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    What 'D' is a euphemism for shaving the pubic region?
  3. Indonesia and brazil are the top 2 for deforestation nowhere was sugar cane
    mentioned. its all bad poor world probably why our gov wants a one world order wipe out the whole planet
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    Sure. I prefer the "I" landing strip myself though..
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    Lrn2wiki. Brazil is the worlds top producer of sugarcane:
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    Roundup kills weeds, but not the genetically modified crop, so the crops can be sprayed to control weeds. The harvest is not "organic" because of the heavy use of the herbicide and this may have health consequences.

    However, one of the main problems with corporations like Monsanto is that they patent their seeds. How they were able to do that in the first place is one story, but when they plant vast areas in "Roundup Ready" crops, the modified crop cross pollinates with native varieties. There are two problems with this.

    First of all, it destroys the genetic variation which provides protection against a disease wiping out the entire species. Secondly, when the local people go to plant the seeds they collected from the previous years crop, that seed now has the patented Monsanto DNA mixed with its own DNA and the corporation may claim the people owe them money for using their patented seed and that they cannot sell their crops at harvest time.

    One such patent was on basamati rice, which is grown all over India. One woman led court battles and won against the corporation involved. In South America, aside from corporate mono-culture corn seriously threatening ancient varieties of native corn, there was another insane battle over lima beans, also grown for centuries by the native people.

    There are other problems with Monsanto related to the control and distribution of the world's food supply, use of growth hormones, etc. They are just too big and they are purely motivated by profits. Sorry, don't recall the details. Some of this comes from the documentary "Corporation" which aired a while back. Corporate farming practices threaten us all. They all should be watched.
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    The Meatrix
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    Monsanto is just another part of the scheme of things to come. We dislike them for what we do know about them, we could hate them for the things we havent heard about. This is a company that profits from genetic altering anything biological on a molecular level. Do you really think their staple is pushing seeds, weed killer or magik sugar? Those items are on the market to provide a reason for existance or their cover so to speak. Any company that can alter for good or for bad anything organic on a molecular level, is a company that has been bought for other means. Any troll who wants to debunk me for my conspiracy theory and call me batshit you can " SMD" because the theories are over and the reality is here. This site however good it built on discussions with words to ponder. It focusses rightly on church of scientology...all the while all the shit thats going on right now in the world doesnt take first place. I started this post a few months ago while thinking simple thoughts...about sugar in my coffee instead of seeing wtf was happening in the big picture. Im asking myself now...where does it stop?, but i know its only starting.

    Look around people. Its nothing to do with theories or illuminati anymore....its all about agenda.

    Ya im raving out but while we are all conversing about the pros and cons of genetically altered seeds and chemical sugar the world is getting all f'ed up!
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    Oh lord it's moonbat season!
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    Oh fuck you hider! Open your eyes...tell me you cant see shift happening! Its people like you who repress others on here to tAlk and express themselves blatantly. Fucking Troll mf.
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    Dude, take your meds before you post your shit in every thread on here!
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    yeah, dude don't say anything bad about Monsanto here. We need their money to pay our "bills" so we can further run this site into the ground.
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    Justsaying is a NWO conspiracy moonbat who has been posting this crap all over the place.
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  15. There's no reason to judge or opress someone's idea. We should embrace all ideas and look for verification, i mean as anons that's what we are supposed to do live in harmony instead of fighting for control.
    We are legion.

    We do not forgive.

    we do forget.

    exspect us.
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    May 25th march against Monsanto at every capital building
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    Lol, they hired Blackwater.
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    Americans still think of corporations like this as "American" businesses in fact they are like nation-states that trade with us and spend a shitload of money on our politicians. Because they are not American businesses they don't have to worry about pesky things like civil rights. They hire mercenaries to enforce their business policies because the US government is not supposed to spy on US citizens.

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