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Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by agent156, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. You could also try accepting that a lot of people aren't going to be instantly converted to your point of view because they saw your sign. When these people respond to you with such a well thought out rebuttal like "fuck you" you should accept that you probably don't have a lot to gain by engaging them in the first place.
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  2. agent156 Member

    kk I know there are protests in VA on the 20th but wouldn't we really be better to stick to The Plan (third Saturdays)

    One it won't hurt any one for us to pre-rally. Two it will give our very capable talking heads the chance to explain that we have no leaders, and the history of wwp's peaceful, lawful methods and mega win generating.

    article by Jeff Jacobsen on Project Chanology

    If we do it on the 20th we risk our greater message being lost to what ever that leaderfag is up to...

    I'm not hard core about this, I just thought I'd through it out there.

    Lets preplan here since the other Dallas thread is buried in the scilon forum.
  3. Anonymous Member

    wut? I honestly have no idea what you are trying to say. How is the date of a protest affecting this at all?

    Watch this thread. All further Dallas Planning events will be linked to and discussed here. Also don't feel shy to suggest other things, like windshield wiper-ing a basketball game or something. If you have a suggestion toss it out. The worst that can happen to you is we all hate the idea and start trolling you, but that prolly won't happen; we're too busy fighting scilons and FOI rallys.
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  5. Linxis° Member

    Idea, we can get everybody to go to the District of Columbia during?... March 28+April1 i can be in DC. And if every protester that can possible go, goes, we can all walk go to there Church of Scientology (Of course they have one) and then we all protest.
    = News = Awareness = Success of our goal.

    Just an idea.
  6. I wouldn't think you can drum up much local support to go on a mass trip to DC. For one, if we use conventional Air travel, (uber paranoia here) This makes it a tad easier to try to figure out who went to protest scilons in DC, confirm that they are from dallas, and then try to review Air port footage. Like i said, paranoia, but still.

    Second, if you've got your own plan to go to DC, I would suggest getting in touch with the local Anons and asking if they have a raid plan, or maybe grab a few for a flash raid.

    In any case, if you plan on visiting a place, either try to get a raidz in, or coordinate with local anons to pretend to be an interested public. Good luck trolling different Scilons.
  7. Linxis° Member

    Well i use car to travel, air is pricey and you dont get any fun from it. But ill see what the local DC anons got to say.
  8. Right and the other problem might be that Dallas Anons might feel uncomfortable driving or riding with you I would until I knew you were on the up and up. just healthy paranoia. If you have some friends going with you it might not be a bad idea to try to get them to join in a protest. Well whatever happens, stay safe and have a good raid or whatever.
  9. I agree that some parts of downtown have better exposure than others, but I think in general we can do better elsewhere, or might at least profit from diversifying locations and thereby hitting different "audiences." I also think we should at least try outside the Galleria, since the public impact could be strong (especially on the weekend.)

    As far as dates, the only benefit I can see of protesting on the 20th (Sunday) versus a Saturday is solidarity with the planned protest that day at Quantico, though given who is planning the VA protest, and the fact that it (conspicuously) doesn't even have a WWP event page yet, mirroring it may leave a bad taste in some Anons' mouths. My personal opinion is that both options have their own merits, and either would be fine.

    Third Saturdays are an interesting idea, one other cells have implemented and which has a lot of organizational merit, but would probably take a strong group consensus - a successful schedule of regular protests would have to rely on consistent cell participation.


    Would anyone be opposed to/interested in an event page for later in March, tentatively on the 19th, but open for the 20th and with location TBD?
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  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

  11. welder Member

    Protesting at the DART station might get us kicked out... its happened before to some friends. FT. Worth is too far for myself.

    Well said.

    I like that idea. A trip to D.C. would be fun and I have friends living there. Flying is way too expensive, but renting a large van or SUV and having everyone split the cost? I wouldn't mind driving my car but putting the miles on a rental sounds better. This should be planned way in advance and probably only worth it if there is already going to be a large protest in D.C. that we can join.

    I like the Galleria spot. Most people go shopping or go to parks on weekends so parks, outside malls, shopping centers would all be busier than downtown and people walking around are easier to hand flyers to. Only problem would be getting kicked off private property.
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  12. Linxis° Member

    The whole RV/SUV thing sounds nice. Well some time this year we should post this idea in the think thank and see what people think of it. But later on, i agree that this soon would be a surprise raid and not many people like those.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I think you need to lurk a little more.
    And maybe try showing up to some of the events that Anon is already cooking
    before trying to rally up support for your own awesome schemes.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Hey guys I have a question on the fliers were handing out on the back it says:
    Should we consider rewording this, because there have been other great people, such as Martin Luther King who have sparked allot of Peaceful Revolutions in their time. Just wondering, maybe I'm just misunderstanding what it is trying to say, any help trying to understand this would be appreciated.
  15. Anonymous Member

    MLK = American peaceful marches < Manning = World Wide Marches in support of Wikileaks.

    lrn to worldview
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  16. fetus Member

    Back to the follow up......nice turn out, hopefully with a little work and time it will grow. Couple things >>> Think everyone needs to be willing to talk to the police and ppl in general, and intelligently convey our message. Working with the police is and always will be in everyone s best interests. Not answering questions or showing a willingness to work with them is seen as aggressive behavior and gives probable cause. These i have learned in the many years i have protested, standing up for free-speech. I've been their when things have gone wrong, harassment and even violence from not only passerby's but police as well. End result of not being willing to respectfully work with police. People are more willing to listen to what you have to say when you speak to them intelligently and respectfully; will more than likely take you serious enough to actually take the time to look into what you told them.
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  17. Hey guys just wanted to post this link in here so that Dallas Anons can get in on this. We've all heard about Anonymous's recent declaration of war on the international banking cartel, this is how we can help.

    Here is the link to the website:

    And here is the link to the info on the Seige of the Federal Reserve:

    I hope all the Dallas Anons can get behind this and we can get a large movement going.
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  18. TanDon Member

    Already have a ride setup.My family approves of this but not to go protest the cult...lulz
  19. The founder of Mr Jim's Pizza in Dallas is a long time, large contributing member of Scientology. Who would be down for protesting one of his busier locations?

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