[May 14, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving, Tx)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by zudok, May 9, 2011.

  1. zudok Member

    Coming back from a small break, lets roll out this Saturday people.
    Bring some friends, bring some caek, and bring some water because its supposed to be hot. (or just wait for the sprinklers)

    curious to see how many have seen this and laughed at it; if not, do both now faggot!
  2. Mantis Member

    dang, i will be working, too bad, but totally next time, someone should go ahead and make the scheduled raids ahead of time for all the first saturdays for the next 4-5 months
  3. zudok Member

    thats what i was saying in the dallas activism thread but we missed it. i mean there were 3 in a row right? i figure last minute will do for this month (other than foi) and start fresh with the first saturdays next month. i also work but its not till later. i can be out by 3 and make it on time
  4. SuperAnonMan Member

    unfortunatly i cant make it this saturday since i just heard about it. ill tell everyone i know to go and ill be at the others after this
  5. zudok Member

    I think well be making smore brownies :)
  6. zudok Member

    Shortest thread ever. Looks like me +3 today.. maybe only 2. O well. Its my old crew from way back when. Too broke for brownies but lulz are free and these guys dont play around. I only hope to have a camera other than phone hahah

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