Mark Janicello - Swiss TV Interview with Subtitles

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jun 21, 2011.

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    From Janicello's Blog:

    Hello Everyone,

    This is an interview that I did for Swiss Television with Patric Kees about my experiences with the Scientology Organization, my life, career and my new book : "Nackt im Rampenlicht" . The interview is in German with english subtitles.

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    Very thoughtful guy. I wasn't aware of the abuses that scientologists in Germany/Europe can experience. I mean, I knew they might be disallowed a government job in Germany, but this guy was seriously blacklisted, his career destroyed and had death threats. Horrible.
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  6. TrevAnon Member

    FWIW / FYI I started a thread on ESMB asking questions on how to welcome someone who was/is a celeb of some sort: .

    Just to give another perspective.
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Please, spare a thought to those whose life and / or carrer has been destroyed by scientology. Thanks.

    Listen to what he said: he was a poster boy, a symbol, and did not know it. He was used by scientology and then let down by it when in need.

    The main reason, IMHO, is that he behaved in Europe as if he was in the USA. Crying "freedom of religion" to promote a cult is not taken lightly over here, especially in Germany. If he wasn't aware of the difference - and he should have been - scientology certainly was and sent him anyway.

    TL;DR I have nothing personal against this guy. I liked what he said. But he played a game without knowing the rules and lost.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I'm glad he's out, but I'm not sorry for him or the way he lost his career. He poses as someone who cares about human rights, but the only human rights he cared about were the right to be a client of the Scientology corporation. He didn't want to know about the abuses committed by the corporation and didn't care enough about them once he did find out to speak out loudly and clearly and publicly against them.

    The only reason he got out is that when his career tanked and he was no longer valuable to Miscavige, he was left to rot. Only then did he start caring, when the abuse happened to him. And even now, years after quitting, he is still reticent to publicly criticize the company, but has no trouble praising it for having some good things about it.
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    Death threats is going too far. Agreed.

    As for the rest, I'll have sympathy to spare for them (ignorant clams) .. after I'm done caring about - say - Italian jews who were members of the fascist party in the 30s.

    Best Regards

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    You may want to link to the actual post instead of the page. On ESMB I use a setting of 20 posts per page, which leaves me with (right now) only 17 pages for the thread you are linking to. Your links says page 34. Use the postnumber on the upper right hand of the post you want to refer to.

    EDIT Right at this moment all is good I think. 2 x 17 = 34.
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    Scientology works and destroys people's careers.
  14. moarxenu Member

    Who watches this shit? Needs moar DO NOT WANT on JewTube.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Janicello's a tool, and a turd. His book, kvetching about "religious freedom" and how the big, bad protesters ruined his career completely ignores some key facts.

    At ESMB, he appears to blame Anonymous for things that happened back in 2003.
    He whines about protests taking place, without saying that the cult deserved to be protested.
    He claims that he was a 'celebrity' of some kind when really he was never anything special.
    He says he's left the cult, but by whining about "religious freedom" he's actually helping them.

    Fuck Janicello. But his crusade against reality and his bizarre version of what actually happened is certainly amusing.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Obviously, you have not read the book. I have. Janicello defends Anonymous and their right to protest all over the internet as well.
    You are misinformed.

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