Mega Raid Patches

Discussion in 'Protest Planning' started by Anonymous, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Mega Raid Patches

    ^ This sums it up. It was decided days ago that someone else would produce the patches, the same person that produced the awesome Hamburg megaraid ones, and yet still Bluebell is trying to leaderfag it. It's sorted, let it run.
  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Mega Raid Patches

    Grok this, it reminds me of 'Cumalot Casstle', wtf griffons an' crosses? Gimme thetans an' mudkips an' caeks oh yeh.......... if ya really wanted to have something on you fagging your anominity why not a tatoo?
    Just thotin'.......
  3. WagTheWog Member

    Re: Mega Raid Patches

    Had been working on this earlier.
    If you guise can use it/them for something, great.
    If not . . . oh well . . .

    (download link for big versions with transparent background is below):


    YouShare - - by Guest


  4. VirionVanHal Member

    Re: Mega Raid Patches

    I likes whoring out my lack of artistic talent. Ergo:



    also liking the ones from wagwog :D
  5. Re: Mega Raid Patches

    I do kind of like Wags' shield design.

    IMHO Large garish text actually detract from the thing.
    Its the image that needs to be clear and distinctive enough to be recognisable to us / people who know us.
    People who don't know anon; Don't recognise the headless suit, mask, whatever; Simply won't care what a 'megaraid' is or that is had something to do with 'london'. Regardless how clear and attention grabbing the text may be.

    The Hamburg patches were fine with the text only being readable from quite close up. I've always had the response of 'zomg is that an Anon patch?' before anybody has shown interest in what the text says. So nothing of value was lost? amiright?

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