Marty gets a visit from SQUIRREL BUSTERS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Diablo, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Diablo Member

    I don't know why I find this so fuckin funny but it is. OT8, thug and two cameramen go to Mahty's door and harrass him. He doesn't like it much and does something to their equipment after they lure him out of the house.

    How many times did he do the same thing to other people?????
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  2. Dragononymous Member

    You think he gave that mic back?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Isn't John Allender the one who waved his arms all crazy in a vid or something?
    I can't believe the t-shirts, the cameras on their hats, the whole idea of going to his house in the first place.
    If this was ordered by DM, then he is even more nuttier than ever.
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  4. adhocrat Member

    John Allender?
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  5. adhocrat Member

    Just what i was thinking
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  6. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Squirrel busters, really?

    At least when anon does cult busters it's cool:
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  7. Anonymous Member

    yep thats the boy I was referring to
    I guess he doesn't like to be filmed LOL
  8. Triumph Member

    lots of vids showing John Allender for the retard he is
    Her Der ....Whats a CULT?

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  9. RightOn Member

    John Allender is a Scientology treasure lol
    brainwashed and beyond
    Can't understand why he had to go all the way to Marty's
    Being an OTVIII, who could have just exterorized and gone there. wait... maybe he did
    Wonder who made those squirrel buster shirts? slave labor or a company?
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  10. an0nim0uz Member

    This is amusing.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Miscavige Shock Squad Hits Casablanca

    Posted on April 18, 2011 by martyrathbun09| 18 Comments
    We interrupt the ongoing exposure of David Miscavige as the greatest suppressor in Scientology history for this News Flash. David Miscavige has directly responded to the posts over the last two days, entitled and subtitled King of Squirrels respectively. Apparently, unsatisfied with ending standard tech delivery behind the walls of his “church”, he’s sending goons clear to Corpus Christi to stop it where he heard it is happening.
    The assault by his Scientology (OT Ambassador “VIII” John Allender and friends) Shock Squad was captured on video tape, which can be watched below.
    Just a bit of background and context is in order.
    This morning I had just completed Lori Hodgson’s first two STANDARD sessions, which incidentally included cleaning up the trauma of having been stalked, assaulted and threatened by “OT VIII”, “OT Ambassador” John Allender. That assault occured the day after she returned from her first trip to Casablanca in December. For the back story see,
    While on a lunch break, our quiet theta environment was interrupted by loud pounding at my front door. When I opened the door, there was John Allender with three other Miscavige goons in full Miscavige squirrel regalia. Check it for yourself – it is documented below.
    After the Sheriff got done interviewing me and Allender and co separately, the Sheriff told me Miscavige’s boys wanted to make a deal. If I did not bring CRIMINAL TRESPASSING, STALKING, AND CRIMINAL HARASSMENT charges, Allender and co would not bring “assault” and “criminal mischief” charges (the latter for having took the microphone Allender shoved in my face out of his hand and off its cord - the former for a 250 pound guy who looks like Sonny Barger on a bender sticking his stomach into my path of progress in the doorway of my own home).
    Apparently Miscavige just doesn’t get my repeated messages to him that I (and Mike Rinder, and others) just do not make deals with the devil. I told the Sheriff I’d roll the dice. Bring it. Don’t worry about fees, I’m representing myself if the D/A decides to bring the counter-charges.
    There will be a trial in the San Patricio County Courthouse, unless of course Allender and co plead no contest. Should be interesting.
  12. Triumph Member

    Lori Hodgson was there at Martyr's "Casa La Fail" she was aledgidly stalked by John Allender previously..and Lori filed charges...that was several months ago..

    So what does Allender Do? dress up in a Clown costume and shows up with Toadies in Martyrs

    stalk much there Allender

    so martyr snatches "Mr Microphone" for Allender's grubby thetan infested paws

    clowns retreat back to the Clown car

    so Martyr Calls the Po-Po...

    so entertaining when those thetans get their panties in a Wad..
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  13. Daverator Member

    Marty's way too hot-headed for this stuff. He could've still called the police and filed his charges without touching Clownboy's mic.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like Marty did the right thing, this time.
  15. 3rdMan Member


    Any ex happen to have one, or can get one?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    but I give him props, at least,
    for making the call and not relying on his OT powers to save the day.
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  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Just when ya think its time for a cocktail sip..... WHOOSH~ BAM~ POW~ ZOOM!
    Amusement ensues!

    Lordy laughin' mah fool ass off!

    @ Marty> Pro-tip>
    Big scary drooling mangy rabid dog~ bonus!
    Little poofy yip-yip fagdog~hmmm, not so much.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Payback is a bitch marty. Allender and Warlick are San Jose' best agents. Enjoy

    And I thought it was going to be a ho hum Monday.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    This is too funny. Scientology, you are still a lulzcow producing the ripest of lulz.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    I just hope that Lori gets the PROPER care she needs some day if she was stalked and traumatized by Allender.
    Not this psycho babble BS
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  21. Mantis Member

    um, no way in hell, and technically, cant he get into trouble for that?
  22. amaX Member

    His OT powerz will protect him!
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  23. Anonymous Member

    The chickens have come home to roost in this episode of dueling dipshits.

    Seriously. Marty lost his cool and completely goofed the floof.

    That'll end well.
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  24. RightOn Member

    wow COS is SO dorky
    do they really think.... ah hell never mind....
    it's not worth typing it
    Can't believe grown people are doing this in this day and age
    If there was ever any doubt that DM is not totally and completely bonkers...
    This will do it.
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. RightOn Member

    Will COS tell Allender to say that he went to Marty's on his own accord if this goes to court?
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  27. LocalSP Member

    If those guys showed up at my house like that they would be looking down the barrel of my 12 Ga semi auto shot gun.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    No sympathy from me, Martyr.
    How many people did you terrorize in the name of teh tech?
    Suck shit!
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  29. Triumph Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    i am impressed with the counter "squirrel tech" moves.
    that was middle aged old nerd man retard confront.
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  32. The Jerry Springer Show of religions never fails to bring the lulz.

    If it wasn't for the video footage nobody would believe fuckbags like this exist.

    There isn't anyone in that clip who is playing with a full deck ... other than the dog who is barking at these retards.
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  33. xenubarb Member

    He's not terrorized. He knows the game, and so does OSA.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    How much money does Marty charge for giving auditing sessions?
    Apparently that's his sole income, and that's a pretty nice house right there with a fairly late model truck.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    if you listen to marty's voice, he sounded scared/intimidated.
  36. More like he's stuck in the game just the the idiots who visited him are, anyone who isn't all fucked up on Scientology would have just told the retards to GTFO after they finished laughing their asses off at them
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  37. As much as the sucker he reeled in is willing to pay.
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  38. mirele Member

    I am so thinking that once the DA of San Patricio County figures out that Scientology's in the mix, s/he's going to do his/her damndest to get the charges pled down or totally dismissed. No DA wants a circus trial involving Scientology. It will eat their budget from there to Austin and then some. I suspect Marty knows the same thing.

    ETA: because proper spelling is just good social lubrication.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Fuck, am I the only one thinking this was set up?

    That wasn't really an OT8 was it! LOL crazy old fart and his fat buddies in t-shirts too small!

    This is either a joke or a MASSIVE win. That's the best they can produce?

    Old ass motherfuckers were scared of the little dog barking! LOL!! Confront, from an OT8!!

    Proof again as if it were needed that the lying old-ass dead drug addict criminal fraudster fake navy freak fuckwit fool fraudster tinker tailor soldier spy had nothing, NOTHING of value.

    This is the elite Scientology hit squad, or so we are meant to believe.

    It just reminds me of weird junior school kids asking for their ball back.

    Is Scientology really this fucking dumb?

    This was one of the greatest pieces of cinema, ever, by the way.

    Watch it again, it's pretty good. I think Rinder and Rathbun suck cocks on Hollywood Boulevard, which is their divine right as free humans. Hence I call shenanigans on this video. But it is very funny indeed. I LOLed and came ATST.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    I side with Miscavige on this one.

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