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Discussion in 'Projects' started by patriot75, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. patriot75 Member

    I was wondering if we could pull this together. I have been to busy, like many of us, to even get close to finishing the M.A.N. Facebook page. (or any other ideas)

    Anybody that would like to help, many thanks...:)

    ????Thoughts / Ideals????
    Many thanks in advance


    View attachment MANMothersAgainstNarcononLogoSquareFormat_zpsf7694



    I must add that the drawing of the eye with "lie" in the pupil was drawn by Gabriel "Gabe" Graves while he was at Narconon Arrowhead.....RIP Gabe.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Then whatever you ultimately decide it is only fitting and proper that Gabriel's artwork should be front and centre.
    FWIW a marriage of 1st and 2nd images look pretty awesome to me.
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  3. patriot75 Member

    i had to layout the graphics this way due to the formatting of FB and such.

    image 1 is the FB cover pic
    image 3 is the FB profile pic
    image 2 is my fav
    image 4 & 5 are sign formats

    sorry I should have explained that at first.
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  4. patriot75 Member

    i really don't want this to be a me project at all. I see many involved creating a diverse interconnected stories, accounts, emotions, truth from critics and victims together.

    I duno but I just that I would give it a shot
  5. Anonymous Member

    Think there is a sub-fourum...planning maybe?
    You have done so much- maybe others can do some planning?
    Hope so.
    Thanks Colin.
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  6. patriot75 Member

    thank you so much, I'll see if a mod can move it to the planning forum, duh to me for not even thinking about that forum. Thanks again. :)
  7. Anonymous Member

    My pleasure. FWIW, sometimes giving people the tools and reference (your stated blessing of cred) is worthwhile. They can take it and go with it and fight the fight- or not. Their choice and battle (go, go, go.)
    If it pans out as they wish (good) or if not (arrh) but is their platform.
    Hey you here...please join in the fight.
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  8. RightOn Member

    love the concept. but if I may critique a bit?
    at first glance the font style and hot pink color reminded me of a band or nightclub ad
    I think the letters have to look a bit more serious and loose the curly q part on the last letter
    It looks like NB
    Love the fact that you used Gabe's graphic
    But I feel the font needs serious change
    don't hate, me just trying to be honest with my first gut reaction

    AND oddly, with the eye and the pink scrolly font letters it comes across a tad sexy looking? Am I the only one that sees it like that?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I like the idea and the FB page. I think the last pic should delete the Narconon logo, they could come after you for copyright infringement.
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