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    So many different entities!
    Narconon Warner Springs.
    Narconon JBL Ranch.
    Sunshine Summit Lodge.

    Apparently NN bought up a lot of land around their NN Sunshine Summit Lodge (nee NN Warner Springs)

    NN JBL Ranch is a new entity that is apparently going in across the street from the other one.

    Note: Page 10, first question.
    'K' on Page 13.
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    Barb- is that link ok? I get a virus warning.
    Also- most of that area is owned by the tribe. I wonder what they think about Scientology. Maybe education will help.
  4. I don't get a virus warning but I always get an extremely low WOT (Web Of Trust) Warning. This seems to be, because after the DL starts, the site presents a Poker & Porn site to interact with. The WOT Warning is always front and centre of this and it is merely a matter of closing all the Megaupload windows and leaving the site.
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  6. Sonichu Moderator

    So the property owner is some fart in Cali eh? I wonder what's the connection there.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    JLB Ranch is located approximately a mile west of Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge on Highway 79
    They do own the property across the street from the lodge and the house west of the lodge (same side of street).
    Most of the land in Sunshine Summit is private, National Forest, BLM or military, the large Indian lands are eight miles east of Sunshine Summit in Warner Springs.
    It appears on the application they did not include all their existing and old facilities
    Narconon Joshua Hills
    Narconon Newport Beach
    Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge
    Narconon Fresh Start Huntington Harbor House
    Or the facility that ADP forced Narconon to close down.
  9. Anonymous Member

    My mistake they did include Sunshine Summit Lodge.
  10. RightOn Member

    there is an Alexander Veliskakis in COS completions
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    George Veliskakis, RAS- listed as an addiction specialist
    at www.addictionspecialists dot com

    also listerd under Narconon UK
    " becoming a productive drug-free individual spending his life helping others get off drugs started in New Jersey where George Veliskakis grew up. ...
  13. Anonymous Member

    this too in another thread from 2009

    Re: Growl: Flawed Narconon Study Gets Published

    "It appears Marie marrries George Veliskakis
    News Archive
    George Veliskakis is a drug addict, attends narconon and is now working for narconon
    From Hells Angel to Helping Addicts Achieve Drug-Free Lives | Latest | News

    https://commerce nobleimage com/addictionspecialists/search.php?all=1&search=ka

    There is a narconon in Warner Springs. "
  14. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^^ hot links! sorry!!! copy pastaed from other thread
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Roger thanked everyone for coming and acknowledged the VIPs who were in attendance: Bishop Edward Turner; Rev. Alfreddie Johnson, founder of The World Literacy Crusade; Bishop Harris from Watts; Juan Bogan, Executive Director of the Church of Scientology of Inglewood; Ms. Scottie Gray, Executive Director of the H.O.P.E. for Life Foundation; Ms. Kit Whittle & Ms. Karen Segal from the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) International; Ms. Kathy Dion, Executive Director Narconon Western United States; and Mr. Larry Trahant, Executive Director, Narconon Fresh Start.

    VIPs ????
  17. Anonymous Member

    Has JBL Ranch been approved for a permit by San Diego County authorities?

    If not, when is there a hearing scheduled, and to what agency and staffer should a packet of relevant information be addressed?
  18. xenubarb Member

    Not one politician on the list. Scilons and gullible black ministers is all. That's a good thing.
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  19. xenubarb Member

    My forays into finding the right person hasn't been very fruitful. I keep getting passed to other offices who don't know anything. Onward and awkward.
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  20. patriot75 Member

    Can any of this information be tied too NN Arrowhead via training of FSM's? I am working on adding spikes to my wrecking ball and unvailing it in latter part of Janurary. I will be posting a new thread when the timing is right for ODMHSAS regarding whats about to go down in's going to be very interesting....;)
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  21. LocalSP Member

    You're such a tease.
  22. telomere Member

    A better thing would be if nobody showed up at all.
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  23. xenubarb Member

    Dear sir,

    Spell check is your friend, so please use in your final drafts. David Love's work in Quebec has been stellar, and now you've got something brewing in OK, another one of their flagship establishments. There's also that overdose case in Sandy Springs, where NN was illegally housing clients who were partying hard with staff and counselors.

    I think we're going to need all this and more to fight Narconons in Cali and get them shut down. (Honestly, I don't get it. The program is medically and scientifically disproven, it's clearly dangerous quackery, and yet...they keep operating. )
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Visit the Planning/Building offices for San Diego County, and ask to review permit history files for "Narconon Fresh Start JLB Ranch" at 35955 Highway 79, Warner Spring CA 92086.
    To determine which district this is in, and who are members of the local community advisory groups, identify that location as being within the "North Mountain" subregion of the County.

    5201 Ruffin Road, Suite B
    San Diego, CA 92123
    (858) 694-2960

    Planning Commission contact:
  25. Anonymous Member

    Groundwork of an inquiry was done back in March-April 2011.

    The APN for 35955 Highway 79 is listed as 114-080-36-00

    Ownership is listed there as being in the names of George Veliskakis, and DOMBROSKE KEITH W & JILL E
    (The records may not be current)

    An official response to an inquiry was transcribed there also.


    Dear __________:

    This letter is in response to a request from District 5 County Supervisor Bill Horn and
    Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard regarding your email dated April 2, 2011 in which
    you asked whether the Narconon Facility located at 35955 Highway 79 ¡n Warner Springs
    had a Major use Permit, and if not, if it required one in order to operate.

    According to the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, the
    subject facility is licensed to care for 6 individuals. Alcohol recovery and drug abuse
    facilities which serve 6 individuals or less are allowed to operate if licensed by the State
    of California. Furthermore, section 11834.02-11834.30 of the State Health and Safety
    Code preempts local governments from regulating or otherwise exercising zoning
    controls over a facility which serves 6 or fewer individuals. Consequently, the subject
    facility does not require a Major Use Permit from the county of san Diego.
    lf you have any questions, please contact me at ___-___-____.

    (signed in blue pen)
    Department of Planning and Land Use
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  26. patriot75 Member

    Thanks Barb, will do. I am an artist not a writter, but I'm trying.....:)
  27. patriot75 Member

    Got to keep the details quite, you'll know why in a couple of weeks.......<tips the hat>
  28. xenubarb Member

    What we really need is an interested person in the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. Land use issues were the only consideration when NN Sunshine Summit Lodge went in. Fraud, medical malpractice and quackery weren't issues, and wasn't up yet.

    Maybe eight years ago I went down and got copies of complaints against Narconon. One was an opiate overdose, brushed off because it was prescription. They send out work crews to do projects in the community, which David Love has categorized as exploiting disabled people. I think it's going to take a lot to whack Narconon out of California, but Quebec and Oklahoma both have something cooking, and it ain't poutine.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    So what is needed is another letter or form, self-reported by Narconon, declaring an
    occupancy at that address in excess of 6 individuals. This isn't so hard to do, as cultists
    have never made it a priority to keep their stories straight!

    Alternatively, a statement by a former client there (perhaps a plaintiff in a civil case against
    the facility) stating that 7 or more were housed there would also do, or an opinion by a
    recognized legal authority extending restrictions of #11834.02-11834.30 under applicable
    circumstances to a facility serving 6 or less persons.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Over at the Tipping Point there is a thread started by VONSTEPHANSON III about his son who was a client at Narconon Warner Springs. His son suffered from a heat stroke and he (VON) drove 1300 miles to remove his son from Narconon.
    His comments have been deleted, but some are captured in other individuals post.,5965.20.html
  31. Anonymous Member

    California ADP will forward a "summary" of complaints against any individual substance abuse treatment facility upon request, although inquirers should be prepared for a lengthy wait due to understaffing there from budget issues.

    ADP Complaints can be corroborated by other sources for relevant data such as observations of neighbors (like the guy who complained some time ago about Narconon Warner Springs), police dispatch and 911 reports for that area from the local Sheriff, civil case indexes at the local courts, news reporting, ripoff reports online, and so on.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Narconon International
    Narconon Southern California
    Narconon Newport Beach
    Narconon Warner Springs
    Narconon Rainbow Canyon in Caliente Nevada
    IRS Tax ID EIN 330911677
    6161 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 208
    Los Angeles CA 90038-4406
    Phone 3238718644
    $13,964,063 Revenue in 2009
    550 clients in 2009
    $14,562,914 Revenue in 2008
    Lawrence Trahant, CEO President $175,152
    Carol Trahant, Family Member of CEO $34,450
    Patricia Schwartz, Director
    Yarko Manzanares, Director
    Karen Seagal, Trustee
    Clark Carr, Trustee
    Michael St. Amand, Trustee
    Glenn D. Farnsworth, Secretary $93,100
    Shannon Farnsworth, Family Member of Secretary $80,950
    Linda Kloeffler, Treasurer CFO $50,540
    Peter Van Auken, Former Treasurer CFO
    Christopher Bauge, Director Intake $171,685
    Daniel Morgan, Internet $110,374
    OC Detox of Costa Mesa paid $130,719
    Institute for Progressive Medicine in Irvine paid $105,829
    ABLE International of Hollywood granted $30,000
    135 Return to Work program stipend recipients $50,550

    Most recent IRS 990 tax filing (FY 2009):
  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Intelligence Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    A decade of financial reports from Narconon Fresh Start (including its affiliates reportedly operating under the names of Narconon International,,, Narconon Newport Beach, Narconon Fresh Start Huntington Harbor House, Narconon Warner Springs, Narconon Fresh Start Sunshine Summit Lodge, Narconon JBL Ranch, Narconon JLB Ranch, Narconon Rainbow Canyon in Caliente Nevada, Narconon Texas Lone Star Victory Ranch in Harlingen Texas, and reports filed under its former corporate name of Narconon Southern California) are available using the link below.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    In the last 3 years reported, 2008-2010, Narconon Fresh Start / Narconon Southern California CEO Lawrence Trahant received a combined $535,994 in salary plus additional benefits.

    Anyone interested in forwarding page copies from the Narconon tax returns to his hundreds of underpaid associates, who are doing the hard work at the Narconon locations for $50 per week, can use the following contact information for the Narconon locations

    Narconon San Diego
    Drug Rehabilitation Center
    35025 Highway 79
    Warner Springs, CA 92086
    Toll-Free: 1-800-405-8409
    Phone: (760)782- 0471
    Fax: (760) 782-0695

    Narconon Nevada
    Nevada Drug Rehab
    PO Box 970
    Caliente, NV 89008
    Toll-Free: 1-800-876-6378
    Phone: (775) 726-3948
    (775) 726-3925

    Narconon South Texas
    17697 ABD Road
    Harlingen, TX 78552
    Phone: Toll-Free 1-866-938-3927
    Phone: (956) 423-2853
    Fax: (956) 365-3022
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Many of our staff members hold Registered Addiction Specialist certification. This certification requires two years working directly with addicts and successfully passing tests on written materials. We are 5 minutes from hospitals should an emergency arise.


    The following deficiencies were noted:

    1) Title 9, Section 10564(c) Personnel Requirements Class B

    The above section states, in part, "In addition to the requirements of (b) of this regulation, program staff who provide counseling services (as defined in Section 13005) shall be licensed, certified, or registered to obtain certification pursuant to Chapter 8 (commencing with Section 13000)."

    The licensee was deficient in meeting this regulation because current licensure, certification or registration for certification was not located for the counseling staff members #2, #4 and #9 & #10. Proof of counselor registration was received by the Department for employee #10 (only) on 9/19/11.

    We are 5 minutes from hospitals should an emergency arise.

    From Narconons Major Use Permit (P01-020) document presented to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

    Narconon staff includes a medical officer with CPR, first aid and other medical training. The
    Sunshine Volunteer Fire Department staff is trained in “first response" techniques to take care of
    a situation until emergency medical technicians (EMTs) arrive. The California Department of
    Forestry office, located in Oak Grove, approximately a five-minute response time from the north,
    includes one certified EMT on staff. The Warner Springs Fire Department, located 8 miles to the
    south, also with a five-minute response time, has five employees certified as EMTs. The Warner
    Springs and Sunshine Fire Departments act cooperatively in the area, responding to fire and
    medical emergencies, in addition and if necessary, air response can be requested from Mercy
    Air, which would be able to reach the Sunshine Summit area in approximately 20 minutes.
    There are three Mercy Air Helicopters in the Warner Springs area.

    As you can see it is the local volunteer fire department that will be the one to respond and if it’s a life or death situation it would take Mercy Air 20 minutes to arrive, far cry from a hospital 5 minutes away.

    Comment from Narconon to American Express responding to clients request that American Express refuse to pay Narconon; document is in PDF so I typed it. (Note this is the same case above where they tell the BBB the hospitals are 5 minutes away.)

    Paramedics are ¼ mile down the road, there is no need for a doctor or nurse onsite

    Business response:Narconon Lonestar Victory Ranch is the facility this student would attend. It is part of the Narconon network, but the Narconon name would not necessarily be mentioned because each facility is independent. The pros and cons of Lonestar are different than those of other Narconon facilities. Scientology is not concerned with drug rehab and is not relevant to a recovering addict.
  40. Anonymous Member


    The licensee was deficient in meeting this regulation because current licensure, certification or
    registration for certification was not located for the counseling staff members #2, #4 and #9 & #10.
    Proof of counselor registration was received by the Department for employee #10 (only) on 9/19/11.

    Title 9, Section 10564(e) (1)
    Personnel Requirements Class B
    The above section states, in part, ~'AIIstaff is in good health verified by a health screening and a test for
    tuberculosis not more than 60 days prior to or 7 days after employment, and is renewed every year."

    • Mini-blinds are dirty and/or in disrepair in rooms # 1, #3 #9 #10.
    • Uncovered electrical outlets found in rooms #2 & #3 (Proof of correction received
    9/15/11 ).
    • Window coverings are missing on windows in rooms #5 (sheet is being used for privacy).
    • Cover missing on the light fixture in hallway of room #5 and #9, #11
    • Lamp in room #6 is missing the shade and light bulb. (Proof of lamp removal received
    9/15/11 ).
    • The flooring in the closets in rooms #6, #9, #10 and #11 is missing.
    • Cigarette butts are all over the ground outside of front door of room #7 are a fire hazard.
    • Dresser in room #9 is missing a drawer.
    • Air conditioner in wall in room #10 missing the front panel. (Proof of correction received
    • 9/15/11).
    • Wall light fixtures in rooms #8 and #11 in disrepair and used as hat racks (fire hazard).
    • Classroom/Course room smelled strongly of smoke.
    • Laundry room had uncovered outlet above washing machine (Proof of correction
    received 9/15/11).
    • Folding table in laundry room in disrepair with rotting wood on sides.
    • Cement walkway out of laundry room hazardous due to uneven, chipped, broken pieces.
    • Garbage can outside of laundry room in disrepair - top cracked.
    • Cabinet door in laundry room broken and paint peeling.
    • Fire extinguisher on wall in laundry room has broken front plate. (Proof of correction
    received 9/15/11).
    • General condition of laundry room was dirty with spider/cob webs, and dirty
    • Light fixtures in laundry room missing covers.
    • Sofa on porch outside of Lodge in disrepair - cover is dirty, ripped and stuffing/padding is
    • Side screen door in to lodge in disrepair - has 5" x 3" hole in bottom right corner. (Proof
    of correction received 9/19/11).
    • Fluorescent light in kitchen missing a cover.
    • Ceilinq leaking in Lodge/Dining are near coffee area in heavy foot traffic area. Liquid
    dripping in to bowls on the floor in front of doorway to kitchen area. Caution/hazard
    signage set out while ADP still on-site, but ceiling was still dripping.

    6) Title 9, Section 10584 (e)
    Fixtures, Furniture, Equipment and Supplies
    Class B

    The above section states, in part, "All bathing facilities shall be maintained in safe and sanitary
    operating conditions. "
    The licensee was deficient in meeting this regulation because the following:
    Room #1 - Sink, toilet and shower dirty and stained.
    Room #2 - Sink and toilet dirty; ceiling vents dirty.
    Room #3 - Sink, toilet and shower dirty and stained.
    Room #4 - Sink, toilet and shower dirty, numerous cleaning supplies on floor next to toilet,
    blinds on window dirty.
    Room #5 - Light fixture cover missing, sink, toilet, shower and blinds on window dirty.
    Room #6 - Sink, toilet and shower dirty. Shower curtain contains mold. Blinds on window
    broken and in disrepair, exposed light fixture.
    Room #7 - Sink, toilet and shower dirty, all light fixtures missing covers, blinds in window in
    Room #8 - Sink, toilet and shower dirty. Blinds on window dirty and in disrepair. Light fixtures
    missing covers.
    Room #9 - Sink, toilet and shower dirty. Window missing covering. Light fixtures uncovered.
    Room #10 -Sink, toilet and shower dirty.
    Room #11- Sink, toilet and shower dirty. Light fixtures uncovered. Window
    covering missing.
    Course Room Bathroom - Light fixture covers missing. Window blinds broken and in disrepair.
    Hardware on wall on both sides of towel dispenser are sharp and serve no purpose.
    Lodge Men's Bathroom - No towels to dry hands. Drain on floor is not secured and is clogged
    and dirty. Light fixtures uncovered.
    Lodge Women's Bathroom - Sink and floor dirty. Light fixtures missing covers.

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