March 5th Dallas FoI

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by agent156, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. agent156 Member

    Hell yes, totally awesome once again. There were fliers, everyone was on point. People took pics with us :)
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  2. I would say there was between 15-20 people out the whole time, so pretty good. Did anyone get an exact count?
  3. SparksAlive Member

    20 or 21 people were there.
    I hope that the pics/vids that every anon took are up soon! :)
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  4. agent156 Member

    no but I could count from the vid... I'm a post a bit of raw in a sec and I'll see if counting that way is practical.
  5. SparksAlive Member

    okay. I'll recount a few more times in my head.

    I'm still getting over 20 people.
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  6. Nice! Can't wait for the pics and vids. When we're organized here, will someone post a link to his thread in the Dallas Raids forum please?
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  7. Cmeregirl Member

    I had fun today guys... People did want their pics taken with us, and it did seem that we kept people interested for the most part. Here are the problems that I see. A lot of people do not even know what Wiki leaks is, or who Julian Assange is. When they ask instead of giving them all this random information it would be nice to have a few video's downloaded to play for them should they be interested. I always have my laptop on me anyway at every protest. Either that, or we need to better communicate what it is (exactly) what it is we are communicating to the people that want to know so more people aren't afraid to answer peoples questions should they ask.

    Agent. I loved the fliers. More in advance, anything you send me I will make copies of and mass produce. Please send to

    Anyone else that wants to help seek out the best informational vids that are short but to the point, and post a download link here, or to that email address. (has to be downloadable, we don't want to have to stream.)

    Overall I think we got a pretty good response from everyone that would talk to us. So, win.
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  8. welder Member

    Damnit i totally forgot to go :(
  9. agent156 Member

    Bit o raw.
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  10. agent156 Member

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  11. I was called away last night. I hope to be back in town by the next rally. Congrats on your efforts, guys; I wish I was there.
  12. JD_Spyder Member

    Had allot of fun today guys, I think that we really did a good job raising awareness, and getting people to understand what is going on in our country, hopefully those people will inform others as well. I can't wait to see more pictures and videos of the event! I will try to go to some more rallies, such as the one coming up soon about Scientology, but I may be out of town so that sucks :( . But I will try to go to another rally soon, I really feel like we accomplished something and I am proud to be able say that I was a part of it! If we hang in there we will continue to make progress and inform others, who will hopefully be inspired to take action, or at least do a little research. Good job guys, hope to see y'all again real soon.
  13. JD_Spyder Member

    I was hoping that you were going to post these, it is a good thing to give out to people who don't know much about the issue, such as many of the kids in my school. I find myself engaged in conversations with different people, and having to explain the same things over and over again and sometimes they still don't seem to understand the point that I am trying to make. It is really sad to me that more people don't know what is going on, the media spends more time talking about Charlie Sheen and other celebrities, than it does covering real news these days and when they do cover real news they don't always give the full stories, just their biased slant.
  14. agent156 Member

    While I'm at it. I heard there was some police contact before I got there.

    For the record what happened? I mean it was nice for them to provide us with an escort, but the officer's reported answer that "they watch all protests" doesn't hold water. They all but ignored us at the Jan 15th Rally.
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  15. TanDon Member

    Honestly this was my first raid... pretty good but next time i think Imma lay off the suit next time, that restricts me in so many ways. Also someone asked me to follow up on another raid can I get some info on that.
  16. That event page will be up soon; when it is there will be a link here and in the original planning thread. :D
  17. JD_Spyder Member

    I agree, I mean it seems as if the police should be stopping criminals, don't they have better things to do than watch us? Do you think that they decided to watch our protest because they were trying to help us by ensuring no one tried to start any fights with us, or because they were worried that we were going to try and start something? Also does anyone know where we could find out if it is true that "they watch all protests" or if they were just saying that?

    As far what happened, from what I saw there was a small group of us in the park (it was earlier on and not everyone had shown up) some of us were wearing our masks. Police cruisers began to show up, and even some police officer riding bikes showed up. They asked us why were there, why were wearing masks. We told them we were protesters. They asked what we were protesting, we told them about freedom of information and wiki leaks. Then they called one of us aside and started asking him questions I wasn't able to hear their conversation with him, so I can't tell you much about that. Once they stopped talking with him, they stood there and talked amongst themselves for a while.

    I'm sure that other people know more about what happened and could shed more light on the issue.

    I belive that this is raid you are referring to:

    I am going to try to go, but I found out today that I may be out of town during the raid. Hopefully though I will be able to attend and continue to support our efforts, if I am unable to attend this next one I will defiantly try to make it to another raid sometime soon.
    If any one needs more information about Scientology they can go here:
    This site has good information about the crimes of Scientology, and has some evidence backing their claims.
  18. agent156 Member

    If someone can touch base with the anon that was pulled aside that would be great. I'll start drafting a letter to the City Attorney. I might even pass the hat to my peeps see if we can get a lawyer to spend an hour cleaning it up.

    They at least need to know how bad that looks if the officer following us doesn't know how to articulate themselves.

    Always have some kind of camera rolling when the police are talking to you. They don't get in any trouble if they arrest you for a charge that doesn't stick, and you still get to pay for the Lawyers.

    If we have video we can use public outrage to save you. But most of them wont do anything sketchy if they know they are being filmed.
  19. Charlieray Member

    I was pulled aside for a few minutes.
    They asked simple things, for example:

    How we knew each other
    Who our leader was
    How we organized,
    I showed them my ID as well.

    The way I see it is, I butter them up a bit with sweet talk so they'd know we weren't a threat and they'd back off a bit.
  20. agent156 Member

    Nice. Good going. I wasn't expecting any scandal. But I didn't want to miss it if there was :)

    So I'll concentrate on the how it could have looked following us with out a better explanation.
  21. Cmeregirl Member

    Woa... This is kinda like a game of telephone.

    I do not recall anyone being called over to talk to the police. I may be the one he was referring to because I went to talk to the police myself, which I only did because he came and politely asked how long we were going to be there, and got little to no response. After I went over there, he was actually pretty cool. He talked to me about the movie (V for Vendetta) for a little while, and even asked if he could see my mask, and where to get one. In my opinion, this is where we fail. These are the guys that are going to be on the other end of the riot shields if shit ever goes bad here. We should be taking every opportunity to educate them as well. I think the younger crowd is always quick to assume the police is the enemy. They need to know these things too. Dallas cops are some of the most corrupt, but I see no need to stir the hornets nest when they are being nice to us.

    Something else to think about. Remember the guy who told us all to get jobs, and jerked his wife away from grabbing a flyer. 86 her from the equation. Now take him, a couple of his buddies, and throw some MGD on to fuel the fire, maybe a concealed handgun permit or two. Next thing you know.... "Man I'm glad the police are here." Remember guys... We're only anti "corrupt" government.

    The funniest part to me is that I'm probably the only one with a felony background, and here I am defending the police. Crazy.

    EDIT: Sorry Charlie. Didn't know you were singled out.
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  22. Zak McKracken Member

    We get the same deal at Scientology raids, all the time.
    Rinse, lather, repeat.

    "We're from the internet"
    "We're part of Anonymous- we have no leaders. BUT I'd be happy to talk to you, if you'd like!"
    "We organize online. HERE, this is our website. [hand them a card] Check it out for yourself."

    Helps if you smile and wave at them. Be cheerful even if you're privately shitting your pants.
    After the first few times, they'll get to know you, and recognize that you're not rioting or inciting violence or civil disobedience activities.
    When they KNOW you're not going to do anything that will give them a headache later, they'll be a lot more relaxed.
  23. Charlieray Member

    True, its psychological warfare really.
    We can be nice.
    Just in case something like that does go down. Then we show our horns, given the right circumstance.
  24. Charlieray Member

    That was exactly my idea,
    I wasn't shitting though xD
    I've dealt with the police a lot and have no record.
    I've got nothing to be afraid of.
  25. datasync Member

  26. Charlieray Member

  27. agent156 Member

    That's exactly what you should do, and you will be fine 999/1000. I hope you didn't think I was sugjesting some kind of agro "we are going to sUE!" thing.

    But their superiors still need to know we were followed. Because they are the ones that will be explaining it the press if something goes wrong with a less hip group of people.

    This is the same DPD that sends undercover vice to the (mostly 30 something) goth club I hang at...
  28. Cold weather ruins my enthusiasm.
    But other than that, it was great.
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  29. JD_Spyder Member

    Yeah the wind was really annoying and kept blowing my sign around making it hard to read, also almost lost my mask a couple of times, and someone did actually lose their mask, so that kinda sucks :(

    But I think that we were effective in educating at least some people about what is going on so it was worth it (to me at least) :)
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  30. Anonymous Member

    This thread is full of win.
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  31. Anonsteeve Member

    First raid, had a great time. Thanks to agent for the fliers and for helping lead. Gotta love that old couple earlier that leaned out the car window to flick us off. But mostly positive response.
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  32. Charlieray Member

    Sad I missed that :(
    Last Downtown Raid we did we got tons of "Fuck you"s :'(
  33. TanDon Member

    On one corner was that guy walking near us saying "damn niggers"? Kind of weird considering he was a bit early to that corner with those words.
  34. agent156 Member

    Ya that corner that had about 40 not very happy looking back guys with some TL;DR painted signs on our way out. If they hadn't looked at us in such a surly way, I'd would have stopped to see what they were about. I didn't want to get cornered in to playing PR Rep with out more back up.

    And any apparent leadership on my part was as a figure head. I was always acting on someone else's ideas ;P
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  35. welder Member

    Lets find a spot for the next protest with more people. Downtown is only busy during the work week. Somewhere with people walking so they are able to take flyers.

    Two requirements:

    1) must be near a DART station
    2) must be busy on a Saturday

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  36. Linxis° Member

    These raids, technically there just a few bunch of people standing with signs and thats all. But when you look at it, your like, "....badass"
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  37. JD_Spyder Member

    Here we got people that told us to get a job, which I thought was funny because most of us do
    I like the idea of a DART station because it has allot of foot traffic, I would like one to be organized around Ft.Worth, I know that there are allot of train stations there (which seem to have good foot traffic, don't know about vehicles though) and DART stations I might be able to help, but I've never done anything like that before so I would need some guidance. Also I am usually very busy, but I'm sure I could make time if I received guidance and help.
  38. Linxis° Member

    In case of rude people who say fuck you:
    Option1: "Thats what your mom said last night"
    Option2: Stop, turn your head slowly towards them, put your "poster" down, and slowly walk up to the person in a scary matter. Make sure you have the Guy Fawkes mask on :) ... If the person steps back(Refer to option1)If he doesnt come face to face to him and breath slowly and heavily, then say "Excuse Me".
    ^^^Looks better in my mind.
  39. Zak McKracken Member

    Um... no.
    Intimidating the general public is not part of the gameplan.
    If the general public are mean to you and hurt your feelings, offer them delicious cake.
    If they are still mean to you, ignore them.
    If they are threatening and frightening you, pull out your cell phone and call 911.
    Keep your cameras going, and let the scary people know they're being recorded, and you won't stop until they go away or the cops arrive.

    Acting like a pussy beats acting like a bad-ass, any day.
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  40. Linxis° Member

    Ok so just stick to option2 and forget option1?

    *notes down* bring delicious cake to rallys.

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