9, 2013.

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    We haven't posted very much since the election.
    This is the thread for posting pics, news, funny shit (since we are energized by humor) and any ideas for campaigns like tweetstorms if you're on twitter.
    Nice to have you here, mash.
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    thanks kaile :)
    seya around
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    this would, of course, require coordination with Maldives’ ministry for Islamic affairs, which has been controlled by the Adhalaath party. In fact, nearly all the leadership in Adhaalath party have studied in Pakistani religious institutions.

    How could we can stop this..
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    In 2009, Ali Jaleel, a Maldivian citizen who had studied at Jamia Salafia seminary in Faislabad, Pakistan, was part of team of three who conducted a suicide bomb attack at ISI headquarters in Lahore.
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    Here we go again....
    PPM refuses to sign voter lists

    The ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) has refused to sign voter lists for the January 18 local council elections...

    Election Commissioner Fuwad: “If elections are delayed, it will increase expenditure and present a number of issues. We will not be able to hold elections within the constitutionally mandated deadline.”
    PPM will use this delaying tactic till they can secure more vote. It worked in the general election so why not the local council seats?
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    Oh, these backward fucks (about 22% of the country) are pissing me off.

    Maldives new president Abdulla Yameen says there's no such thing as marital rape. He agrees with "religious scholars" that there are no circumstances in which a woman can refuse her husband. He sent a bill that offered only mild protections for women back to the parliament for reconsideration. The MPs had passed the bill 67-2.

    Yameen after he was sworn in as Maldives' 6th president on Nov. 17, 2013.
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    The Daily Panic blog weighs in, bringing needed clarity.
    Maldives scholar: Marital rape is the best rape

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    nice post bro
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    Supreme Court strips Fuwad, Fayaz of EC membership

    The Supreme Court has stripped Elections Commission (EC) President Fuwad Thowfeek and Vice President Ahmed Fayaz Hassan of their membership in the commission and sentenced all four EC members to six months in jail.
    The jail sentence is however to be implemented after three years and would be suspended if they do not commit further offences in the intervening period.
    The Supreme Court judgment also ordered the relevant state institutions to make arrangements within six days to conduct the parliamentary elections as scheduled on March 22.
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    President Nasheed at Exodus Maldives Caravan Show in New York on the missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan

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    To our new guest poster, I have removed your post as you have unwisely named yourself on this an open forum. We encourage all new comers to keep as much of their identifying information to themselves. Please peruse our introductions thread (link below) for a feel of what's done here and that which is not :)
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    cFSuxZa.jpg cFSuxZa.jpg cFSuxZa.jpg
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    RaajjeTV @Raajje_tv
    Protest continue late into the night following Nasheed arrest, protestors calling for president Yameen's resignation

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    so much going on
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    More at link;

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